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Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BZ is Dead -- Long Live the Bloviating Zeppelin

This is my last post on Bloviating Zeppelin.

I started this blog in June of 2004.

It is time -- for any number of reasons -- to move on.

My new blog:


Please go there now and make your comments, should you so desire.

My most sincere thanks to each and every one of you who helped me along during these crazy, tumultuous, "interesting" and confusing years.

One door closes -- and another one opens.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Obama Hates Business: PROOF

Campaigning in Roanoke, Virginia on July 13th -- just a few days ago -- Mr Obama had this to say regarding his viewpoint on businesses in the nation:

That's correct, businessmen and -women, you didn't build your business -- someone else did.

You heard and read that correctly, according to Mr Obama.

That is how fervently Mr Obama despises private business.

The full transcript is here at, should you disbelieve me.

From Kerry Picket at The Washington Times:

President Barack Obama addressed supporters in Roanoke, Virginia on Saturday afternoon and took a shot at the business community. President Obama dismissed any credit business owners give themselves for their success:

There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me -- because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t -- look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something -- there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. (Applause.)

Mr Obama goes on to say that business creators owe massive debts to their teachers, their local bridge builder. That's like saying I'm a good cop because my parents had milk delivered for a while to the house in the 50s. Or that we had our garbage collected by two guys on a truck once a week.

Mr Obama is so beyond the pale of human ken as to be, in my opinion, not only ludicrous but patently dangerous.

He is biased, racist, a massive Leftist, schooled at the feet of persons such as Saul Alinsky, William Ayers and of course his father, Barack Hussein Obama -- a Communist.

He is pathologically obsessed with race as, I believe, is his wife Michelle. He is arrogant, naive and, in my opinion, possesses NPD.

Victor Davis Hanson sums up Mr Obama's racial obsession quite succinctly here:
Never has America been more assimilated, integrated, and intermarried — as is evident in everything from politics to popular culture, from statistics to anecdotes. Yet from late 2007 to 2012, Barack Obama has been establishing new rules of racial referencing. In general, his utterances follow a disheartening pattern. When he is ahead in the polls, has won an election, and is not campaigning, then he emphasizes the unity of the country. But when he is running for president, or campaigning for others, or sinking in the polls, he and his closest associates predictably revert to charges of racial bigotry, albeit usually coded and subtle. America is redeemed when it champions the Obamas, but retrograde when it does not.

In a word: precisely.

Mr Obama believes in government: HIS. He believes in race: HIS. He believes in nothing else.

Because you became successful, because you aren't government, because you don't RELY on government -- you, Mr and Ms Private Business-Builder: you can go to Hell.

Because he's going to tax you out of existence just as he's going to tax private Healthcare out of business. Just you watch.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pushing The Envelope, Part X:

The human being has always pushed the envelope into and beyond the realms of danger. This is the tenth of various weekend postings displaying how restless Man is with the mundane and how he purposely crosses the threshold into danger willingly -- and sometimes unwillingly.

In this episode Jetman -- Yves Rossy -- flies through Arizona's Grand Canyon in May of 2011, in a beautifully-produced video. Please expand and play with headphones.

"Jetman" is powered only by four tiny jet turbines built for models. He can fly for a period of ten minutes. He carries two additional items: a small throttle for the engines and an altimeter. That's it.

When flying through the Grand Canyon, as you might imagine, it's a good idea to have a plan in place should you run out of fuel. Because, you see, the Grand Canyon is generally over a mile deep. And, at the bottom, it's either very wet or very hard. Or both.

Luckily, as you can see, he has a parachute and a grand support staff.


In case you've forgotten, please see my previous PTE posts:

-PTE Part IX
-PTE Part VI

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Under Obama: When will you start to make ANY profit?

Why yes, that would be in your 7th month.

Right around now. Perhaps.

That means: you will have to work over 6 months in order to pay off your government and even begin to see any modicum of profit.

I'm sorry folks, but that is simply obscene.


( – This year, Americans have to work until July 15 to pay for the burden of government, more than six months.

In a new report, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has calculated that Americans will spend a total of 197 days toiling to pay for the cost of government.

"Cost of Government Day is the date of the calendar year on which the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burden imposed by government at the federal, state and local levels," reads the report.

The report, Cost of Government Day, shows that Americans will work 88 days to pay for federal spending; 40 days for state and local spending; and 69 days for total regulatory costs.

"From a different perspective, the cost of government makes up 54.0 percent of annual gross domestic product (GDP)," reads the report. "What's more, the largest tax hike in the nation's history is scheduled to take place at the end of 2012 unless Congress acts to protect taxpayers. If this tax increase is allowed to hit, COGD [Cost of Government Day] could permanently be pushed back into August and beyond."

Yes, that's correct.

You're taking, as the American Taxpayer, over 7 months to even begin to migrate from the red into the black.

Look around you. Realize that the Non-Producers are demanding you work longer, harder and more diligently and consistently. Despite your own personal budgetary trials and tribulations. And despite governments on every angle leveling devastating rules, regulations and tariffs on ever-burgeoning aspects of your life.

Government intrusion predominates. Freedoms wither and die. Regulations and taxes run amok.

To the American Taxpayer: just how much will you take?


To American blacks who voted racist:

How's that mortgage coming? How are those car payments going?

Not so well, I might suspect.

And this is for whom you're paying:

Harder work and more of it. She needs an iPad, a 4G phone and a 54" flatscreen to complement her 2004 Lexus.

Stop reading this and get back to work you lazy bastards.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Drudge hints: Condi Rice for Romney's VP?

Admittedly, I failed to see this coming.

I would have enjoyed perhaps Tom McClintock, Paul Ryan, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal or any number of other young guns. I did not see the possibility of Condoleezza Rice being considered. I thought she had made her prior refusals quite clear -- but that was -- as we may all recall -- for the presidential spot, not VP.

