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Bloviating Zeppelin: May 2007

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

He's In

It's official. Fred Thompson is in.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Car

Well, I went and did it. I purchased a new car at, seemingly, the worst or the best time -- depending upon your view. And I bought, seemingly, one of the worst possible vehicles to have purchased considering the current price of gasoline.

I absconded with a new 2007 Toyota RAV-4 Limited on Memorial Day, a unit with 4WD, tow package, leather, sunroof, most every option available and the 280 hp Lexus V6 engine which runs on, imagine this: regular unleaded. The identical engine in the Lexus demands premium.

I researched this vehicle more thoroughly than any other car I'd ever considered buying.

Narrowing the search down to two vehicles, I drove both the V6 RAV-4 and the Honda CRV, which is offered only in a 166 hp in-line 4 cylinder. At first glance I liked the looks of the Honda better; I also better liked the looks of the interior. However, I drove the Honda and noticed it was a tad sluggish up an inclined road near the dealership. I also noted the second row seats did not completely lie flat when folded and removed an amount of room from the rear cargo area. My wife didn't like the available interior space or the front and rear seats. I made sure I included her opinions in the decision-making process though this shall be my primary vehicle.

I'm sure the Honda would have gotten a bit better mileage; but in the end I didn't care for its slightly greater road noise, its AWD vs. the RAV-4's 4WD (and lockout ability), and the Honda's inability to move the 5-speed transmission into all gears. I also made full-lock turning circles with both vehicles and the longer RAV-4 turned tighter than the CRV -- 34' vs. 36'.

Final decision? The engine did it for me. Toyota's 3.5L V6 is simply an affordable monster for its size. It offers more hp than the 25o hp 4.8L V8 Ford cop cars I drive.

A few initial observations:
  • The oddly-configured dash will get some "getting used to" as will the HVAC system controls;
  • The steering wheel seems, visually, rather small at first; not an issue during actual driving maneuvers;
  • I find I very much enjoy the "elevated" visual line-of-sight;
  • Though a larger vehicle with a greater amount of open interior space, the RAV-4 is significantly quieter than my previous vehicle, a 2003 Subaru Outback Sport wagon;
  • The engine is absolutely effortless; I ran it up Highway 50 yesterday with my wife, to our favorite rib place near Shingle Springs (Poor Red's: home to the largest amount of Galliano poured in the entire world and home to the World's Finest Gold Cadillac!) and up 3-Mile Grade on I-80 today; all it wanted to do was go faster;
  • Whereas the Subaru Outback Sport's transmission would constantly send its gears "hunting" back-and-forth between 4th and 3rd up grades, the RAV-4 downshifted only twice up both my major highway grades; its shifts were both butter-smooth and damn near unnoticed;
  • I immediately observed: the engine just wants to GO;
  • Throttle tip-in is somewhat abrupt and needs to be carefully modulated from a stop;
  • Brakes are linear and don't require legs like a Russian weightlifter to activate;
  • The ride is firm and not plush;
  • No interior rattles;
  • The rear door, hinged right and carrying the exterior spare tire (and cover), is heavy; Toyota needs to hinge this door on top for subsequent models;
  • Did I mention: the engine just wants to go!

I'd had enough of Tuna Cans as I'd written in a previous post. This vehicle is about the most expansive I've ever owned. But I was fed up with shoehorning myself, my wife, my father, my brother, any passengers, into the former BZMobile. There's a company that alleges to chip the car up to 300 hp. I might investigate that.

It still astounds me, how much interior room I have. And ALL TO MYSELF.

A few other things I discovered: the air conditioning will freeze your ass. Far as I'm concerned that's GREAT. I linked up my cell phone with its interior Bluetooth. How WEIRD is it to just hit a couple buttons on the steering wheel and talk to people! I linked up my iPod Nano this morning and listened to my playlist whilst cruising up I-80. Speaking of cruise control: I have yet to encounter a cruise control system as completely SEAMLESS as that of Toyota's. Subaru's cruise control system was abrupt and neck-snapping in comparison.

Best yet: I traded in the Subaru and placed a substantial down. My monthlies are less than $200 for 36 months at 4.9% apr. The credit guy said: "Companies can't loan enough money to guys (the wife and I) with credit ratings like you. You can damn near write your own terms."

As opposed to my previous relationship, my wife has an actual appreciation for her credit rating and has done all she could to maintain its spotlessness. We're reaping the benefits now.

I've budgeted for $7-a-gallon gas and, until it reaches that point, I'm not much concerned. I'm getting a pay raise in June. My retirement system is stuffed. I've planned well. I'm sufficiently old that I shall NEVER be riding "public" transport. Far as I'm thinking, "public systems" are for nothing but losers, drunks, druggies and those sucking from the welfare teat. I don't "do" buses or "light rail" or "The El" or "the subway" or any of that low-class crap.

Mostly because I've depended on MYSELF and my OWN planning. I've carved out a place in Heaven because, when younger, I did my time in Hell. I've paid my dues.

You don't plan, you fail.

There's a reason that Toyota is now the largest carmaker on the entire planet, now surpassing GM.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Cindy Sheehan has decided to call it quits:

This is my resignation letter as the "face" of the American anti-war movement. This is not my "Checkers" moment, because I will never give up trying to help people in the world who are harmed by the empire of the good old US of A, but I am finished working in, or outside of this system. This system forcefully resists being helped and eats up the people who try to help it. I am getting out before it totally consumes me or anymore people that I love and the rest of my resources.

Good-bye America are not the country that I love and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I can’t make you be that country unless you want it. It’s up to you now.

GFR, Cindy.

And while we're on a positive roll, check out (from WorldNetDaily):

Terror leader arrested having car sex near Arafat's grave -- Israeli forces raid jeep of longtime wanted militant caught in compromising position

According to Israeli security officials and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades sources in Ramallah, Shawish was arrested after the Israeli police stormed his jeep, which was parked in a lot outside the Muqata, about 200 feet from Arafat's grave. The sources said at the time of his arrest, Shawish was having intercourse in the back seat of his jeep with a Palestinian woman, whose identity is being withheld by WND. The woman was not his wife.

Thanks Cindy, and Shawish, for providing today's comedy relief.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day


In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

-- Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918) Canadian Army

It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the organizer, Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protestor to burn the flag.

- Father Dennis Edward O'Brian, USMC

To The World:

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you:

1. Jesus Christ
2. The American G. I.

One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.

God bless America and her soldiers.

Our country: the last,
The best --
The only --
. . . hope, of this entire planet.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

On Purpose?

WorldNetDaily thinks that the recent rash of tainted pet products and, more recently, food, is purposeful on the part of China:

WASHINGTON – While Americans are still recovering from a scandal over poison pet foods imported from China, FDA inspectors report tainted food imports intended for American humans are being rejected with increasing frequency because they are filthy, are contaminated with pesticides and tainted with carcinogens, bacteria and banned drugs. Last month, like most months, China topped the list of countries whose products were refused by the FDA – and that list includes many countries, including Mexico and Canada, who export far more food products to the U.S. than China. Some 257 refusals of Chinese products were recorded in April. By comparison, only 140 were from Mexico and only 23 from Canada.

