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Bloviating Zeppelin: August 2008

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The McCain & Palin GOP Ticket

Sixty-six days to go before the November election.

It's time for all to get on board, for all to get behind this ticket and eliminate the possibility of Barack Hussein Obama, his vacuous machine, the corruptive and defeatist Demorats from occupying our White House.

And I'm writing my check to the McCain campaign today.


Friday, August 29, 2008


Yes, I was wrong. And am I surprised.

Tactically, a fine choice. A Conservative, a female, and someone who knows about energy, coming from the number one oil producing state.

McCain wised up on this one. He "out-Obama'd" Obama. No ancient, fossilized, staid, "business as usual" white male like Biden for his Veep. Instead, a young 44-year-old female Conservative. Do you see a female on Obama's ticket, Demorats? Who's "inclusive" now?

Overall, very nice job, John.

I'm voting McCain.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack Rock Star

Barack Hussein Obama's speech is over.

He went Moderate.

He went Positive.

He invoked God.

With the media complicit, McCain is in trouble. It was an Incredible Show.

There were lies made. Emotions and feelings. Too many to document.

The Obamatsunami continues.

Facts are immaterial tonight. It was a Rock Star Show tonight. Barry knows to whom he has to speak. He is forgiven his stated moderate stances -- as opposed to Hillary -- simply because he is black. And because, I believe, the Left think it's a Ploy. Once seated, the gloves will be off. We'll see -- and I completely agree -- the True Barack only once elected.


McCain's VP Choice:

My WAG: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Why not Lieberman? Joe is strong on the war; so is McCain. McCain has sufficient strength with the war. Why not Mit Romney? I fear there is still bad blood between them. And why Pawlenty? One factor: because Pawlenty is Pro-Choice.

Who would have been the Perfect Choice? Alaska's Sarah Palin, who just had her 5th child, a Downs, and would have brought the energy issue to the forefront.

Of course, McCain could surprise me.


McCain To Announce

John McCain is slated to announce his VP choice tomorrow.

I fear it will be Lieberman; I am hoping for Romney.



This Is Your Demorat Future:

This is the Barack Hussein Obama and the Demorat Congress you'll all come to know and love:

Respect free speech? Hardly.

- The re-institution of the Fairness Doctrine;
- The arrest of an ABC News producer for allegedly trespassing when he was on a public sidewalk;

These are your freedoms enjoyed at the behest of the Demorat Party.

Free speech = their speech only.

Just you wait.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The World Continues To Revolve. . .

. . .but not around the Demorats, as they would have you believe.

Whilst the MSM conducts its Love Fest with the Demorats, a few other things happen to be occurring simultaneously around the world. Things that may just be a tad more important:

In the meantime, the DEM cannot get enough of gently and reverently lapping the genitals of the Demorats On Display in Denver.

One more deserved punch to the throat of Pelosi by a Catholic representative, this time in the form of Cardinal Edward Egan on Tuesday:

The head of the Catholic Church in New York closed his statement (regarding Pelosi's comments to Tom Brokaw) by saying that anyone who defends abortion is not fit to be a leader in a civilized democracy. “Anyone who dares to defend that they may be legitimately killed because another human being ‘chooses’ to do so or for any other equally ridiculous reason should not be providing leadership in a civilized democracy worthy of the name.”


PART II: Damning With Faint Praise
Last night Hillary Clinton called for the unity of the Demorat party. However, if one examined the speech closely it provided few if any positive aspects of the character of Obama himself. Her ebullience over Barack Hussein Obama was, shall was say, a bit contained. Any clear embracing? None. And which Hillary do we believe? The Hillary who so specifically stated that Obama is not ready for Prime Time, or the Hillary who now has to step to the podium in order to "represent"? Quite frankly, I believe the prior Hillary.

Of course, as my cartoon pointed out on Monday, the convention will somehow manage to refocus back on the Clintons. In fact, now CNN postulates that William Jefferson Clinton will not be attending Barack Hussein Obama's acceptance speech.

The divide continues. How else shall it be expressed in the immediate future? Delegates?


