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Bloviating Zeppelin: December 2009

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010: More of the Same From Obama

We are simply going to spend our way into -- not just a depression, not just inflation, not just hyper-inflation, but a potential depression.

Mr Obama is showing he has absolutely no intention of curbing spending whatsoever for 2010.

He has essentially cut Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac a blank check. Late on Christmas Eve the Obama Administration removed the $400 billion dollar loan cap. Now? No cap whatsoever. Cui bono? you might ask. The answer: not the citizens. With the billions already sucked up by FM/FM, read this:

Just 31,382 borrowers nationwide had received permanent loan mods as of Nov. 30 under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), the Treasury Department reported. Meanwhile, First American CoreLogic says that 1.7 million homes are likely to be lost to foreclosure next year.

So, once again, where did the money go? Who is monitoring? No one knows; no one is monitoring.

But wait, there's more:

GMAC already received $12.5 billion dollars from the federal government. Now it's going to get an additional $3.8 billion. What a deal!

H.R. 4173, the "Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act," was passed by the House earlier this month. Here are some high points of the bill, courtesy of Barney Frank:

-- For all its heft, the bill doesn’t once mention the words “too-big-to-fail,” the main issue confronting the financial system. Admitting you have a problem, as any 12- stepper knows, is the crucial first step toward recovery.

-- Instead, it supports the biggest banks. It authorizes Federal Reserve banks to provide as much as $4 trillion in emergency funding the next time Wall Street crashes. So much for “no-more-bailouts” talk. That is more than twice what the Fed pumped into markets this time around. The size of the fund makes the bribes in the Senate’s health-care bill look minuscule.

-- Oh, hold on, the Federal Reserve and Treasury Secretary can’t authorize these funds unless “there is at least a 99 percent likelihood that all funds and interest will be paid back.” Too bad the same models used to foresee the housing meltdownprobably will be used to predict this likelihood as well.

More Bailouts

-- The bill also allows the government, in a crisis, to back financial firms’ debts. Bondholders can sleep easy -- there are more bailouts to come.

-- The legislation does create a council of regulators to spot risks to the financial system and big financial firms. Unfortunately this group is made up of folks who missed the problems that led to the current crisis.

-- Don’t worry, this time regulators will have better tools. Six months after being created, the council will report to Congress on “whether setting up an electronic database” would be a help. Maybe they’ll even get to use that Internet thingy.

Essentially, as writer David Reilly says, 4173 is nothing more than a $4 trillion dollar "gift" from Mr Frank.

And finally, don't forget, Mr Obama not only wants another stimulus package for 2010, but insists on passage of his ObamaKare and CapNTax bills -- sure to cost further trillions of dollars.

Folks, does anyone besides me think this is a recipe for the complete fiscal annihilation of the United States?

Yeah, right; let's really welcome in that New Year.


Rush Limbaugh Taken To Hospital In Hawaii: Chest Pains

Still too early to tell; posted on Wednesday at 8 pm Pacific. His condition has been listed as "serious."


Update: Limbaugh is "resting comfortably." There is no further word on his condition.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My New Readers and Commenters:

Everyone's time is precious.

When you take time out of your busy day to surf the internet and wind up here for a moment or two, I am honored.

I'd like to take this time to give a shout-out to my newest readers and commenters, in no particular order -- when possible I want to reference your profile and/or the blog you write yourself:

- Mr Chuck: His profile indicates "Born in Dallas, TX, grew up and schooled in Highland Park. Texas A&M Graduate Class 1960 2 tours 1961-1965 Vietnam with MACV-SOG Captain, hamlet pacification and eradication of Viet-Cong chieftains." God bless you, soldier, and thank you for your service to this country. My Dad (who passed away this year) has a brother, Jim, who currently lives in Highland Park.

- LL: His blog is "Virtual Mirage." He also has a blog entitled "US Mexico Border Security." Both, very well done.

- NEO, SOC: Welcome back. Neo's blog is here at "Caucasionally Challenged Christian." He also has "Kids Say The Funniest Things."

- Donald Douglas: A powerhouse at "American Power." Mr Douglas is "a pro-victory Associate Professor of Political Science teaching in Southern California. I love my country, and I fully support current U.S. military operations around the world. I despise the hard-left radical agenda and discourse. I also abhor irrationalism in argumentation. I welcome comments and debate, and I'll defend my positions vigorously. Yet in friendship, you'll find no one more trustworthy nor loyal; in battle you'll find an umatched competitor whose tactical elan would make Machiavelli proud."

- Old NFO: His blog is "Nobody Asked Me." He describes himself as "an old retired Navy Mustang, back working since I kinda like to eat once in a while. Raised in the South, but lived all over the world." Nice P-3 Orion shot, indeed.

- deaconbleu: he's a pain in the ass. But he must find something he likes because he keeps coming back.

- WoFat: His blog, "WoFat Rides Again" indicates he is "Retired New Orleans cop. Criminal area of interest: Asian crime and gangs. Blog about anything that is of interest, or pisses me off." Welcome, my Peace Officer Brother.

- Country Girl: She describes herself as "a Mom of two. I am also a hard worker; nothing is for free. I love to take care of anyone who is in need." Wow. Talk about a True American Woman.