Purposeful or by accident? What do you think?


Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Replacement for Books

Is there a replacement for books?

Google seems to think so.

The Economist has a handle on this issue. Go here for the article.

For those unknowing:

IN SECRET locations and using secret methods, human beings are scanning lots and lots of books for Google, the world's largest web-search company. That humans are involved is beyond doubt (fingers are visible in the corners of many pages on although this is uncharacteristic of Google, which has a fetish for purist technology.

Google will not divulge exact numbers, but Daniel Clancy, the project's lead engineer, gives enough guidance for an educated guess: Google's contract with one university library, Berkeley's, stipulates that it must digitise 3,000 books a day. The minimum for the other 12 universities involved may be lower, but the rate for participating publishers is higher. So a conservative estimate has Google digitising at least 10m books a year. The total number of titles in existence is estimated to be about 65m.

The author of the article makes several points but adds:

Most stories, however, will never find a better medium than the paper-bound novel. That is because readers immersed in a storyline want above all not to be interrupted, and all online media teem with distractions (even a hyperlink is an interruption). People do not read fiction in order to accomplish a specific task in a limited amount of time, as they read reference and schoolbooks. Random-access dictionaries and cookbooks may be useful; random-access novels less so.

I submit there are two clear and unequivocal categories of reading:

  • Research/business
  • Pleasure

Digital books will never, ever, replace pleasure reading.

There is nothing, nothing quite so satisfying as holding an actual book in one's hands. That feeling will never, ever be replaced by something as intangible as a mere faux collection of 1s and 0s.



Friday, May 25, 2007

Letter to the RNC

Dear Readers:

I just got back, Thursday evening, from a week-long law enforcement conference in South Lake Tahoe. Whilst it was 92+ degrees in the Sacramento Valley (Fornicalia), temperatures were 50 to 58 degrees with some winds coming off the lake itself. It was wonderful. Cooler than my house. I was in heaven. Sometimes I think I was an Arctic polar bear in my previous life.

When I returned I found a letter addressed to me, from the Republican National Committee. They were hitting me up for money, asking me to renew my membership in the RNC. I had previously contributed $500 to the RNC in 2006.

In the letter, dated May 18th, the fourth paragraph read in part:

Higher taxes and increased government spending are just the beginning. Socialized health care and more government interference in our lives. Weakened national security and foreign policy held hostage to international approval. We can't afford to let the Democrats enact their failed liberal agenda.

Quite frankly, this pissed me off. So I'll just cut to the chase: I'm not sending them any money. Not until they secure our borders. Which means I'll likely not be sending ANY more money to the RNC.

In lieu of sending money, I stuffed their prepaid envelope with the following letter I wrote:

Republican National Committee
310 First Street SE
PO Box 98206
Washington, DC 20077-7561
Robert M. Duncan, Chairman

Dear Mr. Duncan:

I personally appreciate brevity and for that reason I'll keep this letter short as, of course, you paid postage for my reply. I appreciate that as I would rather not waste an additional 41-cents (recently up 2-cents) on the RNC.

I suspect you've already interpreted the slant of my letter in the first few words, and that is this:

No. No cash to the RNC. No further checks from me to you. In any amount. Period.

Not until the Republican Party coalesces and President Bush declares there shall be no amnesty for illegal immigrants and that he publicly states that illegal means illegal, and that he declares, publicly, that his goal is to build an 854+ mile fence along the US/Mexico border.

Your letter to me, in part, states:

Higher taxes and increased government spending are just the beginning. Socialized health care and more government interference in our lives. Weakened national security and foreign policy held hostage to international approval. We can't afford to let the Democrats enact their failed liberal agenda.

You can't even tell the truth. President Bush has spent money like never before. And you have the guts to even write about "weakened national security" -- laying it on the steps of an "international agenda"?

No. Wrong. It is President Bush who has weakened our borders. It is completely within his power to insist, stridently, publicly and continuously, on securing our borders.

It is within his power to loudly and continuously call for a border fence, for continual enforcement of immigration laws already on the books.

It is within his power to insist that funding to all states shall be dependent upon individual law enforcement agencies turning over, as we once did, illegal aliens to INS.

And to cutting off federal funding to those cities deeming themselves to be "sanctuary cities." Let them be sanctuary cities funded by their own local tax base.

Because these are my criteria for sending any more checks I know that, in truth, I shall never be sending any more money to the RNC ever again. Neither President Bush nor the GOP have the guts to either 1. simply enforce the laws currently on the books or 2. insist that we completely secure our borders -- both north and south.

The GOP has gone completely invertebrate. You do not deserve my money. You have consciously determined not to protect our country. Demography is prophecy. You fail to comprehend that concept.
Understand this: bringing your Republican President into line, bringing your Republican Congressmen into line, bringing your Republican Senators into line -- it isn't my job.

It is yours.

Do your job.



Ladies and Gentlemen:

I would humbly suggest that each and every one of you likewise draft a similar letter should you be solicited for cash by the RNC or the GOP.

So be it.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Dear Readers:

I'll be away at a conference for the next week, in South Lake Tahoe. This is a wonderful area bordering Lake Tahoe itself on the Nevada / Fornicalia border.

Because I already live high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this entails my driving a few more miles up Interstate 80. I don't know if their rooms provide internet access. In anticipation of no access, I'm going to advance-set a number of posts I've written prior to today. I hope to return, absent the ability to blog in my hotel room, on this coming Thursday.

Please read down to see three new posts, and visit the sites of my Usual Suspects. Take care, and always take time to tell the ones you love how you feel about them. Tempus fugit.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Point

As I have written before, many elements on the Left believe that the very concept of terrorism threatening us on domestic shores is nothing more than a ruse, cleverly (or not so cleverly) designed by the Minions of Halliburton whom, as we all secretly know, physically and psychically control the entire Bush Administration and, more importantly, Dick Cheney's Doppelganger (Vice President Cheney is being kept alive, covertly, deep in an underground bunker somewhere in Vermont, after having suffered a disabling 39th heart attack in 2002).

Those who believe there to be an actual War On Terrorism and that Islamists pose a serious threat to not only our nation but our American way of life -- well, besides the recent plot by six foreign-born Muslims to attack Fort Dix and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers -- have also had their beliefs recently buttressed by none other than FBI Director Robert Mueller:
Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group desperately want to obtain nuclear devices and explode them in American cities, especially New York and Washington, D.C., FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III tells NewsMax.

Here is a key sentence from the article:
Because the U.S. has not been attacked in almost six years, Mueller worries that "we are in danger of becoming complacent."

It is only by means of direct efforts at the hands of those the Left, Progressives and Democrats hate (the military, law enforcement, surveillance methods) that a second devastating event on sovereign US soil has yet to occur.

Abortion is an issue of concern; gun control is an issue of concern; I submit that national defense, border security and continued strength in the face of Islamism are the greatest issues of concern for, without these issues in the forefront the others mean next to nothing.