Let's see if the DEM (the Defeatist, Elitist Media) manages to continue the Fawn Fest next week for the GOP. Any thoughts on this?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Pelosi Knows More Than The Pope And The Entire Catholic Church

Nancy Pelosi actually sold 2,732 copies of her new book, Know Your Power (which rates a consistent 1 of 5 stars in pretty much all 149 reviews on Left-leaning Amazon). This is called a clue.

Interviewed by Tom Brokaw on this past Sunday's Meet The Press, Speaker Pelosi was nothing more than a simpering, pandering, psychotic sycophant for Barack Hussein Obama. And a bald-faced liar:

BROKAW: Senator Obama saying the question of when life begins is above his pay grade, whether you’re looking at it scientifically or theologically. If he were to come to you and say, "Help me out here, Madame Speaker, when does life begin?" what would you tell him?

NANCY PELOSI: I would say that, as an ardent practicing Catholic, this is an issue that I have studied for a long time. And what I know is, over the centuries, the doctors of the Church have not been able to make that definition. And St. Augustine said at three months. We don’t know. The point is, is that it shouldn’t have impact on a woman’s right to choose. Roe v. Wade talks about very clear definitions of when the child, first trimester, certain considerations second trimester, not so third trimester, there’s very clear distinct, this isn’t about abortion on demand, it’s about a careful, careful consideration of all factors that a woman has to make with her doctor and her God. And so I don’t think anybody can tell you when life begins, human life begins. As a say, Catholic Church, for centuries, has been discussing this, and there are those who have decided-

A poll please: all those who believe that the Catholic Church holds to any belief other than "life begins at conception" and has held to this belief since the inception of the church? Raise your hand?


Yes. Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually thinks you are that stupid, and so will lie to your face. And she claims to be a Catholic, solely to hold the water for Barack Hussein Obama?


Monday, August 25, 2008

Here's This Week At The Demorat Convention:


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yes, THAT Joe Biden

Did you forget that wonderful JoeQuote:

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Evidently Barack Hussein Obama was very much taken with that one sentence.

Here's what Obama thinks he's getting with Biden:

  • Gravitas
  • Experience
What he's actually getting is easy fodder for bloggers and the McCain campaign.

This will be fun. Let the games begin.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

VP: Joe Biden

There you have it. I nailed it yesterday. No more mystery. But my, how this has opened the door for prior statements by Biden about none other than McCain.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama's VP Choice

Barack Hussein Obama's VP pick: Joe Biden.


Speak English? You're Fired!

If this won't send you 210/190 in thirty-six seconds, I don't know what will. If you were to send various emphatic e-mails to the State of Oregon, my heart would not be entirely broken.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Russia's Overt Threat

Folks, the United States and her allies are on the cusp of having to make some monumental decisions very shortly, decisions that will have a direct influence on charting the future course of freedom or oppression on the planet.

On Wednesday, a deal was signed between the United States and Poland guaranteeing a US missile defense base to be constructed in Poland, 115 miles from the most western portion of the border with Russia (see map). The ten involved missiles are not nuclear tipped but are instead designed to shoot down other incoming missiles.

Note this paragraph:

After Warsaw and Washington announced the agreement on the deal last week, top Russian Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn warned that Poland is risking attack, and possibly a nuclear one, by deploying the American missile defense system, Russia's Interfax news agency reported.

The long-range interceptor missiles to be deployed in Poland do not have, and in the foreseeable future will not have, any target other than Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles," a ministry statement said.

"It is clear to us — and the U.S. leadership does not deny this — that the ... U.S. anti-missile defense in Europe will be broadened and modernized. In this case Russia will be forced to react, and not only through diplomatic demarches," the statement said.

It is clear to me that Russia by way of President (and former Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin is longing for its former power and glory days. I put little past Putin these days. I wouldn't be stunned to discover his plan to re-introduce nuclear missiles back to Cuba.

President Putin knows the United States military is essentially at its maximum capacity now. It knows the UN is meaningless, as is NATO. With regard to NATO:

The foreign ministers of all 26 Nato countries met in Brussels to reaffirm their support for Georgia.