- KurtP: His blog is "A Trainwreck In Maxwell." Texas, that is. Thanks for visiting once again, Kurt. Boston Terrier?

- Tim: A challenger indeed. He makes me think. His home is "Tim's Blogfest." For me, he leans kinda left -- okay, fairly far left -- but he's honest, sincere and measured. And, oh yeah: because I'm in the mountains he's one interested skiier. Check him out.

- Sue: Not a frequent commenter but I'd love to have her back consistently. You can access her portion of the Blogosphere at "POLITICS and RELIGION." She describes herself: "I am a 56 year old Christian woman who is saddened to see her country going down the tubes, but who knows that her God is in complete control of the mess we have become. Praying God will spare this country from the wrath to come. . ."

- cj: Here is one very interesting person. She describes herself as: "a 50 year old, single, female who is a writer by desire and a public safety officer because I need to pay my bills. It makes the people I owe money to happy when I do." Her blogs are "An Angry American," and "My Years of Reading Seriously." God bless you, my Peace Officer Sister.

- FJ: Occupation? Harpooner. Interests? "Hunting down and killing the great white leviathan." A euphemism? Digital domain: "FJ's Blog." FJ has a massive South American interest -- an interest to which we should be paying more attention.

- Greybeard: I'll let him make the summation: "Obstreperous. Conservative. Independent. Ex- Dogcatcher, Ex-Cop. Ex-County Civil Defense Director. Retired ARMY Viet Nam Veteran. Small Business Owner. EMS Helicopter Pilot." Go here to his blog at "Pitchpull." You know: pulling some pitch? As in helos?

- Jo: Sorry, your profile doesn't go anywhere. Thanks for visting and reading, though! UPDATE: Jo's blog is "Southern Sass On Crime." My apologies Jo, and kudos to your decision. Been there myself.

- Lonerider: Describes himself as "Just a geek, who moved down here from Canada about a decade ago, married a Texan and now have two native Texan kids."

- Chris: Great photo of he and his beautiful wife. He describes himself as "a married conservative man with a beautiful daughter who is ready to runble with anyone who tries to take away my freedom."

- David Wyatt: A man whose name is "in the clear" and unafraid. His blog is "Hallelujah Tis Done." My guess is: he plays the banjo!

- Jennifer Leeland: Holy moley, a published writer visits my blog! I have purchased some of her books for my wife and she enjoyed them! Her web page is here. She definitely is "romance with an edge."

- Clint: His blog, "The.Outer.Marker" should be followed! He is an "Airline pilot by day, but dedicated to advancing the ideals that have made the United States of America the greatest country in the world, by night." Great blog, great conservative insight.

- Nickie Goomba: Ah, a man in my own proverbial "back yard." Dude, we're pretty much across the river from each other! Separated by a few thousand feet in altitude. Nice avatar too. Primary blog is the "Goomba News Network." Give me a blast on the e-mail. I'd like to buy you a beer some time!

- Ron Russell: His blog is "TOTUS." I'm guessing it's not quite the same TOTUS. Or am I wrong? What, Ron, does the first "T" stand for?

- Chicago Ray: CR actually lives in -- imagine this! -- Chicago. A web and HTML genius, CR is sufficiently skilled to have his own business. His blog is -- you guessed it! -- ChicagoRay. As you might guess, his blog is a visual wonder. You want to create a website? Go to Chicago Ray!

- Borepatch: Clearly, a weapons devotee with an interest in our Second Amendment. His blog, "Bore Patch," is a wonderful spot to find. As he describes: "Internet Security and Firearms. Either way, helping you keep your muzzle clean. No extra charge." As the former Rangemaster for my 2,000 + department, I can relate to an interest in our Constitutional Freedoms.

In summary:

Somehow, in the merest past few weeks I've managed to acquire an entirely new set of readers. And, as we all know, a blog lives and dies with not only its standard readers -- what I call my "Usual Suspects" -- but also by its fresh blood.

A massive THANK YOU to all my loyal readers, and to my newest readers. Please come back. I value each and every one of you, indeed!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Janet Incompetano: The System Worked?

Big Sis says the "system worked":

Big Sis says the "system didn't work":

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Considering the fact pattern known to this point, I'd say the system failed miserably.

If it weren't for ONE passenger with balls and a technical/human problem, Northwest 253 could have had an entirely different catastrophic ending.

There were -- ahem -- some clues beforehand:

- The man paid cash for his ticket;
- He had no luggage;
- He had no passport;
- His FATHER called an American embassy to warn of his son's predilections;
- He was ON a "watch list" -- oh yeah, that's right: the "wrong" watch list

He sat in seat 19A. That seat was purposely acquired above the fuel tank of the Airbus A330-323X aircraft, number N820NW.

But ask Mr Obama and his administration?

This is nothing more than a singular crime, not an act of WAR.

With no greater a priority than a burglary or a simple assault in your neighborhood.

Big Sis has nothing but euphemisms for you: the Overseas Contingency Operations.

These people are not only deluded but ignorant. Bordering on demonic.

I'll sum it up thusly: Janet Napolitano couldn't care less about YOU. You think she flies commercial?


My apologies if I didn't get the second video right. I still have a dial-up and have to second-guess and triple-guess my input.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Moderate, Moderate, Moderate

That's the rallying cry barked by some in the Republican Party -- and by many Demorats or Media Hounds who enjoy criticizing the GOP. Things like: "The GOP is attempting to kill itself by refusing to place more people of moderate values under the Republican Tent."