Trust me, IEDs cooked off by Islamic Homicide Bombers in various US malls, theatres, bus stops and train stations will warrant just a tad bit more than offhand conversations at the local water cooler at work.

The Islamists mean to convert us or kill us. In truth, they'd prefer killing us. All of us. Period. End of statement. It is as simple as that.

And they will keep working on this goal from now until they are wiped out.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Everyone Knows

Everyone knows that fire can't melt steel.

Rosie O'Donnell said so on "The View." And here on her own blog. Because she said it on television and posted same on the internet -- well -- it must certainly be true, eh? Clearly, George Bush plotted the demolition of Building 7, and the other World Trade Center towers. In order to "get us" into Iraq. And other places. And to provide funding for Halliburton. At the behest of Dick Cheney who, clearly, had George "under his spell."

Oddly enough, there seems to be conflicting evidence here on YouTube.

Imagine that.

Here are photos, never before posted on the internet, from an internal source I have at Chevron, regarding the recent tanker fire that occurred in the Oakland/East Bay/San Francisco area of Fornicalia.

You decide: can fire melt steel?


Sunday, May 20, 2007


Texas Fred had a wonderful survey on his blog recently -- a survey I'd like to re-create here with the identical question pattern.

If you have the time, please respond; I'd very much be interested in the resulting comments from one and all, Left or Right:

  • 1. Describe your political persuasion.
  • 2. A huge number of Conservatives and quite a few Republicans are seriously pushing to get Fred Thompson to declare his run for POTUS. If he doesn’t declare, or should he declare and not win the nomination, who would you want to see in his place from the current crowd of GOP potentials?
  • 3. Describe your feelings regarding the war in Iraq.
  • 4. Do you think Iraq was a part of the terrorist organization that attacked the USA on 9-11?
  • 5. Do you believe the U.S. government was in ANY WAY involved in the attacks of 9-11?
  • 6. Do you believe that we can achieve an actual victory in Iraq in any form?
  • 7. If you believe that we can achieve victory in Iraq, what do you think the USA must do to make it happen?
  • 8. If you believe there exists the possibility for victory in Iraq, can that victory be won thru diplomatic negotiations? If you answer yes, who would these negotiations need to include?
  • 9. If you are a Democrat, who is your candidate of choice?
  • 10. What are your feelings concerning the security of the USA and our borders and coastlines?

Please take these questions, provide introspection, and insert your comments as desired.

Thanks again to Texas Fred for this necessary series of questions.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

McCain's Ramdown

This new "immigration reform"? RINO Senator John McCain, he of the "Gang of 14," he of McCain-Feingold, he of his votes against the Bush tax cuts, and now, he soon to be of McCain-Kennedy -- in terms of the 1,000 page bill regarding, essentially, amnesty for illegal immigrants -- he is completely behind this bill.

John McCain is pushing the proverbial "ramdown" on the Republicans, and the Republicans are caving in. He is saying, essentially: "listen to what I say, compromise is better than anything, I am a Presidential candidate, we need to do this now, I know what I'm saying and you don't."

McCain said about the bill:

This is the first step. We can and must complete this legislation sooner rather than later. We all know that this issue can be caught up in extracurricular politics unless we move forward as quickly as opssible. This is a product of a long hard trail of negotiation, and I am sure that there are certain provisions that each of us would not agree with, but this is what the legislative process is all about, this is what bipartisanship is all about when there is a requirement for this nation and its security that transcends party lines. I am proud to have been a small part of it.

Deal's done. I am the guy. I made it happen. My opinion mattered, not yours. What I do in the middle of a campaign for president has nothing to do with politics. My critics are all motivated by politics. Since I have already made up my mind, no debate is necessary, so shut up. Republicans especially shut up. This is how things get done in D.C.: You roll over for Democrats. And by the way, cutting half the fence and leaving the other half subject to the whims of the anti-border security bureaucracy equals protecting national security, just like the Gang of 14 was good for the confirmation process and McCain-Feingold good for the First Amendment. So, if you didn't hear me the first time: Shut up. Sit down. I'm your nominee.

I'm John McCain and I approved of this message.

Here is a bill, the precise language of which no one has seen, yet McCain is attempting to ram it down the throats of the Republicans pretty much over the weekend.

Why "sooner rather than later"? Because McCain realizes the overall thrust of the bill is coming harshly under the microscope. Better to push it hard and fast before everyone actually gets to READ the LANGUAGE of the bill. I ask: how can ANYONE logically hope to read 1,000 pages and be well versed in its intricacies not only in two days but, further (and with planning) over the weekend?

And those "extracurricular politics" of which he refers? That would amount to actual scrutiny of the bill -- something he desires quite not.

Some of the aspects of the bill we've had so far exposed:

-- A $5,000 fine on those immigrants wishing to stay (all);
-- 370 miles of fence built (as opposed to the necessary, minimal 854);
-- Parents, spouses and children of illegal aliens allowed to remain in the "family unit";

12 million illegal immigrants we can absorb if we have to; but what about the immediate 12 million more linked, as indicated above, should this bill pass? And the 12 million more? And the 12 million more?

And please, the language is absolutely insulting to the American people. You believe we think for a precious MOMENT that each illegal is going to somehow magically, mystically PONY UP $5,000 ($6,700 if you believe the additional numbers) to stay in the country?

That's why they're labeled as LAWBREAKERS. They broke the LAW. They'll break THAT law.

And building 370 miles of fence? Any 5-year-old could reason: let's just trek around the UNFENCED remaining 484 miles. Trust me, Mexicans aren't and don't need to be Rocket Scientists to figure out that one.

Then there's that crazy Mexican issue as well. The bulk of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are in fact Mexican. But there are and shall continue to be that inestimable trickle who happen to be of some type of Middle Eastern descent who wish to do this country harm. They'll put on their Red Ball Keds and dink-dink-dink across the 5" of the Rio Grande just like everyone else. Where the fence isn't. They'll have 484+ miles to choose from.

And oh: if they happen to have a Russkie backpack tactical nuke strapped to their backs, so much the better.

Dink-dink-dink. I can hear their ankles getting moist from here.


It has been said that "demography is prophecy." Mark Steyn wrote an entire book about it, entitled "America Alone" (and highly recommended). What that means is: those with the highest numbers make the rules. More Muslims? Expect Sharia law. More Mexicans? Expect a precise copy of Mexico.

Here's the bottom line, boys and girls:

I don't like Islam. I don't like what it represents. I don't want to get on my knees and pray to Mecca five times daily. I don't like one-piece garments or their stupid little hats. I don't like birkas or hajibs or any other manner of Islamic dress. I love and respect my wife. I don't like clitorectomies. I don't like misogyny. I like my women free to choose their dress and their lives. I don't believe that, upon a martyr's death, they'll be graced with 72 virgins. I believe their evil acts will place them directly in the throes of a burning, twisting, carboned Hell. I don't like their stupid little rituals. I don't even remotely admire a stone age culture that can't recognize reason and logic.