In a joint statement, the Nato foreign ministers said: "The Alliance is considering seriously the implications of Russia's actions for the Nato-Russia relationship.

"We have determined that we cannot continue with business as usual."

Russian authorities informed the Norwegian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday that officials in Moscow were immediately halting, canceling or postponing all planned military cooperation with NATO's members, the Norwegian daily Aftenposten quoted government sources as saying.

In my mind, this is a Power Play on a couple of fronts. It is an attempt to restore Russia to its eminence as a world power and player. It is an attempt to showcase Putin as the center of power. And it is peripherally an attempt to control world energy supplies. Whoever controls energy -- at a time when the United States cannot seem to determine its own energy future -- controls the true power in the world, literally and figuratively.

This is a very dangerous situation and should be foremost on everyone's current Threat Board.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hybrids: Let's Make Them Louder!

One of the added benefits of driving a hybrid automobile is the low noise level experienced, particularly at low speeds when only the electric motor (instead of the internal combustion engine) is engaged. I rented a new Toyota Prius a few months back. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

A brief word about me: I like quiet. I moved two counties away from my job, into the mountains, because I am tired of hearing helicopters, jets, sirens, traffic, horns, shouting people. When I eat dinner in a restaurant I detest your shrieking or crying baby. I want you to shut the hell up in the theatre. I've had it up to here with loud people in public or on their cell phones.

Quiet good. Loud bad.

So now, considering that a hybrid vehicle is quiet, well, wait; apparently they're too quiet for blind people.

What the hell?

And more: there's a push to make hybrid cars louder:

The recently introduced Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2008 proposes a two-year study determining the most practical way for hybrid and electrical vehicles – cars that are functionally silent at slow speeds – to provide non-visual cues for pedestrians. The solution will likely establish a minimal sound level for these cars. The automotive industry will then have two years to incorporate this change into new vehicles.

Toyota spokesman Bill Kwong says he wasn't aware of the issue and believes that the responsibility lies with drivers and pedestrians to watch out for each other. Mr. Kwong adds, "One of the benefits of the vehicles is that they don't contribute to traffic noise."

I'm with Kwong. This is just plain stupid. To blind people agreeing with this issue: just shut the hell up. Try teaching your dogs about cars in general. This entire world wasn't designed for you, and I am getting so damned tired of having the very few rule the very many.


The Peril Of Battering America

Victor Davis Hanson makes an excellent point in his newest piece, "Brave Old World."
In reality, to the extent globalism worked, it followed from three unspoken assumptions:

First, the U.S. economy would keep importing goods from abroad to drive international economic growth.

Second, the U.S. military would keep the sea-lanes open, and trade and travel protected. After the past destruction of fascism and global communism, the Americans, as global sheriff, would continue to deal with the occasional menace like a Muammar al-Gaddafi, Slobodan Milosevic, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-il or the Taliban.

Third, America would ignore ankle-biting allies and remain engaged with the world — like a good, nurturing mom who at times must put up with the petulance of dependent teenagers.

But there have been a number of indications recently that globalization may soon lose its American parent, who is tiring, both materially and psychologically.

I do not disagree with this premise. But please read on (and peruse the entire article, if you will) and note Mr. Hanson's conclusion:
So, what a richer but more critical world has forgotten is that in large part America was the model, not the villain — and that postwar globalization was always a form of engaged Americanization that enriched and protected billions.

Yet globalization, in all its manifestations, will run out of steam the moment we tire of fueling it, as the world returns instead to the mindset of the 1930s — with protectionist tariffs; weak, disarmed democracies; an isolationist America; predatory dictatorships; and a demoralized gloom-and-doom Western elite.

If America adopts the protectionist trade policies of Japan or China, global profits plummet. If our armed forces follow the European lead of demilitarization and inaction, rogue states advance. If we were to treat the environment as do China and India, the world would become quickly a lost cause.

If we flee Iraq and call off the war on terror, Islamic jihadists will regroup, not disband. And when the Russians attack the next democracy, they won't listen to the United Nations, the European Union or Michael Moore.

Brace yourself — we may be on our way back to an old world, where the strong do as they will, and the weak suffer as they must.

