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Bloviating Zeppelin: Hezbollah Targets America

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hezbollah Targets America

Hezbollah has clearly come out and said what it means -- what it has meant all along and what every other organization aligned with Islam has said and, more importantly, means:

Islamists and Militant Islam, i.e., most all of Islam, will not stop at crushing and totally eliminating the Jews of the world; they will not stop until they have eliminated the Western world and, moreover, eliminated anything not aligned with Islam.

Unlike the United States and certainly most of Europe, we should take Hezbollah at its word: it means what it says. Translated for us: we should, as a country, take each and every threat as Truth and place it squarely in the Credible category.

Even back in 2004, articles ran in the Daily Oakland Press indicating Hezbollah, led by Sheik Hassan Nasrallah (see left), was "a key sponsor of Palestinian violence, funding suicide bombings that have killed dozens of Israelis in recent months, Israeli intelligence sources, Palestinian Authority officials and militants have told The Associated Press."

Iran's Hizbollah, which claims links to the Lebanese group of the same name, said on Tuesday it stood ready to attack Israeli and U.S. interests worldwide.

"We have 2,000 volunteers who have registered since last year," said Iranian Hizbollah's spokesman Mojtaba Bigdeli, speaking by telephone from the central seminary city of Qom.

"They have been trained and they can become fully armed. We are ready to dispatch them to every corner of the world to jeopardise Israel and America's interests. We are only waiting for the Supreme Leader's green light to take action. If America wants to ignite World War Three -- we welcome it," he said.

It is interesting to note that already Hezbollah appears to be quantifying the issue as another World War III -- in the fashion that former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich similarly quantified the issue this past weekend on Meet The Press and on the Michael Medved show on Tuesday.

GINGRICH: We’re in the early stages of what I would describe as the third World War and, frankly, our bureaucracy’s not responding fast enough and we don’t have the right attitude. And this is the 58th year of the war to destroy Israel and, frankly, the Israelis have every right to insist that every single missile leave south Lebanon, and the United States ought to be helping the Lebanese government have the strength to eliminate Hezbollah as a military force — not as a political force in the parliament — but as a military force in south Lebanon.

RUSSERT: This is World War III?

GINGRICH: I believe if you take all the countries I just listed that you’ve been covering, put them on a map, look at all the different connectivity, you have to say to yourself: this is, in fact, World War III.

Newt Gingrich has it right and, in my estimation, he has connected ALL the dots.


Though some sites have written that "The Arab League Condemns Hezbollah," that is not true. Go here. In truth, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have "all tempered condemnation of the scale of the Israeli reprisals with criticism of the 'adventurism' of the Syrian- and Iranian-backed Hezbollah in seizing two Israeli soldiers last Wednesday."

First, that's incorrect; three Israeli soldiers were seized. Already I doubt the Arab League's ability to "get it right." Or perhaps I should blame Yahoo. That doesn't sound like outright condemnation to me.

"We must take swift steps with sincere intentions to solve the Arab-Arab differences which create an obstacle to reaching a unified Arab position," Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Kurbi said, calling on all Arab states to "end any cooperation with Israel."

Ending cooperation? -- that doesn't sound like condemnation to me either.

"Arabs are still talking about peace initiatives, about land for peace," Masr told state television. "But we are not getting land and we are not getting peace."

That isn't condemnation and that isn't correct. Arabs are not "still talking about peace initiatives. They are instead lobbing missiles at Israel. Doesn't read or sound like courting peace to me.

And land for peace?

How incredibly stupid do you have to be, World? Israel gave up land already -- land that fellow Arabs refused to provide their brothers and sisters. It's called Gaza.

And it is from Gaza that a good bulk of the missiles striking sovereign Israeli soil are issuing.

Israel gave up land. There is no peace. Palestinians are throwing missiles from Gaza.

I think even Downs Syndrome children could figure this one out.



Blogger Rivka said...