Critics of the GOP invariably point to Barry Goldwater, for Christ's sake, waaay back in 1964 as THE prime example of "too far." Oh, please.

It would seem to me that the current problem with the GOP is that it has lost its way, had its rudder ripped away by persons laboring under the GOP label who are pretty much nothing of the sort -- that is to say, truly Conservative.

Yes -- some naysayers may be indicating -- you must realize that every Republican voted down ObamaKare. But that, in my mind, is because even a dead clock carries the proper time twice a day.

Let's examine, for a moment, some of that Big Tenting advocated by -- uh, let's see: the RNC and Michael Steele. How about:

- Pennsylvanian Arlen Specter;
- The lovely and dashing Olympia Snowe;
- Lindsay Graham;
- Tim Pawlenty;
- Even Mr John (Gang of 13) McCain.

And in my neck of the woods, how about Mr Green Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

True Conservatives all, yes?

Uh, no.

Now, even the Demorats are having their issues with "moderates." They think they need more. William Daley wrote in The Washington Post:

The announcement by Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith that he is switching to the Republican Party is just the latest warning sign that the Democratic Party -- my lifelong political home -- has a critical decision to make: Either we plot a more moderate, centrist course or risk electoral disaster not just in the upcoming midterms but in many elections to come.

All that is required for the Democratic Party to recover its political footing is to acknowledge that the agenda of the party's most liberal supporters has not won the support of a majority of Americans -- and, based on that recognition, to steer a more moderate course on the key issues of the day, from health care to the economy to the environment to Afghanistan.

The party's moment of choosing is drawing close. While it may be too late to avoid some losses in 2010, it is not too late to avoid the kind of rout that redraws the political map. The leaders of the Democratic Party need to move back toward the center -- and in doing so, set the stage for the many years' worth of leadership necessary to produce the sort of pragmatic change the American people actually want.

While I would wholeheartedly agree that as the Demorats lean further Left, they are virtually assuring greater losses -- I wholeheartedly disagree with its opposite contention: that the GOP needs to lean further Left as well.

In my opinion the Demorats want the GOP tent to be sufficiently large so as to eventually "become" the Demorats themselves. You could start with the above-mentioned individuals.

And a final question: do you see Demorats and "Progressives" (whatever in the hell does that mean anyway?) opening their tent flaps wide for Conservatives?

I might leave you with one quote from Mr Barry Goldwater:

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Passengers help foil attack on Detroit-bound plane

From AP News on Saturday:

ROMULUS, Mich. (AP) - An attempted terrorist attack on a Christmas Day flight began with a pop and a puff of smoke - sending passengers scrambling to subdue a Nigerian man who claimed to be acting on orders from al-Qaida to blow up the airliner, officials and travelers said.

The commotion began as Northwest Airlines Flight 253, carrying 278 passengers and 11 crew members from Amsterdam, prepared to land in Detroit just before noon Friday. Travelers said they smelled smoke, saw a glow, and heard what sounded like firecrackers. At least one person climbed over others and jumped on the man, who officials say was trying to ignite an explosive device.

I delayed blogging today for a reason I'll indicate below; after that, the first thing I encountered on the internet was this story.

After reading, I was heartened and then resolved. But I must elaborate on my resolution and thusly:

America, you need to wake up. Yes, the times are tough, making many of us tend to focus only on ourselves and our plight.

We need to continue to recognize that their are forces, foreign and domestic, who wish for a myriad of reasons to bring down this country.

It's bad enough that, domestically, Mr Obama and his administration -- yes, our own government -- wishes to bring down a good portion of the structure of our nation (elucidated in the Cloward-Piven Strategy, the likes of which I introduced here). This is sufficiently horrible on its face and must be factored and dealt with.

But we've seemingly forgotten about one aspect of our foreign enemies -- Islamists. And what they want to do to our country, IN this country.

And I can only hope this is a Wake Up Call for us, as citizens of the United States. And that we heed the call.

There are those, some who read this blog, who say that radical Islamists compromise only a very small percentile of the "good and honorable" members of the religion of Islam.

But just how many radical Islamists do you need to sour a nation, a series of nations, a movement, an entire religion, with violence, cowardice and hate?

I said then and I say now: Islam is as Islam does.

It is no more complicated than that.

You need to wake up America. Wake UP. Islamists are in our midst. We still seem to think that Islam is comprised of only people who "look" like they source from the Middle East. That is amazingly incorrect.

The greatest number of Muslims live in Asia (Indoesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) and Africa (Egypt, Nigeria).

Islam plots and Islam plans: Al Jazeera, a propaganda organ for Islamists, would have you believe that fully half the occupants of the US think 9/11 was staged.

Throwing acid in the face of women who fail to don the hijab,[1] flogging people for sporting non-Islamic haircuts, and stoning to death violators of sexual norms are only a few examples of a raft of daily barbaric acts of Islamists in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and many Islamic lands. Other forms of Islamic brutalities such as Honor Killing[2] have already found their way to Germany and other European countries with the ever-burgeoning Muslim populations.

Further, in America:

Some 26 percent of American Muslims, ages18-29, support suicide bombings "in defense of Islam," according to findings of a recent Pew poll.