So few realize: when you damage America, be it by those internally or externally, you damage and threaten the entire planet. The Demorats simply do not, cannot, understand this clear concept.

What do you suppose might be in our immediate future, given the potential of a Barack Hussein Obama win, and its concomitant "owned" House and Senate?


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Base of Obama's Philosophy

Please read the entire article from Investor's Business Daily (thanks, Dave!). Excerpts to include:

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee's choice of the word "change" as his campaign's central slogan is not the product of focus-group studies, or the brainstorming sessions of his political consultants.

One of Obama's main inspirations was a man dedicated to revolutionary change that he was convinced "must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, nonchallenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future."

Sen. Obama was trained by Chicago's Industrial Areas Foundation, founded in 1940 by the radical organizer Saul Alinsky (Read about Alinsky here. -BZ). In the 1980s, Obama spent years as director of the Developing Communities Project, which operated using Alinsky's strategies, and was involved with two other Alinsky-oriented entities, Acorn and Project Vote.

This is even more disturbing:

Indeed, Alinsky believed in sacrificing ethics and morals for the great cause. "Ethical standards must be elastic to stretch with the times," Alinsky wrote in his last book, "Rules for Radicals," adding that "all values are
relative in a world of political relativity."

Please note the main point: "Ethical standards must be elastic to stretch with the times. All values are relative in a world of political relativity."

I submit that sentence is the very base of radicalism, Socialism, Leftists and the Demorats -- and in particular these days, one Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama was asked, this past Saturday in the Dallas forum with candidate McCain: Does evil exist? How must it be dealt with? Obama responded in summary:

Evil does exist. We see evil all the time. We see evil in Darfur. We see it in the streets of our cities. We see it in parents who abuse their children. It needs to be confronted and confronted squarely. We are not as individuals going to be able to erase evil in the world, that is God's task. We need to have humility in the approach. A lot of evil has been perpetrated on behalf of trying to eliminate evil. Just because we think our intentions are good, doesn't mean that we're going to be doing good.

Asked the same question last Saturday, John McCain responded with two words: "Defeat it."

The final paragraph in the article:
Barack Obama's "Change We Can Believe In" is simply socialism — imposed by stratagem because Americans have never believed in Marxist economics. Saul Alinsky understood this, and his ghost is alive and well — and threatening to haunt the White House.

Equivocation with a relativistic, Socialist education and philosophy? Not for me. I'll clearly vote for McCain over Obama in November and feel good about it.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Pakistani Instability

And not much news about it in the MSM or in the blogs.
Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf will step down, facing impeachment.
Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf will not step down, facing impeachment.
When Musharraf exits (should he), what do you think might become of the region -- replete with Pakistan's pile of fissionables? Read my earlier thoughts here.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Refusing To Be Specific

Here is Barack Hussein Obama at his obfuscatory best and, more pointedly, note the actual refusal to make a true comment:

DALLAS - U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama side-stepped a pointed query about abortion on Saturday by “mega-pastor” Rick Warren during a televised forum.

Asked at what point a baby gets “human rights,” Obama, who strongly supports abortion rights, said: “… whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity . . . is above my pay grade.”

There you have it. All you need to know about Barack Hussein Obama.


Tomb of the Unknowns

Let Us Not Forget:

Q: How many steps does each Honor Guardsman take during their walk across the Tomb of the Unknowns and why?
A: 21 steps, in reference to the 21-gun salute, the highest honor given to any military or foreign dignitary.

Q: How long does the Honor Guardsman hesitate after his about-face, before he resumes walking the other direction?
A: 21 seconds; for the reasons as listed above.

Q: Why are the Honor Guardsman's gloves moist?
A: To prevent loss of grip on the rifle.

Q: Does the Honor Guardsman carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time and, if not, why not?
A: He carries the rifle on the should away from the tomb. After his march across the path, he executes an about face and moves the rifle to the outside shoulder.

Q: How often are Honor Guardsmen changed?
A: Every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Q: What are the physical qualifications for an Honor Guardsman?
A: The individual must be between 5'10" and 6'2" tall, a waist to not exceed 30". Honor Guardsmen must commit two years of their lives to guard the tomb, live in a barracks under the tomb, and cannot drink alcohol on or off duty for the rest of their lives. They cannot swear in public for the rest of their lives and disgrace the uniform or the tomb in any way.