That said, I'd take Rice over any number of inept, staid, corrupt, decrepit "Old Republicans" one molecule away from their brethren and sistren across the aisle.

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal writes -- as many people inherently know but mostly refuse to verbalize -- that Obama "seems to view politics as his weary duty, something he had to do on his way to greatness." And that Condi Rice would be a "brilliant choice" as VP.

Even Limbaugh wonders: "Condi?"

Let me get the obvious up front and out of the way. She is more "black" than Obama -- because that actually matters to some blacks. [That's a massive topic for another day. -BZ] She is more educated than Obama. She has infinitely more experience than Obama as the 66th Secretary of State under Bush. She was a poli-sci professor at Stanford, Bush's National Security Advisor in his first term and is, well, female. She had to overcome incredible obstacles in her way. She is a concert-level pianist. Under Wikepedia:

Rice was a Democrat until 1982, when she changed her political affiliation to Republican, in part because she disagreed with the foreign policy of Democratic President Jimmy Carter,[16][17] and because of the influence of her father, who was Republican. As she told the 2000 Republican National Convention, "My father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did."[18]

Imagine that. Those evil Republicans.

Any thoughts?


Here is Condoleezza Rice as portrayed by the loving, accepting, tolerant, understanding, sensitive, inclusive and benevolent Leftists/Demorats:

Because, after all, that's what you do to a black female in Modern Day Demorat America who isn't an immediate adherent of your Leftist philosophy. Ruin her.

If you're a black, you're a Demorat. If you aren't, you're a traitor and slated for despicable ruination.

Condi Rice thinks that anyone with their pants below their underwear looks ludicrous.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Starting in Fornicalia First:

What do Vallejo, Mammoth Lakes, Stockton and now San Bernardino have in common?

They're Fornicalia cities that have become bankrupt as, unlike your glorious federal government which can, they cannot print their own money.

People say: "no, the economy really isn't that bad. Mr Obama really isn't that bad."


Within the next year you're about to wake up one morning and discover you have no private health insurance, your sales taxes are akin to Spain's, and your arse is bleeding from its federal pounding.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt's President Morsi: "Destroy the pyramids"

Because Muslims do not build and advance; they kill and destroy. And this is only in keeping with that ancient, time-tested trend. From

According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids—or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i, those “symbols of paganism,” which Egypt’s Salafi party has long planned to cover with wax. Most recently, Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sunni Sheikhs” and President of National Unity, Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud, called on Egypt’s new president, Muhammad Morsi, to “destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what the Sahabi Amr bin al-As could not.”

Currently, in what the International Criminal Court is describing as a possible “war crime,” Islamic fanatics are destroying the ancient heritage of the city of Timbuktu in Mali—all to Islam’s triumphant war cry, “Allahu Akbar!”

Much of this hate for their own pre-Islamic heritage is tied to the fact that, traditionally, Muslims do not identify with this or that nation, culture, heritage, or language, but only with the Islamic nation—the Umma.

Accordingly, while many Egyptians—Muslims and non-Muslims alike—see themselves as Egyptians, Islamists have no national identity, identifying only with Islam’s “culture,” based on the “sunna” of the prophet and Islam’s language, Arabic. This sentiment was clearly reflected when the former Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, declared “the hell with Egypt,” indicating that the interests of his country are secondary to Islam’s.

I once again proffer what history and time have managed to immure regarding the bulk of Islam as predominantly practiced in the Middle East: it is a religion of death, oppression, violence and misogyny, adhered-to by barbarians, the ignorant, the soft-brained, the tribal, the feudal, with this in primary mind:
Me against my brother, me and my brother against my cousins; me, my brother and my cousins against our nonrelatives; me, my brother, my cousins and friends against our enemies in the village; all of these and the whole village against the next village."

And let us not forget taqqiyah.

This is already occurring in Britain:
From the UK MailOnline:
Islamic extremists have called on British Muslims to establish three independent states within the UK.

The notorious Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) group have named Yorkshire towns Bradford and Dewsbury and Tower Hamlets in East London as testbeds for blanket sharia rule.

The medieval 'emirates' would operate entirely outside British law, according to a document on the MAC website.

And did we ever think of this?
Egypt is about to be in control, under Muslim Brotherhood rule, of the Suez Canal.

Uh, no; not about to be. It is under "President" Morsi -- a member of the Muslim Brotherhood himself. See above.

Let me get down to even more fundamental basics, the first aspect of which is widely-known to American soldiers serving in the Middle East:

Women are for procreation; men are for pleasure. The epitome of religious hypocrisy but -- shhhh -- don't speak of the obvious.

And finally, as I've written for years: "Islam is as Islam does."



If you wish to see my prior take on Islam, go here.

If you're female, Islam has some great plans for you. Unfortunately, most of them involve pain, violence, clitorectomies, subservience, honor killings, nose carvings and beatings.

Still interested? Sign up here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The truth in 3.5 minutes:

Because if you voted for Obama in '08 to prove you weren't a racist, you have to vote against Obama in '12 to prove you aren't an idiot.


Monday, July 09, 2012

$1.2 Trillion Dollars In Ten Years: Chuck's Suggestions

I'm with Chuck Woolery. Except regarding the albino squirrels. Their taxpayer funded sanctuary gets cut.


This is up pending the Internet Doomsday virus predicted to activate Monday. But my computers aren't infected. I confirmed by simply clicking here and here. And no, those links don't download other viruses. [Heavy sigh.]

On the other hand, the earth could stop rotating on its axis, just as it did on January 1st of 2000, at 12:01 am.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

I want my country back

Thanks to Jimmy Copens.