Islam is a cancer upon this planet. There may be some "good" or "nice" Muslims extant, of course; but they are so cowed by the radically-violent elements meaning, again, that Islam is as Islam does.

Upon learning of this recent event, my wife said: "They (the passengers) should have thumped him until he died."

I cannot say as I disagree.


Jasper Schuringa has been identified as the Northwest Airlines passenger who helped subdue an alleged terrorist as he tried to detonate explosives on board flight 253.

A high-ranking law enforcement official told CBS News that the suspect, identified by multiple sources as 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab apparently used a syringe to inject a chemical into powder located near his groin, a technique not seen in previous attempted attacks.

One passenger made the difference.

The spirit of Flight 93 continues to show that determination can make all the difference in the world.

Video here.

Mark Steyn wrote:

On September 11th 2001, the government’s (1970s) security procedures all failed, and the only good news of the day came from self-reliant citizens (on Flight 93) using their own wits and a willingness to act.

On December 25th 2009, the government’s (post-9/11) security procedures all failed, and the only good news came once again from alert individuals.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Tonight (Christmas Eve) I watched as the deputies I supervise continued, as the professionals they are, to do their jobs with no complaint, not a sound, upbeat, helping each other out.  I dropped by their various work sites and sent some of them home early, so they could be with their families.  My priority was to send home, as early as I could afford, those deputies with young children at home.

Because, absent the deep religious aspect, Christmas is for kids.

I can remember, being 6 or 7 or so, how I would help Mom put up the Christmas tree.  At the time, most everyone had live Christmas trees.  You would go to the local lot and select your favorite.  If you were rich or strange you got a flocked tree.  My best friend, Randy, his family always got a flocked tree.  It was covered with some kind of unknown white material intended, I could only guess, to mimic snow.  His family was always more avant-garde.

I was mystified by the Christmas tree.  It was huge, green, fresh, had a wonderful pine smell like no other time of the year.  We would hang lights, the kind with the huge, hot bulbs, and then drape the branches and needles with tinsel.  The best tinsel was the kind you could mold into a big ball when the tree came down; it was lead.  The light, fluffy tinsel was cheap.  I hated it.

I would sit, at night, just before Christmas, in the den, in the dark, watching the lights.  They didn't flicker or blink, they just captivated.  I would wonder: which are my presents?  What is it?  I would covertly try to pick up a present and shake it, gauge its weight.

Christmas was wonderful.  It was stellar.  

It was for kids.

Ah, memories.

So, so many years ago.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cops With Head Cams

The City of San Jose (CA) Police Department is fielding a trial program where 18 patrol officers will be testing a new head-cam device (see photograph).

Selected officers will be recording all contacts with citizens and calls for service.

The device, called AXON, is marketed by Taser.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


Frankly, my guess would be that this is the wave of the future for law enforcement.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Vote On YOUR ObamaKare

It will occur on Christmas Eve at Zero-Dark-Thirty.

In the dead of Thursday night.

Gosh, really? Why might that possibly be? you could ask.

From Reuters:

The government posted a record $1.4 trillion deficit in the fiscal year ended September 30 and is on track this year to spend at least $1 trillion more than it collects.

Oh. And yes. As even Drudge isn't reporting: ObamaKare will come up for a vote that same night. In the dead of night. Christmas Eve.

My guess: all the Demorats will be there. Any Republicans?

We'll see. We'll see.

Wordsmith recently pointed out to me, and correctly, that every Republican has voted down ObamaKare in the Senate.

That may be true.

But I would expect MORE out of alleged "Conservatives." Where is the OUTRAGE? Where is the VEHEMENCE? Where is the ANGER? Oh no. The GOP is too worried about offending anyone. Oh gosh, that we should torque-off even ONE so-called "moderate."

The Chinese have made it quite abundantly clear that the rest of the world has insufficient cash to cover American debt.

And Obama is guaranteeing we shall be ever more (quoth the raven) in debt.

The proverbial well -- in political terms -- is now permanently poisoned. If there were ever a rift between the two parties, it is now forever immured in stone.

Bipartisanship? KILLED by the Demorats. All of them. Lieberman. Nelson. Landrieu. And more of them lining up undercover for their own back door handouts.

They're just pissed they didn't think of "holding out" first.

Even Rush Limbaugh, yes, a Conservative but an historical major carrier of Republican Water -- even he said on Tuesday that perhaps it's time to "withhold the consent of being governed."

I have never. NEVER. Heard Mr Limbaugh resort to this base tactic.

I've said before and I'll say it now: this country is in for a major change.

Some major revolution.

And I'll wager it won't be what you envision or want.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Dearest BZ Readers:

I have been solicited by 25 + recent e-mails now in the past two weeks alone (perhaps a pitiful amount, compared to others) to host various advertising concerns on my blog.

I just now had a pithy (or was it pissy) exchange between someone who, out of the blue, wanted me to advertise or write something about a competition for jewelry or somesuch. I'm sure she's a nice person but, truthfully, you never know who you meet on the net unless you've established some sort of relationship or trust pattern in time. And with my country looking to jail my ass in contravention of various laws concerning blogs and advertising -- well, I'm just not going there. Call me stupid or ignorant, whatever, but my job is not to trust someone who "cold e-mails" me.