You should not be a lowly insect. I enjoy reading your posts and was awaiting your post on the war in the middle east. I am glad I read it because I was wondering if they were lying about the 'non-condemnation' from the other arab countries. Great job straightening that out and getting that info.

I think Newt has it totally right as well. Great post and this whole thing is scary.

Remember when I mentioned the leader from Iran was going to N. Korea and CHina and meeting with their leaders?? I am still wondering if there isn't a bigger deal going on underneath all of this. Why would the leader of Iran be saying such 'big things', like what he said recently that "the world was getting ready to have big changes", and that the 'region' would be happy soon.
Interesting days we are living in.

Tue Jul 18, 06:04:00 PM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Rebecca - We have taken the route of 'clean out the underbrush before felling the great trees' with respect to NoKo. The underbrush is: Taliban, al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Saddam, Iraq, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Syria, Islamic Jihad, L-e-T, Iran, North Korea. Remnants will be around for some time yet, but the larger mass of tangled brush needs go and addressing the final remaining stubs and roots will happen by those that help.

This cannot be limited to the Old World, as aid to FARC, Shining Path, and a plethora of Narco-Terrorists aided by Venezuela also needs be addressed. Hezbollah operates in South America as does al Qaeda. There is no good way to root out those until they are the *only* parts of those organizations left, and then the rats streaming to safe haven will let us know where they are.

As to the Arab wishy-washyness... well, that is their culture of tea and cakes and AK-47s. Screws need now be tightened on those we have leverage over.

Egypt must face economic reality as they have become dependent upon US Billions to support their economy... time for them to either help or chart their own course towards the rocky shores of insurrection and Islamic violence without us.

Jordan gets similar and can be squeezed the *exact same way*.... remind them of the late Mr. Z and their harboring of Palestinians and ask them what they will do without US aid; I think they will understand that an offer of heavy aircover, spotters and the ability to destroy an enemy at a distance will finally let them get to the grim business of telling the Palestinians where to go.

Palestine must go, plain and simple, they have not shown the will of a People to be a People and lead good lives with their neighbors.

Saudi Arabia can now be told that if they would prefer the US will now invest only in Canada for oil reserves and open our own shelf for exploration... and that we will cut of all economic aid from Saudia Arabia to their schools and such in the US.

Pakistan must be asked if they would prefer to live without the US half of their nuclear codes? And that if they do not clear up their border provinces, then the US *will* with the great multifront option of 'nuclear demolition of mountains'. Deep nuclear penetrators will ruin vast areas while leaving the above terrain subsiding, and crushing everything below the surface. Stop their lack of oversight and end this problem in Kashmir, or face their own Islamic problem squarely as they flow from subsiding mountains into the plains of Pakistan.

India we give all necessary aid and help to so as to fight its Islamic Terrorist problem. As in 'lethal ending'. I am quite sure they would appreciate our support in UAVs, Intel and some number of JDAMs dropping from US bombers.

Turkey may need military help as their military is known to oust Governments on its own and get rid of militant Islamists. Encourage that and let the rulers there know that their previous intransigence will now gain a bitter end if they do not *help* rid the area of terrorist organizations. Or they can face having no NATO support, no US support and, in fact, only support to its secular military to overthrow the militatns *yet again*.

That is a Jacksonian approach: fight and MEAN IT. To the end and to victory with all harshness necessary and give no quarter to barbarians and dishonorable combatants. This President needs bring us to real War and that will require letting the military secure the Nation against external threats. Those Billions we can spare as it is the end of this Nation if we do not. A draft may not be necessary if *anyone* in Congress can 'find a pair' and talk with the President of putting out the necessary language to engage the American People and Companies via the Letters of Marque and Reprisal. We have *lots* of folks that need to be targeted and the military will be busy dealing with the overt and covert threats, but they cannot handle the commercial problems of aid and financing to terrorists directly. They need Nations to help: the American People, via Congress, DO NOT.