I don't like Mexico. It's too hot. I don't like their cramped cities. They have no trees. They have no wood. That's why they build with concrete. I don't like their five-family oligarchy. I don't like the huge, the massive disparity between the ruling elite and the masses. Mexico is a wealthy country rife with corruption on every level, designed to keep the wealth into the few blessed, elite families. I don't like their politics, I don't like their government (such as it is), I don't like their corrupt military, I don't like their corrupt police forces, their corrupt judiciary, their corrupt executive branch. I don't like upside-down American flags hanging under Mexican flags. And I hate Mariachi music.

With numbers, with demographics, Muslims would bring Islam and every bit of its corrosive, oppressive, unGodly trappings to our country.

If we let them.

With numbers, with demographics, Mexicans would bring Mexico and every bit of its corruption and wealth disparity to our country.

If we let them.

If we settle for this bill, if we allow it, we are well on the way to the above two scenarios.

There's a reason people are willing to die to come to this country the way it is.

Think about that.

The way it is -- not the way it will be.

An addition to this post:
In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, much as I like Tony Snow, he summed up, unbeknownst to him, the actual weakness of this bill:

HH: Now you mentioned background checks, Tony Snow.

TS: Yeah.

HH: What kind? And who’s going to do them?

TS: The federal law enforcement…I’m sorry, the Department of Homeland Security and I think the FBI will be coordinating on those....

HH: But if it’s a profile along the lines of the 9/11 hijackers, none of whom had had a previous run-in with the law, but all of whom had jihadist connections. They’d be waived through, right?

TS: Well again, let’s see, let’s walk through. No, because at least in one of those cases, you’d had, maybe in a couple of them, you’d had expired student visas, which are going to themselves be subject to far more scrutiny. And in terms of background checks, I’m going to have to go back and find out whether they kept their noses clean or not.

HH: Tony…

TS: But if you’re asking me, Hugh, if it’s going to be possible using immigration law to find out whether somebody has not previously broken the law, whether they are going to commit an act of terror, whether they are an American citizen or not? No, that’s not going to be what immigration law is about.
Did you read that right? The immigration law is NOT about:
-- Finding out whether somebody broke the law;
-- Whether they are going to commit an act of terror;
-- Whether they are an American citizen;
Translated: logic, proportion, common sense, background checks, all NOT part of the bill. All aspects that SHOULD be part of ANY immigration bill!
Which George Bush states is a good bill.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fuzzy Bunny Undocumented-Worker-Sensitive Police

The GOP has now agreed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. From Republican Senator Jim Demint of South Carolina:

May 17th, 2007 - Washington, D.C. - Today, U.S. Senator DeMint made the following statement:

"I hope we don't take a thousand page bill written in secret and try to ram it through the Senate in a few days. This is a very important issue for America and we need time to debate it."

"But the little we do know about the bill is troubling. According to reports, the bill contains a new 'Z Visa' that allows those who entered our country illegally to stay here permanently without ever returning home.

This rewards people who broke the law with permanent legal status, and puts them ahead of millions of law-abiding immigrants waiting to come to America. I don't care how you try to spin it, this is amnesty."

Oh but wait, it gets better.

Remember the May 1st “Immigration Rally” in McArthur Park, where LAPD fired rubber bullets at rioters only AFTER being assaulted with rocks and bottles by mostly ILLEGAL and some naturalized Mexican citizens at the behest of professional agitators directed by La Raza?

LAPD Police Chief William Bratton turned against his troops, as now has the LA Mayor and Fornicalia Speaker Nunez. To wit:

LOS ANGELES -- Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez are among those expected to join immigrant-rights activists Thursday for a march and rally to denounce the actions of Los Angeles riot police at a May Day rally at MacArthur Park.

And further, if you lived in the city, your tax dollars would be paid for LAPD officers to distribute THIS flyer at the rally:

"The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to working in cooperation with the event organizers to protect your right to free speech. We wish to allow you to engage in marches, demonstrations, protests and rallies in the city of Los Angeles to freely express your opinions.

"The goal is to provide you with an atmosphere that is safe and in harmony with your right to free speech. We appreciate your cooperation in assisting us in our ability to ensure that you have a positive experience."


You read that correctly.

The Fuzzy Bunny LAPD wants its ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT RIOTERS to have a “positive experience.”

Gag me with a woodchuck.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

GOP Invertebrates


Word is leaking that the GOP in the Senate are on the verge of agreeing to an immigration bill that has --as a concession to the GOP-- less than half of the fencing promised by law last year. White flag time on the border, and a national security and thus a political disaster.

The GOP are sending around talking points attempting to make this "compromise" defensible, but it won't and shouldn't fly. Agreeing to it takes the party down the tubes on the issue of border security --because it doesn't provide what the public understands to be border security, a very long, very high fence with a very wide gate.

This is McCain's continuing gift to the GOP, and the immigration absolutists' legacy: Lots and lots of promises and no fence worth calling a fence.

Aren't there 41 GOP senators willing to fight for border security? Apparently not. And they will see the result in their depleted coffers and diminished numbers come November '08. All they have to do is fight for border security, but they won't even do that.

But wait, as if that isn't bad enough (roughly 48 hours before the Senate decides), the Santa Fe Police Department is considering the possibility of recruiting Mexican nationals to fill vacant police jobs.

How wonderful is that?

Let me see: first, the GOP appears to settle for HALF a fence because, after all, we wouldn't want to cause a stir and muddy the waters (of the Rio Grande, apparently) -- we wouldn't want people to DISLIKE us, after all -- and then a job, where years ago when I first hired on I had to swear an oath to defend the Fornicalia Constitution and the Constitution of the United States -- a job I thought meant something, is soon to mean NOTHING because just any old biped can bop on by and be a cop. Though they're not a citizen. Though they will still funnel money back to the Old Homestead. Though they have no inculcation in the country. No immersion. And no compulsion to integrate and assimilate.

And so: Santa Fe PD is going to hire LAW BREAKERS to ENFORCE LAWS.

And the GOP is going to knuckle under to "pressure" to "get along" and "play nicely" in the political sandbox because, after all, we can't call "illegal immgrants" ILLEGAL -- oh no, that might be harsh, judgmental, and THEY MIGHT LOSE A FEW VOTES. Like illegal Mexicans are gonna vote for your GOP ass anyway, eh?

Is this someone's idea of humor? Thank God my grandmother and grandfather are dead, for they would no more recognize this country than they would the schematic of an Athlon chip.

From RedState:

Immigration Deal Would Grant Amnesty to Parents, Spouses and Children
Kennedy Wins Major Concessions From Republicans

UPDATE: Six conservative senators are demanding that Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.) negotiate a “full and open debate” on the immigration legislation.

Senate Democrats and Republicans are working feverishly with the White House to put the finishing touches on an immigration proposal that could be announced later today or tomorrow. The deal would give illegal aliens living in the United States amnesty, according to confidential sources. It would also allow illegal aliens to bring their parents, spouses and children into the United States.