Blogger itself, for example, contains a separate tab labeled "MONETIZE." This tab wants me to sign up for an AdSense account.

Nope. Sorry. Won't do it. Wouldn't be prudent.

Yes, of course, I do have a "BZ Shops Here" heading under my blogrolls. But that's because, oddly enough, I shop those places and would recommend them. I have actually used products from those places. But I haven't received a dime from them.

I've turned down other concerns, and I'll turn down the rest.

This is not my Life; my blog is my hobby.

When I finally retire in the next year or a few subsequent years, I may in fact consider ads on my blog. And, then, if I do -- I'll make it abundantly clear to those who read me. And I'll operate within the law.

Until then: no. Sorry. No ads.

My feeling is this: if you're taking actual time out of your hectic day to read me -- and there are only so many blogs and so many URLs you can visit with your limited time -- then I'm just happy as hell that you deigned to visit my winky little piece of the Blogosphere.

I'm delighted that you visit and read me. I am grateful for each and every visit.

So, while you're here -- I'm not going to use you.


I'm thinking of going back to my original masthead, seen above. Any preferences?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Send A Card To An American Troop!

Thanks to Old NFO at Nobody Asked Me (check him out!), I discovered you can pick out a card and send it to one of our military personnel overseas in time for Christmas.

The site is:

"Let's Say Thanks" in support of our troops.

How about we flood our wonderful military people with cards, dear readers?

Thanks, God bless you, and Merry Christmas!


They've Got It:

The Demorats have their 60 Senate votes.

God help us all.


Thanks to The Right Look Conservative Blog for the photo below.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Senator Ben Nelson: The Arm Twisting Worked

The Demorats attempted to extort Senator Ben Nelson's 'rat vote for ObamaKare by threatening to close down Offutt Air Force Base in his state of Nebraska.

Nelson, the "60th Vote," on Sunday:

"Change is never easy, but change is what's necessary in America," Nelson said at a morning news conference, announcing his support as a snowstorm raged outside.

And who said disgusting, obscene tactics don't work?  At least the Demorats are strong enough to use them.  The Republicans consist, these days, of unorganized, unaligned, quivering pansies.


You May Be A Taliban If:

1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.
2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes.
3. You have more wives than teeth.
4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon "unclean."
5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.
6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against.
7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.
8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.
9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four.
10. You've always had a crush on your neighbor's goat.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Iranian Forces Take Over Iraq Oil Well

Game on.

Iran decided some time ago to go its own nuclear way despite UN and international community wishes. Their nuclear program has not stopped.

NASIRIYAH, Iraq (AFP) – Iranian forces took control of a southern Iraqi oil well on a disputed section of the border on Friday, US and Iraqi officials told AFP.

An official of the state-owned South Oil Co in the southeastern city of Amara, and west of the field, said: "An Iranian force arrived at the field early this morning (Friday).

"It took control of Well 4 and raised the Iranian flag even though the well lies in Iraqi territory," the official added.

"An oil ministry delegation is to travel to the area on Saturday to assess the situation."

Some interesting notes I'd care to add:

  • Iran is the 3rd largest oil producer on the globe;
  • Iran is OPEC's 2nd largest oil producer;
  • Iran has been a US adversary for roughly 30 years;
  • Iran possesses about 1/10th of the global oil reserves;
  • Iran has more than 1/10th of the planet's reserves of natural gas;

However, it is noteworthy that, after the 1979 revolution (and other factors), Iran has been unable to match its highest (6 million barrels/day) 1974 production rates. Further, Iran's mature oil fields have declined. A 2007 National Academy of Sciences study specifically awakened Iran's oil ministers.

The report indicates that, if decline rates are allowed to continue, Iran’s exports (which in 2007 averaged 2.4 million barrels/day) could decrease to zero by 2015. To offset natural decline rates, Iran’s oil fields require structural upgrades including enhanced oil recovery (EOR) efforts such as natural gas injection.

Additionally, Iran can produce oil but lacks major refinery capacity. They cannot even keep pace with domestic demand. Iran would like to hammer out agreements with China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to expand refining capabilities.

Strategically, one must be cognizant of a major point: if an attack on Iran's nuclear sites occurred, Iran could decide to attack shipping in the Strait of Hormuz -- a bottleneck through which 1/5th of the world’s total daily oil demand is carried.

Iran has pushed the Western World's envelope for some time with its nuclear programs and various alliances.

Now, it pushes in another direction.


Friday, December 18, 2009

More On Cloward-Piven?

After watching and listening to Mr Obama and his minions over the course of the past year, I have become increasingly convinced that there is more to Mr Obama's playbook than he would have you believe. Some would say the goal is simply the advancement of liberal ideas and programs. I submit that this is the merest cover for the overarching and final end game of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Apparently Gene Schwimmer of The American Thinker is running parallel thoughts. Or is he?

Mr Schwimmer takes a very different tack a short distance into his article:

So, irrespective of the Cloward-Piven Strategy's ultimate goal, its intermediate goal is undeniably to bring down the current system. And needless to say, "Treason!" "Hang 'em!" or some polite-society equivalent is the instinctive reaction from conservatives. But if they could restrain themselves and think for a moment, conservatives might realize that Cloward and Piven have some interesting company.

Cloward and Piven, meet Ayn Rand.