Iran and Syria wish to up the ante in this game of poker, but the deck has changed and is no longer stacked for them. Israel Calls and Raises, they Call and Raise, Israel Calls and Raises, but the other players have not put their chips in.

Time for the US to start calling in the chips of Arabia and the Arab world, and raising the Ante to where not simply calling means the end of each that does not. You can either deal with US now... or we will wait for overthrow to go in and clean out the mess once you are *gone*. And we can Raise the stakes beyond anything that all of the players *combined* can put in... and if we get all the other high-stakes players in, then those on the other side are left with very little and must only call.

Or die.

I am happy to leave them that choice.

If we had a President who could see this historic time and *finally*, FINALLY end this deadly charade that has poisened the world and brought it no good whatsoever.

The President should understand Poker. And the fact that all of the big players can be brought in as Friends. To do this takes time, effort and foresight and the willingness to finally stand UP for something and explain it clearly and plainly to the American People.

Support Our Friends and kill those that would kill them.

Protect Our Friends so that We may be protected.

And end this notion of Terror as a means to no end at all, save in death and death and more death.

We can do that as a Nation. As a People.


Not tomorrow. No leaving Our children to deal with OUR fault and mess.

For WE will be squarely to blame if these blows are not done NOW.

We are the ones responsible in this Republic of Free People.

We the People, of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union....

We establish Justice.

And We provide the common defense.

Or perhaps We should choose to surrender as in Viet Nam, and continue that path of leaving Our Friends to die and dishonor them by not standing with the them, and let Our enemies grow bold... take *that* path... to the end of this Nation.

Wed Jul 19, 07:03:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Thanks you Rebecca. For some reason I'm just not getting the hits and the reading I once was. Guess somehow I've changed or gotten worse. If someone can figure it out, tell me. In the meantime I'll just be chugging along with various Bloviations.

In any event, yes, I concur, these are frightening times. And I'm right in line with Gingrich, who seems to be the only pol I've yet heard do DOES seem to "get it" and has done what I call the "logical extension" with regard to the various countries acting out at what would appear to be the relative same time.

In my opinion we are at a real and true Crossroads. More politicians need to "get it."

I was about 3/4ths serious when I would occasionally write about our need to act in proper self-defense and pro-activity or we would see a mushroom cloud developing on our own sovereign soil.

I am no longer 3/4ths convinced. I am COMPLETELY convinced, particularly in light of the plots foiled not only in the US, but Canada and Europe recently.

I'll be blunt for a moment: these BARBARIC ASSHOLES who wish nothing more than to TEAR CIVILIZATION DOWN and have forgotten how to build, nurture or even contain a shred of common DECENCY within, are PLOTTING NOW in small but interconnected cells within the confines of the continental United States to KILL AS MANY AMERICANS AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

They do NOT want to talk.

They do NOT want a Starbucks.

They couldn't give one SHIT about our "FEELINGS" or our "OPINIONS."

To the Left:

The first things to go would be your:


The only thing that could possibly save you would be MY GUNS, those of MY CONSERVATIVE NEIGHBORS and those of YOUR MILITARY.

Let's see -- what might save you would be all the things you HATE, and the first things to leave would be EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR.

Send in the Downs Syndrome child now.


Wed Jul 19, 07:13:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AJ: looks like you were writing a comment at the same time I was. And after having read it I take away this salient and CRITICAL phrase:

"Fight and MEAN IT."

Enough with the "holding back." Our young men are getting KILLED by "holding back."

This silly-ass concept that "if we use tactics similar to our enemy, we're no better than them" is pointless and beyond stupid. The US does not occupy and keep land we've conquered. I'll likely wager that, without Googling it, less than 20% of bloggers and perhaps 1% of the current population have ANY IDEA what the Marshall Plan was! THAT'S what we do with our "conquered" nations!