Further, after two years, the guard is given a wreath pin that is worn on their lapel signifying they served as guard of the tomb. There are only 400 pins presently worn. The Honor Guardsmen must obey these rules for the rest of their lives or forfeit the wreath pin.

The shoes worn by the Honor Guardsmen are specially made with very thick soles in order to shield them from heat and cold. There are metal heel plates that extend to the top of the shoe to make the loud click heard when Guardsmen come to a halt. There are no wrinkles, folds or lint on the uniforms, and Guardsmen dress in front of a full-length mirror.

The first six months of duty, an Honor Guardsman cannot speak to anyone nor watch TV. All off duty time is spent studying the 175 noteable people laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetary. A Guardsman must memorize who they are and where they are interred. Those persons would include President Taft, Joe E. Lewis and Medal of Honor winner Audie Murphy (the most decorated American soldier of WWII). Every guard spends five hours a day getting his uniform ready for duty.

The Tomb is guarded 24-hours-per-day and 365-days-per year by specially trained members of the 3rd United States Infantry (The Old Guard).

The Sentinels Creed
My dedication to this sacred duty is total and wholehearted. In the responsibility bestowed on me never will I falter. And with dignity and perseverance my standard will remain perfection. Through the years of diligence and praise and the discomfort of the elements, I will walk my tour in humble reverence to the best of my ability. It is he who commands the respect I protect. His bravery that made us so proud. Surrounded by well meaning crowds by day alone in the thoughtful peace of night, this soldier will in honored glory rest under my eternal vigilance.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Daring To Speak The Truth. . .

. . .about Obama and other issues.

James David Manning, PhD, Pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Atlah, New York, dares to say what few blacks will. Is he mad or courageously insightful?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

So: You Thought It Stopped?

Hillary Clinton to bow out and simply "fade away"?

Not hardly. From
Supporters of Hillary Clinton are planning a number of rallies at the Democratic national convention in Denver to express their disappointment with the party’s presidential primary process.

Some of the Denver Group’s goals are at odds with those of the Democratic Party, The Hill newspaper reports. It wants an open convention, with Hillary’s name placed in nomination, as well as a genuine roll call vote with Clinton as a legitimate candidate instead of what it calls a “coronation” of Barack Obama.

Clinton backers in Denver will hold signs reading, “Denounce Nobama’s Coronation,” according to the Denver Post.

Chances of Hillary Clinton becoming Barack Hussein Obama's VP?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008



The Fairness Doctrine:

Returning to not just a radio station, but a website or a BLOG near YOU?

Think it isn't possible?

There’s a huge concern among conservative talk radio hosts that reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine would all-but destroy the industry due to equal time constraints. But speech limits might not stop at radio. They could even be extended to include the Internet and “government dictating content policy.”

“I think the fear is that somehow large corporations will censor their content, their points of view, right,” McDowell said. “I think the bigger concern for them should be if you have government dictating content policy, which by the way would have a big First Amendment problem.”

“Then, whoever is in charge of government is going to determine what is fair, under a so-called ‘Fairness Doctrine,’ which won’t be called that – it’ll be called something else,” McDowell said. “So, will Web sites, will bloggers have to give equal time or equal space on their Web site to opposing views rather than letting the marketplace of ideas determine that?”

McDowell told BMI the Fairness Doctrine isn’t currently on the FCC’s radar. But a new administration and Congress elected in 2008 might renew Fairness Doctrine efforts, but under another name.

So, American Electorate, you just go ahead and elect Barack Hussein Obama because, after all, you know he'll support -- with open arms -- any and all bills passed at the behest of Speaker Pelosi. And Pelosi can't wait to stem the success of Conservative Communications.

See my previous posts about the so-called "Fairness Doctrine":


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Consideration Of The Olympics

Sorry, can't pass this one up. A clear indicator why Iraq not only hasn't walked away with a number of medals, but apparently has difficulty locating Olympic diving candidates.