Multiple sources on Capitol Hill with knowledge of the proposal said Sen. Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.) has been able to extract significant concessions from Republicans. The critical part of the deal is a lengthy section that spells out the provisions related to “Z” visas -- or what my sources described as the “Amnesty Title” of the bill. The “Z” visas would be broken down into three categories as follows:

Z-1 -- Illegal alien present and working in the United States up to January 1, 2007
Z-2 -- Parents and spouses of illegal aliens qualifying under the Z-1 category
Z-3 -- Children of illegal aliens qualifying under the Z-1 category

We build a fence, we build it for 700 miles, we build it now.

Repeat after me:

  • We build a fence, we build it for 700 miles, we build it now.
  • We build a fence, we build it for 700 miles, we build it now.
Message to the GOP (and I repeat for those Invertebrates who "just tuned in"):





Wednesday, May 16, 2007


New York City's current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is going to mix it up and bloody the waters of both parties, becoming a third party candidate for President:

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is prepared to spend an unprecedented $1 billion of his own $5.5 billion personal fortune for a third-party presidential campaign, personal friends of the mayor tell The Washington Times.

As if we needed any more confusion.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


"George," a 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier in New Zealand happens to be one such hero. To wit:

George, who had a heart problem, won fame after defending five children from the pitbulls in the small North Island town of Manaia a week and a half ago. The two pitbulls rushed at the five children on the street, prompting George to charge the much larger dogs as the children escaped.

Unfortunately, George was badly mauled by the band of pit bull terriers and had to be put down because of the extensive injuries he sustained.

None of the children were bitten or injured.

It seems that George's tale inspired Jerrell Hudman, 58, a US Marine for 30 years, to send his Purple Heart medal (acquired during his service in Vietnam) to owner Alan Gay. Hudman said:

It's truly tragic that he paid with his own life for his instinctive act of courage."

Hudman said he sent his medal because the dog was "a little warrior."

Deeds, not words.


Monday, May 14, 2007


It's all about the demographics.

Recently this came to mind when I responded to Texas Fred and his post about the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836.

For those being historically-challenged, the Battle of San Jacinto was, essentially, Texas fighting Mexico on April 21st of 1896. Mexican General Santa Anna aligned his superior forces against those of Sam Houston. To quote:

When Houston's long awaited order to advance was given, the Texans did not hesitate. When within seventy yards the word "fire" was given, the Texan shouts of "Remember the Alamo" and "Remember Goliad" rang along the entire line. Within a short time, 700 Mexicans were slain, with another 730 taken as prisoners. The battle for Texas was won.

That was then; this is now.

I wrote a comment in Texas Fred's post:

I do not see either side of the aisle much interested in saving this nation, solely on the grounds of overeducated white male guilt. People don’t like to admit it, but it’s all about race, culture and, moreover, demographics. Mexicans are procreating at a much greater rate than anyone else in America, including blacks, whites, asiatics. That will be our future. In Europe, Muslims are procreating at a much greater rate. Their future will be with Islam.

There is no stepping back; there is no regaining our country. We do not have the will. We can only hope that it comes in an orderly fashion and that we somehow manage to instill more of our culture on Mexicans, than they wish to bring from Mexico. Otherwise the USA will be nothing more than Mexico now — the Mexicans WANT to flee Mexico. There will come a time, Fred, long after you and I are gone, when people, mostly Mexicans, will finally look at the United States (or whatever it may be called by then) and decide THEY must flee THESE shores.

They will have done it to themselves.

It is quite sad indeed, to believe this is my country’s future. But I do not see common sense and logic winning the day. There are too many stupid, accepting and blinded people in this nation, too many with their hands out, hoping and longing for a Free Ride on the back of someone else. Until, of course, we RUN OUT of “someone else”s.

Mark Steyn, all looming 6'6" of him, has written extensively about demographics in his most recent book (which I shall shamelessly plug here), because it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT books to have been published in, perhaps, the past five years.

Check this link and make your order now for Steyn's "America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It."

In this book he makes the same assertion as me: that demographics shall become everything. To wit:

Europe, laments Steyn, is almost certainly a goner. The future, if the West has one, belongs to America alone—with maybe its cousins in brave Australia. But America can survive, prosper, and defend its freedom only if it continues to believe in itself, in the sturdier virtues of self-reliance (not government), in the centrality of family, and in the conviction that our country really is the world’s last best hope.

Steyn argues that, contra the liberal cultural relativists, America should proclaim the obvious: we do have a better government, religion, and culture than our enemies, and we should spread America’s influence around the world—for our own sake as well as theirs.

These things are quite obvious to me and, unfortunately, clearly obfuscated to so many others on these shores.

And isn't that the frustration that you and I, and anyone reading my blog, share?


Sunday, May 13, 2007


The price-per-gallon that Americans pay for gas is at an all-time high, despite there having been no mind-numbing hurricane like Katrina along the Gulf of Mexico's "Chemical Coast" where the bulk of America's refinery capacity exists.

There have been no refinery fires. No massive refinery outages or rebuilding programs. And yet despite this:

A friend of mine visited Yosemite Park in Fornicalia this past weekend and paid $4.17 a gallon.

An independent dealer, Bob Oyster in San Francisco, has "had it" with Shell Oil and, because of astronomical and geometric monthly rent, is pricing his premium at $4.53 the gallon in order to drive people away from his station -- in order to make a "statement" against corporate interests and "for" the independent dealers. From
Maybe so, but anyone entering the business had better be prepared. Oyster says his rent has gone up exponentially. Fifteen years ago it was $1,000 a month. Then it went to $6,000, then $8,000, and five years ago the company wanted $13,000. Oyster says he was able to appeal that amount, based on real estate values, and "we got it down to $6,000,'' but this year Shell came back with a demand of $13,000 again.

Andres Oppenheimer of the Miami Herald believes that nasty gas prices may serve to motivate our movement towards other energy sources. This is the Standard Democrat Line: higher gas prices make them happy. Higher gas prices + no more petroleum infrastructure building + overbearing environmental regulations against construction of more refineries + no drilling in ANWR + no nuclear production + no offshore drilling = Happy Democrats.

But remember: "All animals are equal; some are more equal than others."

If you are forced to drive a Smart ForTwo (see photo), do you think your fellow Democrats In Politics will be riding in similar cars with a chauffeur? Or will it be "limos as usual" for our powdered and pampered Elites? And what might happen, posit I, when your miniscule Smart happens to collide at 60 mph, let's say, with your average Toyota Corolla or better. You figure it out.

Despite all that, with gas at record highs, I'm going to buy a $30,000 Toyota RAV4 Limited 4WD SUV with the kick-ass 3.5L, 280 hp Lexus engine, 5-speed auto, moonroof, navigation, leather, tow package with larger radiator and alternator. I looked at, drove and was about to purchase the 2007 Lexus RX350 -- until I saw and drove the '07 RAV4 Limited. I was unimpressed with the RX350 dash and cargo layout. And with the same engine, the Lexus demands premium unleaded whilst the RAV4 sups regular. And more room in the RAV4. Talk about engineering!

I'm currently driving a 2003 Subaru Outback Sport wagon; a very small car with a 2.5L engine, strange transmission and inefficient brakes. It has 89,000 miles.