Recall the basic plot of Atlas Shrugged: John Galt, a disgruntled inventor whose work is appropriated for "the common good," decides to "stop the motor of the world" by convincing the world's innovators, inventors, and producers to stop innovating, inventing, and producing. Galt's theory is that, deprived of these people's intellect and industry, the state would be forced to supply the wealth that Galt and his ilk do not. As the state has no means to do this, the system would break down, force government to "get out of the way," and herald the advent of pure capitalism.

Mr Schwimmer then smacks us right between the headlights:

So if we do in fact share, at least temporarily, Cloward-Piven's intermediate goal, should we not at least consider working with, rather than against, them? Why not a Cloward-Piven-Rand Strategy whereby, simultaneously, we convince the innovators, inventors, and producers to stop innovating, inventing, and producing -- and they convince every eligible American to apply for every available social program and lobby for government at all levels to create even more? Would our combined efforts not bring down the current system -- a goal we both share -- even faster?

Ultimately, the Cloward-Piven crowd's path and ours would necessarily diverge, to put it mildly. But for the present, while we share a common goal, why not work together, just as America and the Soviet Union fought together in World War II?

Later, when the war is the war won, when the common enemy -- the current system -- is defeated, we can go back to fighting each other.

And then may the better system prevail.

Is this the goal of Conservatism? To take down the system?

The questions pour out of my head now.



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Fights Back Again

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department in Arizona is hopping mad. And after the federal government told him to stop doing his job -- which made the federal government look bad -- he's not stopped. If anything, he's become more resolute in enforcing immigration laws on the books.

See the story here.

And please note this sentence in page two of the story: "She acknowledged, however, that state law would allow him to continue making his arrests."

Polls indicate that, right now, Arpaio could waltz into the Arizona governor's chair.

Here is a man with convictions and the guts to do what's right.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Demorats: BLACKMAILING & EXTORTION For ObamaKare Votes!

As I wrote before, the Demorats will do anything lawful or unlawful to assure they have sufficient votes to ram ObamaKare down the throats of Americans.

Now, they have taken the fine art of vote acquisition from the questionable to the obscene:

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson (D) has been told, essentially, that unless he votes with the rest of the Demorats on ObamaKare, the Obama Administration will shut down Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska which, in turn, threatens ten thousand jobs.

And Obama creates jobs??  He cares about Americans??

This is beyond heinous.  This is beyond backbiting, name-calling, midnight phone calls, threats of removal from plum appointments and commissions.

Further: this imperils the very security of the United States of America.

And all because the Obama Administration must, absolutely must ram down ObamaKare and it doesn't care one whit about who has to be cast aside or threatened or hurt or even if it could place the entire security of the United States in jeopardy.

From the breaking story at StopTheACLU:

As our source put it, this is a “naked effort by Rahm Emanuel and the White House to extort Nelson’s vote.” They are “threatening to close a base vital to national security for what?” asked the Senate staffer.

Indeed, Offutt is the headquarters for US Strategic Command, the successor to Strategic Air Command, and not by accident. STRATCOM was located in the middle of the country for strategic reasons. Its closure would be a massive blow to the economy of the state of Nebraska, but it would also be another example of this administration playing politics with our national security.

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the United States of America, if this doesn't expose Mr Obama and his administration and sycophants as the massively-dangerous idealogues they are, then you are beyond hope and haven't a handful of functioning brain cells extant.


Monday, December 14, 2009

WSJ Poll: Should the Senate pass the $849 billion health care reform package?

That's the question posed by the Wall Street Journal:

Should the Senate pass the $849 billion health care reform package?

Click on the link and you'll find that, at the time of this blogpost's creation, it was 6.2% in favor of passage (with 2,683 votes) and 93.8% against passage, with 40,275 votes.

Isn't it odd that this and other polls clearly indicate the bulk of Americans do not wish ObamaKare -- and yet, with and by any means necessary lawful or unlawful it is clear that Reid, Pelosi and Obama are going to ram this bill by fiat down the throats of all Americans and strongarm the cash from your wallets and purses.

That's like stuffing an emetic down your throat and then forcing you to re-consume the results.


In the Rasmussen poll, Mr Obama's numbers have plummeted from a +30 on January 22nd of this year, flattened to 0 on June 28th, began going negative on June 30th (-2) and were the worst (-19) on December 13th.

Joe Lieberman just may be the solitary fly in the Demorat ointment.  If so, don't be surprised if Reid decides to push the Nuke 50 button.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pushing The Envelope, Part II: Bas Rutten, Street Fighter

The human being has always pushed the envelope into and beyond the realms of danger. This is the second of three consecutive Sunday postings displaying how restless Man is with the mundane and how he purposely crosses the threshold into danger willingly -- and sometimes unwillingly.

Depicted here is an all-out, eye-opening view of street fighting.  This is one highly dangerous man.  Someone as accomplished and straightforward as this, you'd not see him coming, be able to control or defeat him.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Federal Government: Give Me MORE Of Your Money!

My guess would be that, as with most American citizens and not illegal invaders or freeloaders, you've had to cut back in your purchases in consideration of the current economy.  