And not only do I fear our external enemies and realize their Great Resolve (and do NOT doubt that for one moment!), I likewise fear our INTERNAL enemies, those cells already present and those citizens and politicians bent on appeasement and holding their backs swayed to the various perceived political prairie winds. I fear that every bit as much -- our inability to even recognize, any more, when we are threatened not only with abuse but total annihilation.

The boxes and squares have changed; countries per se are not so much threatening us as is an anti-western philosophy combined with a religious zealotry -- in a way that is, oddly enough, not unlike the recent acquisition of a Conservative backbone. To wit:

You never saw such obvious and open hate and loathing of the GOP and Conservatism until the GOP and Conservatism started to actually find its voice by way of the talk radio via the ground-breaking Rush Limbaugh (no matter what you think of him), the resurgence of conservative media, the internet and blogging. The Left HATES that we have found a voice and THAT is the reason for its concerted efforts to STILL that voice -- the temerity for our having FOUND our voice in the first place!

The same with Islamists and terrorists -- that we had the temerity to actually recognize the THREAT (though in fact we'd been hammered on our heads for years are were too thick to recognize a balpeen hammer for what it was!) and then once again have the temerity to RESPOND WITH VIOLENCE to those who want to keep the force of violence ONLY on THEIR side.

That, folks, is the nature of EVIL. I wrote about that earlier with my feelings about religion but I at least credit myself with knowing when and with whom to align my own personal cards. And I'll take GOODNESS and MORALS and RIGHT every time.


Wed Jul 19, 07:33:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Rivka said...

AJ and Blo,
Wow, you both are really thinking right.
I am with you.. We need to kick butt and take names. I am sick of diplomacy with these creeps.. These guys are fricken terrorists for crying out loud!!! Diplomacy doesn't work, it prolongs it and eventually they will explode over and over again.

Blo, I agree, and I sense we WILL have either one or more of our cities nuked soon. We are playing with fire regarding Iran. We need to take advantage of this and go after him. I don't give a crap what the libs think and how it will be perceived by the world.. I am sick of it. We aren't a free nation because of appeasement or because of 'what the world would think' of how we decided to fight our wars.
I am disappointed in Bush that he won't go after Iran. They are threatening us.
I will stop my rant.

Wed Jul 19, 11:25:00 AM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Mr. Z - And as you note how conservatives are loathed, imagine what it will be like if Bush pulls a Carter and drops to ball to roll forward without addressing this problem. It is neither liberal nor conservative to actually *want* to have a Nation. The Transnationalists wish to see an end to the Nation State system and the United States as the greatest bulward of that system. And these Transnationalists espouse things like: 'A Nation Without Borders', 'One People of Earth', 'Let the Internation Community Decide',and 'Free Trade Will Set Everyone Free'. And that last is very, very, very pointed at conservatives. Globalizing corporations is one thing, destroying those things that make Nations Sovereign in Trade is quite another. Destroy that recourse and a Nation can be overwhelmed without any recourse via that means. So I toss in the Globalists, Global Industrialists, Global Capitalists and the 'Free Traders For Everyone' folks into the Transnational pot. They all wish to diminish those things that allow a Nation recourse to define and save itself. This problem crosses liberal/conservative and left/right boundaries and, in that doing, gives lie to the two party system and the 'pro/anti and no space in-between or elsewhere' arguers. Their ACTIONS are destroying that which lets a Free People be Free.

They all break down the coherency of Nations, erode what it takes to make Nations work, corrode the concept of Treaties being paramount between Nations and strike at the very foundations of ALL recourse a Nation may use to remain Sovereign. And this abdicatiion of these, oh so worthy, folks of actually 'condemning' terrorists and stopping trade with them is rank hypocrisy. Apparently if it makes them 'feel good' or they get a profit, they can let it slide... until the knife is at their throats by those they let slide so long.