I'm tired of being wedged into a tuna can. I'm tired of cloth upholstery. I'm tired of my line-of-sight being lower than the bulk of the motoring public. I'm tired of being passed up 3-Mile Grade past Colfax by the local Hamms beer truck. And I'm tired of driving a small car that, with AWD, gets an average of 25 mpg.

For roughly the same mpg (as far as I can determine with official literature and consumer comments on various sites and blogs) I'll be getting LEBENSRAUM (Teutonic version of Manifest Destiny). I want MY chunk of the pie. I want to drive my kick-ass SUV carrying ONE human: ME. I want to have a line-of-sight higher than what I've had.

Figuring on $5.00 a gallon for gas, my 15.9 gallon gas tank will require $80.00 per fill. Know what? I can readily afford that at my $90K per year salary and it WON'T affect my driving habits. I figure I deserve a newer, larger vehicle and I'm tired of being shoehorned into a small car at my advanced age. I am SO "done" with Chevy Metros, Sprints, Subarus, Rabbits and the like. I've historically done my bit for God and Country, my "guilt" resulting in the purchase of smaller vehicles throughout my life.

Sure, if I didn't have to have a 4WD vehicle I'd purchase a new Honda Accord with the V6 today. But I have no choice; 4WD isn't an "option" for me, its a necessity for getting home in winter, having the ability to access my house, and getting to work through the snow. I live at the 4,000 foot level in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and 4WD is mandatory.

Yes, I'm pissed because gas is ridiculously expensive with little explanation to the motoring public save that of "because we can."

And yes, I've evidently picked a poor political time to upscale to a vehicle that can pretty much keep up with the Dodge Charger Police Package Hemi. The 2007 Hemi Charger, 4,200 lbs., 340 hp, runs 0-60 in 6.0 seconds flat. The RAV4 V6, 3,500 lbs, 280 hp, hails just a tick behind at 6.3 seconds. Pretty much the Ultimate Q-Ship.

But at this point I couldn't care less; I can afford what I want. And trust me: 90% of the time I'll be driving my new car with just one person within: me.

The Democrats, Progressives and Liberals can all kiss my ass if they think I'm shoehorning myself into another tuna can at my age and stage of my life.

This is America, that's what I want, and I can afford it.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

First Step: In Oklahoma?

A step has been taken.

This step, quite momentous in nature, was taken by a state I had least expected.


To wit:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Legislation described as the nation’s most sweeping attempt to deny jobs and public benefits to illegal immigrants was sent to Gov. Brad Henry’s desk Tuesday.

State lawmakers urged Henry to sign the measure into law after it was approved in a bipartisan 84-14 vote by the state House. The bill was approved 41-6 by the Senate last month.

“The people of Oklahoma are very strongly for this bill,” said House Speaker Lance Cargill, R-Harrah.

I find it amazing that there were a sufficient number of clear-thinking individuals in any government entity to even write a proposal such as this.

The legislation addresses the root cause of illegal immigration — exploitation of illegal immigrant labor, Mike Hethmon, general counsel of the Immigration Reform Law Institute in Washington, said. Among other things, the bill contains employment, labor law and civil rights provisions to protect citizens and legal immigrants who lose their jobs at companies that employ illegal immigrants to perform the same or similar work.

This could be categorized as something on the order of a "nice start." But wait, there's more:

Terrill said the measure would limit state driver’s licenses and identity cards to citizens and legal immigrants and would require state and local agencies to verify the citizenship and immigration status of applicants for state or local benefits.

“The land of opportunity is becoming the land of entitlement,” Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, said while debating for the bill.

The measure would not affect emergency medical and humanitarian services, such as visits to hospital emergency rooms and enrollment in public schools, that are required by federal law.

Terrill said the Federation of American Immigration Reform estimates that illegal immigrants costs state taxpayers up to $200 million a year in public benefits and other resources.

Anyone within the reach of my blog: I might heartily suggest you Dogpile various Oklahoma politicians and lend them your immediate and clear support on this issue.

Is the tide -- dare I posit? -- about to be reconsidered?

We need to make this a swell, a wave, a tsunami of movement.


NASCAR: Too Damned White

It needs more blacks, more females, more Mexicans, more Tongans, more crazed Albanian dwarves, more flame-tattooed female transexual Ecuadorian rubber fetishists with mullets, bad haircuts, long-sleeved flannel shirts and biker wallets on a chain.

I mean, you can fit a burka or hijab under a Simpson hooked up to a HANS, can't you?

Let me see if I've got this right:

NASCAR, if anyone actually admits it, stems from white southern bootleggers and rumrunners in hopped-up cars transporting illegally-manufactured alcohol from various stills during Prohibition, in an attempt to avoid arrest from local law enforcement. That is its clear point of origin, like it or not. And yes, most if not all of these drivers were white.

In the NBA, where is our Larry Byrd? Where is sports equality?

Would it perhaps have something to do with "the best athlete gets the job?"



Friday, May 11, 2007

A Nice Idea

Should the above link not work, please click here to send the fax.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Child Fodder

Children are fodder in war. From Australia:

Sheik Shady Suleiman, a youth leader at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney's southeast, told his students in a one-hour Arabic and English lecture that it would be "self defence" to kill children who were attacking them in battle.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not stopping the posts. We have to understand, face, challenge and expose the true nature of Islamists in re Islam, the so-called religion of peace, understanding and tolerance.

And oh, some small print from the article:

Sheik Shady said that while it was obligatory for all Muslims to defend an Islamic nation under attack, there were no Muslim countries living under Sharia law that were currently under attack.

Huh. Imagine that.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Go ahead: ask. Ask any Liberal, "Progressive" or Democrat.

They'll tell you: the war on terror is a hoax. Usual buzzwords: Bush. Cheney. Halliburton. Lies. No WMD. Not a real President. Standard fare.

Air America: the war is false. Islam is fine. Randi Rhoads: Bush brought down the towers themselves. Rosie: the Twin Towers were demo'd; everyone knows fire can't melt steel. Just ask SFFD and anyone who responded to the tanker fire at the Maze a little over a week ago.

There are no terror cells. The war on terror is fabricated. The only danger facing America is that manufactured by the Bush Administration. Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance and understanding.

Six foreign-born Muslims were arrested and accused Tuesday of plotting to attack Fort Dix and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers - a scheme the FBI says was foiled when the men asked a store clerk to copy a video of them firing assault weapons and screaming about jihad.

This information screaming from the front pages of every newspaper in America? Way to go, FBI? Let's hand it to law enforcement? A "win" for domestic intelligence? Keep it up? Words like these plastered above the fold nationally?


USA Today, Tuesday morning, first referred to the suspects as Muslims THEN removed their nationality from the internet.

Bottom line? There is NO credible continuing threat and Islam needs more acceptance:

It doesn't matter to me whether I get locked up, arrested or get taken away," another defendant, Serdar Tatar, was alleged to have said. "Or I die, it doesn't matter. I'm doing it in the name of Allah."

Perhaps its time for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to demand an investigation into the unseen hands of Bush & Cheney pulling the puppet strings of these six innocent and clearly-framed men.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What Changed?