You've likely had to pare down on eating out, you've starting "brown-bagging" it to work again or more frequently, stopped any number of magazine subscriptions, sold some items locally or on e-Bay, had to cut back on the type and amount of food purchased, cut way back on entertainment.  You've likely had to entirely revamp your lifestyle and re-think or re-examine your fiscal life; where you are now and where you wish to be in the foreseeable future.  And mostly ponder: can I make it?  Can my family make it?  And worst yet, likely some of you have actually lost your jobs.

You've not only had to ensure you don't spend more, you've had to make actual cuts in your budget; some of them might be rather Draconian in nature.

Not so the Federal Government.

Oh no.  Now, the average federal employee makes $71,000 a year -- $30,000 more on average than the private sector or other state and local government scales.

How about you?  Do you make $71K annually?

The federal government decided to raise the ceiling on "tolerable debt."  Now your federal government proposes to raise the debt limit potentially up to $1.9 TRILLION dollars.

What's your debt limit?  Can you decide to arbitrarily print your own money if you don't feel like cutting spending?

Further, the IRS is licking its chops in anticipation of biting deeper into more American wallets and, in anticipation of this -- in a recession, mind you! -- is hiring hundreds more employees.

It is simply fiscal insanity.

No sane person can possibly think you can SPEND your way OUT of a recession.  

TARP hasn't worked but -- oh no! the sky is falling we have to enact TARP immediately or it all  will fail! -- and yet, all the things promised to be solved by TARP haven't been.

All the things promised to be solved by the BILLIONS in Porkulus haven't been.  Further, NO ONE can account for the money spent.

And Mr Obama wants to enact a second Porkulus.

Insanity, ladies and gentlemen.  The sheerest of insanity.  OR.  More steps in the purposely-plotted road to the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

You really haven't any idea, America, just what kind of monster you've elected.


Friday, December 11, 2009

This Sayeth It All:


Fornicalia Bans Big Screen Televisions

On November 19th, the Fornicalia Energy Commission voted 5 - 0 for new efficiency regulations affecting flat screen televisions up to 58 inches. Those rules become law on January 1st of 2011.

Ever more Draconian rules will take effect January 1st of 2013, mandating a 50% power savings.

Either meet these rules in those time frames or don't sell televisions in Fornicalia.

In a statement responding to the ruling, the Consumer Electronics Association argued that the regulations would lead to higher prices, lost retail jobs and a decline in Fornicalia tax revenue.

Also in response, the Reason Foundation's Steven Titch writes:

The energy commissioners are really concerned about our prosperity. They fret that too many people are buying bigger TVs, hooking them up to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), cable boxes, computers and digital cameras. We simply can't have that. These home electronics now consume about 10 percent of household electricity, according to PG&E. So here comes the state's nanny to tell taxpayers how they should be using electricity and to tell us we are using too much of it watching big screen TVs.

This, of course, in consideration of Fornicalia's current unemployment rate of 12.5%. And the unemployment rate of 15.8% in Fresno County, Fornicalia.

You're flushing your toilets too much. You're using too much toilet paper. Your fecal material is too thick and too dense due to your horrific eating habits. You exhale too much carbon dioxide and, again, your nasty eating habits result in excessive flatulence.

The sky is falling.

Well? Maybe it really is.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cars & Snow

Some rather obnoxious Global Warming seems to have occluded my house just this past Tuesday. Almost two feet of Global Warming.

First, I had to dig my way out of the Global Warming. One of my shovels broke. If my brother wasn't with me to help, I might not have extracted ourselves for a meeting in the valley far below.

It's also very helpful if you have good tires with decent tread. My Yokohama Geolanders hadn't much tread left. I barely made it up this hill in 4WD. I leaped onto I wanted a set of Yokohama Parada Spec-X's, but they could only find one tire in Nevada and another in Virginia. I didn't want to drive that far and I wanted two more tires. I "compromised" with the Michelin Latitude Tours.

Unfortunately, when I got back up to the house I discovered my pipes were frozen. In my rush to make my appointment, I forgot to leave the water running overnight. Highly inconvenient in terms of toilet duties.
My other brother is doing his best to assist with the economy. He just purchased a 2010 BMW 535i X-Drive wagon in AWD. Once he can figure out the knobs and buttons, he's going to take it to Dinan Engineering in Morgan Hill and have it tinked-with. He's thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 360 hp. My, that will be some kind of Q-ship indeed.

Nice, very clear dash and gauges.

Ew. A version of I-Drive. Better him than me. That shift lever looks complicated.

Beautiful interior. I really like the wood. The two-tone black interior with the tan leather seats looks great.

Back seat, with appointments and individual climate controls for rear passengers.

I should be receiving my tires and getting them installed today.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Air Tran Airways Flight 297

There have been many conflicts and e-mails around the internet regarding Air Tran Airways Flight 297 in Atlanta, last month. The pilot turned the plane around and decided to go back to the gate and secure the cabin.

The "official" stance of Air Tran is this:
On November 17, 2009, AirTran flight 297 was scheduled to travel from Atlanta to Houston-Hobby. During taxi a passenger was non-compliant with Crew Members, using a cell phone and taking pictures. The flight taxied back to the gate and the passenger, who did not speak English, and his companion acting as his interpreter were asked to de-plane. They were met by customer service personnel and TSA.

The passengers were allowed to re-board and continued on the flight after speaking with AirTran and TSA representatives. The flight was delayed by more than two hours.