Personally I find it amazing that one of the politcal parties, the Democrats, cheer that they are now 'ahead in the polls'... without seeing that BOTH parties are hated near equally. This is *not* a Nation divided FOR one party or the other... it is a Nation disgusted with both parties and more and more just leaving the hyporcritical political apparatchiks on their lonesome. In the meantime NONE of these Elected Worthies actually PROTECTS THE NATION.

And that goes for at home and abroad. We, as a Nation, no longer Honor nor Protect Our Friends. That high ideal is apparently beneath those that are elected to office. A meaningless concept to them, save if it 'makes them feel good' or 'there can be a business opportunity'. And, no, I am not joining the moonbattery as I see this throughout Congress, too. Actually going to War to stand up for the Nation and its good Friends and Allies is seen as 'quaint' and 'not modern' and 'an idea left behind'. And because both parties FEAR being condemned by ANYONE... they take counsel of their fears.

So easy to do, this doing nothing.

And fatal if one sits in a busy highway on the striped lines.

Pressing and going to war *now* is to save future generations from worse. We have this Golden Moment, fleeting in history, in which the course of events can be struck hard and change the course of the world... for the BETTER. Re-crystallize the Nation State, abjure the NGOs, fight those that would bring Civilization to an end and hold fast to our Friends and Allies so we may be a better People in that doing.

Or those that follow will curse this generation for losing the precious gift of liberty for them.

Just because it might hurt 'someone' or 'interest'.

And well justified will be their scorn and condemnation of all of Us.

Wed Jul 19, 11:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AJ: As you so cogently point out, these are issues that clearly transcend Left and Right and both parties leave us wanting.

I repeat, though it would be a hardship for you: you should write a book.


Wed Jul 19, 05:10:00 PM PDT  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

BZ, sorry, but haven't had much time lately. ... I haven't read the comments, but all I have to say to islam is "bring it on, and lets get this over with!" .. Newt was right, so the quicker it's done the better .. hit em hard and heavy, and don't stop until they've been pounded back 2000 years to where they belong.

Wed Jul 19, 08:06:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

ABF: I was surprised and pleased to hear Gingrich lay things out clearly and IMHO properly.


Wed Jul 19, 08:11:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Gayle said...

Newt has something that I believe is sorely lacking in many Americans on both sides of the political fence, "common sense." It seems that somewhere many people threw common sense out the window with the baby and the bathwater. I cannot understand why we can't, as a nation, seem to grasp the concept that these people are not going to be reasoned with, are not going to be changing their tactics come hell or highwater. Their one agenda is to rule a world where the only religion on earth is fundamentalist Islam, and whatever it takes they are willing to do in order to reach that goal.

Unless we are ready to say "whatever it takes we are willing to do in order to save Christianity and our very way of life" we are screwed!

Great points here, BZ. Thanks.

On another subject, BZ, you have not "gotten worse." You run the same great blog here you always have. It's summer and most blogs lose some readers over the summer. I know mine has. People going on vacation and all; the point is, it's not you! :)

Wed Jul 19, 08:27:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Gayle: "Their one agenda is to rule a world where the only religion on earth is fundamentalist Islam, and whatever it takes they are willing to do in order to reach that goal."



Thu Jul 20, 06:15:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Remember how Saudi and some other Islamic nations were sort of condemning Hezbollah? Well, the tune has changed! Frankly, I'm not surprised.

Thu Jul 20, 03:31:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

Great post!! When I was doing research for my Hezbollah post I was incredulous at how Europe doesn't even consider Hezbollah to be a terrorist organization. What do you do with that?

We definitely need to wipe-out Hezbollah for the safety of Israel, the U.S. and the rest of the modern world.

Thu Jul 20, 06:11:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Always On Watch: Welcome aboard and thanks for commenting! Please come back any time and, GREAT blog I might add.

LMC: Yeah right. Hezbollah NOT a terrorist organization. No wonder why Europe is in decline and the numbers of Muslims is skyrocketing. Mustn't OFFEND anyone, eh?


Sun Jul 23, 07:53:00 AM PDT  

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