After 9-11, everything changed.

Prior to that date, what did you happen to hear, much less care to hear, about Islam?

After 9-11, most everything seemed then, and now, to revolve around Islam.

When did we have to "understand" Islam? Before? No.

When did we have to prop CAIR into the forefront? Before? No.

When you're Muslim and it's time for prayer, you have to wash your feet? It is called "ablution." So foot-washing basins make it easier for Muslims instead of sticking their feet into sinks. The Kansas City International Airport has added washing stations to the bathrooms to prepare the Muslim taxicab drivers for their prayers.

Alcohol is forbidden by Islam and dogs are considered "unclean."

The cost of the KC project is not known. "This is a touchy subject," said the Chief of Police of the Kansas City Airport Police.

Taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill because Muslims are demanding foot-washing basins.

Why are we constructing places of worship for them inside our airports?" said an airport official who requested anonymity. "Why are we catering to their rituals? We don't do it for any other religion."

Really? No shit.

The Islamic purification ritual, known in Arabic as "wudu," involves a 10-step process, which includes:

1. Praising Allah while washing both hands up to the wrist three times, making sure that the water reaches between fingers and under rings.
2. Rinsing out the mouth thoroughly three times, using the right hand (the one not used for cleaning private parts) to bring the water to the mouth.
3. Snorting water into the nostrils from the right hand, three times, to cleanse them of demons that Muslims believe reside there, clearing the passages of any mucous using the left hand.
4. Washing off the tip of the nose with the left hand.
5. Washing the entire face three times from right ear to left ear.
6. Continuing to wash from forehead to throat.
7. Washing the right arm and then the left arm, three times, from the wrist up to the elbow, removing watches.
8. Moving wetted palms over the head from the top of the forehead to the back of the head.
9. Passing the wetted tips of the fingers into the grooves and holes of both ears, and also passing the wetted thumbs behind the ears and ear lobes.
10. Finally, washing both feet to the ankles starting with the right foot, including between the toes, then reciting: "Ash-hadu an la ilaha illal lahu wa ashhadu anna Muammadan 'abduhu wa rasuluh" – meaning there is no god but Allah and he has no partners, and Muhammad is his servant and messenger.

What the hell?

Islamists are our ENEMIES. Not Catholics. Not Jews. Not Buddhists.

I know: let's just place a nice Kimber .45 right to our collective national temples.

How ignorant are we?


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ramblings In Frustration

"We are doomed if we treat everyone like a Faberge egg, with
no resilience whatsoever."

-- Dennis Miller, on his radio show, Saturday, May 5th

I collect American Patriotic Art, primarily from WWI and WWII eras. When I can think of it, I'll post portions of my collection on my Sunday entries.

Today happens to be an excursion in stream-of-consciousness writing. Before starting this post I traveled all over the internet and visited the blogs of my Usual Suspects. I also poured myself a generous Stolichnaya & Squirt (not good for the liver but, after 50+ years, cancer, 30+ years at my job, life in general, two wives, one lengthy and costly girlfriend, what the hell), opened the upstairs window and let the gusting wind into my house.

It rained like hell yesterday. Now, it's extremely windy, blue and clear skies, the tops of the pines bending and waving. My property is peppered with huge pines and some deciduous trees with actual leaves, shining mint green in the direct sunlight amongst the dappled shadows. The ends of the firs and pines have their newer lighter green growths; that means the ubiquitous yellow pine pollen isn't far away from making its slathering and sneezy appearance.

A gust has come up; the wind rushes through my open window and, now, everything bends east under a huge gust, making noise like the finest digital movie soundtrack.

Rush has a new studio album out entitled Snakes & Arrows. It's on my $1,000 Bose Wave radio, about the size of a gray briefcase. At one time I had a $10,000+ stereo system. These days, with my ears gone from years of being clasped in headphones whilst broadcasting in radio, and from attending literally hundreds of live concerts in the 70s, a briefcase radio is about all I can appreciate. Anything more acute is largely wasted on my smarting eardrums. But still I find music soothes my soul and its patterns calm my tremors.

I listen to Rush now whilst I write this; mixed with nature's massive and beautiful wind with bended trees.

Today was something of a Threshold Day. That is, having traveled to and fro around the world and experiencing various digital domains, I declared that I had had enough.

  • Enough insanity.
  • Enough pustulence.
  • Enough victimhood and its embracing thereof.
  • Enough 180: right is wrong and wrong is right.
  • Enough chaos.
  • Enough corporeal disjointment.

Have you ever had one of those days? I am experiencing that day right now, here and now, as I write this post. I write in frustration, in exasperation, wondering, wondering, wondering: where is this all going? Where is my country? Where is what I have known?

Change is eternal; we all know that. But like a latter-day Alvin Toffler I wonder: how can we collectively continue to process change at the rate to which it occurs and demands our obeisance?

Some days it just seems too much, too past threshold, too crazy, too chaotic, too MUCH. Today, for me, is such a day.

Good is the subject of attack on every front, at every level. Common sense is geometrically uncommon. Sensory gain is over 10. I am overstimulated and underchallenged. Facts are immaterial. Emotions rule all. Feelings trump logic. I am pummeled and assaulted and beaten and blackened by despots who wish to minimize or remove my country's Constitution, abrogate its Bill of Rights and ignore its Amendments, consider its laws as obstructions.

I know I can't give up. I know I must continue to post. I know I must continue to expose the inanities, inequities, insanities posed by our new world and those on both ends:

Those from within who will push every frontier, every border, for complete and total acceptance of everything and everyone until an actual socialist or communist nation emerges;

Government Uber Alles! Sieg Heil!

Those from without who seek to turn this nation into another Islamist state or who, at minimum, seek to humble, defang, excoriate, minimize, embarrass or turn this mighty nation into a whipped and whining dog begging for scraps at the global table.

Imagine what this continent, this WORLD would be like had not the United States the strength, the might, the BALLS to intervene in any number of global conflicts.

A humble sentence comes to my brain now:

"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

Except: our enemies, within and without, are completely aware of what it is they do.

God Bless America.

While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
Let us swear allegiance to a land that's free,
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,
As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer.

God Bless America.
Land that I love
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America
My home sweet home.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Notes To Fred Thompson

First: where are you?

Many people, myself included, are asking that question nationally. But even asking that question begs additional questions and poses some serious problems and, in my opinion, expectations that cannot, in reality, be met.

And the longer Fred Thompson waits to declare his candidacy, the higher the bar, the higher the expectations, are set. And that in and of itself creates its own set of problems.

And makes me wonder: are we, as Conservatives, setting ourselves up for failure when we, after having examined all the other GOP candidates, seem to be placing all our hopes and soaring assumptions onto the shoulders of someone we so much want to like, we want to embrace, we want to be the deus ex machina that none of the other candidates seem to be?

I'll be the first to reiterate as it clearly states on the sidebar to the immediate right of this post: I am a Conservative first and a Republican only when it becomes necessary.