According to Air Tran, it is as simple as that.

One e-mail that resulted, from an individual calling himself Theodore Petruna, who claimed to have been on that flight, made many allegations. The full (and disputed) e-mail is here.

It was later discovered that Mr Petruna was not even on that flight. The original e-mail is debunked here.

However, please note: things were not quite so simple as to dismiss them wholesale -- as the air carrier and the MSM would wish.

One gentleman seems to indicate that there were clear complications. The incident is documented here. Excerpts, which appear to carry the most veracity:

(Passenger Brent) Brown runs a security consultant company and is a frequent flier. But even for him, he said the events of Flight 297 were disturbing and frightening. As the Houston-bound flight taxied to the runway, several in a group of about a dozen men of Middle Eastern descent started walking the aisles and using their cell phones, Brown said.

"And then after the fact, when (AirTran) apparently issued a statement that says, in effect, that this was a customer service issue or someone was on the phone...they're dead wrong," said Brown.

The crew, including the pilots, decided not to continue with the flight. Brown said AirTran put about 10 of the 12-man group back on the plane with a new crew. Most of the original passengers chose not to re-board and instead got on a different flight.

WSB TV, Channel Two video story is here.

Some people are postulating that this was another IslamoFascist "dry run" test of air security.

UK's The Economist (to which I subscribe) also debunks the e-mail of Petruna -- and rightly so -- but fails to perform what I call The Logical Extension.

I conclude:

- We (the United States of America) have, unfortunately, learned little following 9/11;
- We still do not recognize the full threat of, specifically, Middle Eastern iterations of Islam;
- We do not realize that the bulk of Muslims live in Indonesia and Africa;
- The US has not sufficiently profiled to realize the above facts;
- Profiling IS beneficial because it uses statistics, trends, numbers and logic;
- This flight captain was the exception and not the rule;
- Overall, my country still refuses to acknowledge the threat before its very face.

After watching the video, what might be your opinion?


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Hypocrites Arrive:

Isn't it wonderful how the AGW cognoscente arrive in their very own humble ways to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference?


Monday, December 07, 2009

Your Healthcare: Jeopardized

I must admit this up front: I am not a pauper.

I am not a bum or a sociopath or an excusionist or a tattoo'd POS or a deviant or an Alt-Lifer. I am an individual who has paid years and years into his own medical plan -- for 30+ years. I have always been gainfully employed because I made sure that I was. I received no handouts.

Up to now, I've had some encounters with my health plan for various reasons. They've been there for me when needed. Yes, I've had to fight when necessary but not because my facts weren't there; they became validated and then supported.

All in all, I've paid and received. Through Kaiser Permanente -- one of the most stringent, oppressive, unforgiving and restrictive HMOs extant.

I'll still take Kaiser over any governmental option "offered."

And still, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still refuses to answer the Most Base of questions:

These are the people you would trust with, literally, your life in the balance?

Despite this, Lou Dobbs quit the Communist News Network (CNN). Did he perceive troubles in its immediate future? Is he prescient? CNN has already dropped to last place amongst the various cable news shows -- despite its having invented the cable news show at least 20 years ago.


Republicans Edge Ahead of Democrats in 2010 Vote
Registered voters prefer Republicans for the House, 48% to 44%

Bad news for VP Joe a while ago. One citizen killed.


Today, 68 years ago, 2,386 Americans died at Pearl Harbor.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Pushing The Envelope, Part I: Parkour

Parkour, otherwise known as the art of French Free Running.

The human being has always pushed the envelope into and beyond the realms of danger. This is the first of three consecutive Sunday postings displaying how restless Man is with the mundane and how he purposely crosses the threshold into danger willingly -- and sometimes unwillingly.

Isn't it wonderful to be young? Give these guys another ten years and let's see how wonderful their joints and bones are. Just when you thought some of the human stunts you've seen in movies were digitized, now you realize "that ain't necessarily so."


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Again: Why American Media CANNOT Be Trusted

FOURTEEN DAYS after the release of the UK e-mails which are now called ClimateGate, and the American media networks of ABC, CBS, NBC have purposely not reported the story.

What further information does the public need in order to realize that the American Fourth Estate 1) does not wish to truly inform; 2) conforms to the most liberal of biases and 3) purposely excludes stories and information contrary to their pre-programmed Leftists agendas.

Why, then, should any American media interest receive even one dollar from the U.S. government when it is proven, again and again, that not only can't they do their reporting jobs, they purposely withhold necessary information from the public?

Continentally, a US scientist says that, like the UK ClimateGate, NASA is withholding information about so-called Global Warming. NASA has repeatedly refused to honor FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for two years.

The nation of India has already stated it will refuse to sign any agreement placing limitations on emissions.

The problem is that lots of people go around saying that the climate change we see is a result of human activity. That is a very dangerous claim,” Parliamentary Speaker and former Finance Minister Thor Pedersen (Lib) tells DR.

And finally, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore has canceled, at the last moment, his speech for the Copenhagen Global Warming summit on December 16th. Why?

Could it POSSIBLY be because he is ill-armed to verbally handle the confrontations or even questions logically to be asked but upon his presence on stage?

I submit: yes. He is petrified at having to answer even the most basic of questions from anyone with a curious mind.

Once again, Your American Media in the tank.