I have my own issues with the Republican Party. I suspect these issues are not only mine but those of many of my readers as well.

I dislike labeling some persons BushBot and the like; I don't believe that advances the Conservative agenda. But I do believe that the GOP and some of its supporters need to step back and examine, in something of a totalic "global" concept, the past and current moves of not only the current Administration but the failures of those politicians who claim to cling to Conservative tenets but who constantly prove themselves to be RINOs.

One thing I most definitely believe is that not all is good with the GOP and that, without exposing our ills, problems, inconsistencies and hypocrises to the light of day, we run the risk of flying blind. We cannot correct our problems without first finding them, identifying them, and then having been identified going about the task of correcting them.

The Republicans, the GOP, HAD the power and then pissed it away.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

These were the words uttered by Uncle Ben to Peter Parker in the original comic SpiderMan as written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko in the 60s. They are as true now as they were then.

But the power Republicans had (past tense) was never truly utilized. The GOP bent to the various prevailing political prairie winds and the tenets of Conservatism were sacrificed on the assorted altars of Political Correctness, greed, fear, status quo, and the unwillingness to actually wield the power granted at that time. In a word, the GOP became collective invertebrates. The GOP and President Bush became whores for votes.

They wanted to be loved.

Get over it; Conservatives will never be loved.

Conservatives will never be loved because we believe in God, we take a stand, we make judgments, we use discretion, we set limits, we believe in discipline from within and without, we believe in independence, we believe in the power of the individual, we believe in a minimal government, we believe in consequences for actions, we believe in responsibility, we believe in a free market economy, we believe in borders for our country, we believe we are a nation of laws, we believe in English as our only language, we believe that immigrants must withstand the process of vetting and assimilation.

My wife is Mexican. You either accept that or you don't. But she was born in America, speaks English, pays taxes, has an intellect way above me, and embraces this country as her own. Yes, she can speak Spanish, was raised in Fresno by her grandmother, managed to escape the local barrio and became a Chief Deputy for a major State of Fornicalia entity. Mexico features not into her plans. In a word, she has assimilated. Imagine that. I love her with all my heart.

All this considered, Fred Thompson has the penultimate challenge.

He has a massive weight upon his shoulders -- shoulders he has not even exposed to the GOP or those considering his candidacy.

Will he run?

And even if he runs, is it too little too late?

And even if a tad too late, will his positions fall into the patterns and thoughts that most of us, as Conservatives, hope he will embrace?

Fred: I have some notes for you. Please see this post.

Will you be a Conservative?

Will you be a disappointing Republican?

What are your views? What is your platform? Or are you even running?

Make your move.


Friday, May 04, 2007


Despising America:

The fanatical Muslims despise America because it's all lapdancing and gay porn; the secular Europeans despise America because it's all born-again Christians hung up on abortion; the anti-Semites despise America because it's controlled by Jews. Too Jewish, too Christian, too Godless, America is also too isolationist, except when it's too imperialist.

Too Christian, too Godless, too isolationist, too imperialist, too seductive, too cretinous, America is George Orwell's Room 101: whatever your bugbear, you will find it therein - for the Continentals, excessive religiosity; for the Muslims, excessive decadence; for Harold Pinter, excessively bleeding rectums.

Mark Steyn -- all 6'7" of him -- from "The Daily Telegraph"

Give me logic and clarity any day.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wanted By Liberals: Freedom Of Speech Removed

US Constitution: First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

And this, the most hallowed of all rights afforded all lawful Americans under our wondrous Constitution's First Amendment, is under fire. And once Liberals come for the subjects of HR3302, they'll soon come after you.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner in Insight Magazine writes:

Allies close to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are promoting legislation, which if passed, will take off the air prominent conservative radio hosts such as Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly—along with thousands of smaller conservative broadcasters. The bill, entitled the "Media Ownership Reform Act," is sponsored by Rep. Maurice Hinchey, a leftist Democrat from New York. The legislation aims to revive the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” of the 1940’s: “all views” are to be given equal time on radio. In particular, the Federal Communications Commission would have the power to oversee and change radio and television content. The goal is to tilt the ideological balance of power away from the right on the nation’s air waves.

At a recent National Conference for Media Reform, sponsored by Free Press, a Massachusetts-based group heavily subsidized by Soros, Hinchey laid bare his plan to silence conservative voices on television and radio. The anti-war McGovernite attacked Savage, Limbaugh and other conservative radio hosts, saying they were “responsible” for leading the U.S. into the Iraq war, as well as for preparing the ground for future military invasions of Iran and Syria. According to Hinchey, these men pose a “threat” to American national security. Hence, under his bill, they would be fired.

"All of that stuff will end," Hinchey said.

The so-called Fairness Doctrine is something on which I've posted on prior occasions, most recently on January 15th.

The FCC discontinued the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 and wrote:

We no longer believe that the Fairness Doctrine, as a matter of policy, serves the public interests. In making this determination, we do not question the interest of the listening and viewing public in obtaining access to diverse and antagonistic sources of information. Rather, we conclude that the Fairness Doctrine is no longer a necessary or appropriate means by which to effectuate this interest. We believe that the interest of the public in viewpoint diversity is fully served by the multiplicity of voices in the marketplace today and that the intrusion by government into the content of programming occasioned by the enforcement of the doctrine unnecessarily restricts the journalistic freedom of broadcasters. Furthermore, we find that the Fairness Doctrine, in operation actually inhibits the presentation of controversial issues of public importance to the detriment of the public and in degradation of the editorial prerogative of broadcast journalists."

But now that the Democrats are in majority, the sterling Dennis Kucinich has reintroduced a bill to bring back the Fairness Doctrine because, you see, it's all about control and what you can't have via the fair marketplace or by the fair vote, one must acquire by the unfair ruling or unfair bill.

Kuhner bats the ball right out of the park when he writes:

However, this begs the question of why do radio networks have most of their shows hosted by conservatives? The answer is a simple one: They’re popular with listeners. Talk radio is overwhelmingly right-leaning because it satisfies the public’s growing appetite for alternative news and commentary to the liberal media establishment. If the Democrats don’t like the opinions of Savage, Limbaugh or Hannity, then all they need to do is go to CNN, MSNBC, NPR, The New York Times or The Washington Post. There are countless outlets peddling the anti-war, anti-Bush mantras of the left.


The attempt to revive the “Fairness Doctrine” represents a direct assault on freedom of speech. It is a concession by liberals that they are losing the battle in the marketplace of ideas. Unable to compete with conservatives in the arena of rhetoric, facts and reasoned argument, Democrats are resorting to the Stalinist method of stifling all dissenting points of view. Unable to out-argue and out-debate Savage, Limbaugh and Hannity, liberals are hoping to silence them—once and for all.

Ladies and gentlemen, when one falls, so fall the others. The Liberals (or "Progressives," as they like to think of themselves) want nothing more than to remove freedom of speech. What does freedom of speech protect and what was its intent? To protect speech which might be interpreted during the temper of the times as challenging or seemingly-unpopular. When free speech in radio falls, then falls on TV, then falls from the press, can you guess who's next?

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