The Russian Bear has stopped -- temporarily.

The Russian onslaught, accompanied by relentless Russian air raids on Georgian territory, angered the West, bringing the toughest words yet from U.S. President George W. Bush.

Georgia, which sits on a strategic oil pipeline carrying Caspian crude to Western markets bypassing Russia, has long been a source of contention between the West and a resurgent Russia, which is seeking to strengthen its role as the dominant energy supplier to the continent.

Saakashvili endorsed an EU plan calling for an immediate cease-fire, in talks Monday with French and Finnish foreign ministers. Sarkozy was to negotiate the plan in Moscow, and the presidents of Poland and the former Soviet states of Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia were headed to Georgia on Tuesday.

Bush had demanded Monday that Russia end a "dramatic and brutal escalation" of violence in Georgia, agree to an immediate cease-fire and accept international mediation.

"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century," Bush said in a televised statement from the White House.

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) - Russia ordered a halt to military action in Georgia on Tuesday, after five days of air and land attacks sent Georgia's army into headlong retreat and left towns and military bases destroyed.

Georgian officials insisted that Russia has continued the bombings despite the pledge, but Russia denied that.

Hours before the Russian announcement, Russian forces bombed the crossroads city of Gori and launched an offensive in the part of separatist Abkhazia still under Georgian control, sending in 135 military vehicles - including tanks - and tightening the assault on the beleaguered nation.

We know what happened. But is it that clear and obvious? What is the primary motivating factor?

And what to do?

Take on the entire Russian Bear? Because against Russia, who would take an obvious side with the United States?

Anyone? Bueller?


Monday, August 11, 2008

The World And Brett Favre

Boy; go away for a while and the world turns upside down. War with Russian and Georgia. John Edwards' Love Child. And oh-so-much-more.

Then there's Brett Favre, now quarterback for the New York Jets. The Jets??

Some people believe the entire Brett Favre thing was a matter of massive arrogance on his part. Me? I think he simply made a mistake and retired too early -- particularly in light of his performance last season with the Packers. It was damned good.

I believe he realized his mistake, and the only thing he could think of was to return. From there, the situation became complicated and troubling. I can understand Green Bay wanting to be able to predict and plan for its future in terms of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. On the other hand, I can understand Brett wanting to come back. Rarely have I seen someone actually enjoy playing the game of football like he enjoys playing the game of football.

I don't credit Brett Favre with being a nuclear physicist; I credit him with being a legendary quarterback who had a great season last year, retired prematurely, couldn't go back to Green Bay (still, very sad) but still wanted to -- and still can -- play great pro football.

On one hand, I'm irate at the Packers; on the other, I can understand their position.

But this won't surprise you: I'll not be watching as many Packers games as I used to. Looks like some Jets games are in my future. Hmm: Brett The Jet.


Things on the family front are still tumultuous. I want to thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and kind wishes.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You Feel It?

Gonna go visit Dad again now, but I couldn't pass this up. It may have to suffice for a while.


When It Rains. . .

. . . it pours.

Last week my wife's nephew was killed in a drowning accident; he was 17. My wife paid for her sister to come from Texas in order to attend the funeral. We were very busy with arrangements of all kinds and had to attempt to console and keep her sister "occupied," if you will, while she was present. My wife's sister left last night at 11 PM, back to Texas and her fiance.

Also yesterday, my father went back into the hospital. It wasn't good. In a two year period, 2005 to 2006, he survived five major surgeries. Two of them were for colon cancer, two were resections from colostomies and one was an aneurism repair. He has been very tired again, he actually wanted to to go the emergency room yesterday. He will have many tests but it appears his red blood count is very low and his white cell count has literally skyrocketed. The ER doctor and the nurse both are thinking he has leukemia. At his age, 88, there isn't much that can be done that wouldn't be incredibly invasive and traumatic to his body. His prior doctor will see him today. We should know more.

In the meantime, I suspect posts will be sporadic. Please understand, and never fail to take the time to tell the people you love how you feel about them.


Monday, August 04, 2008


The Republican National Committee sent me a letter recently, stamped "FINAL NOTICE" with red letters on the front (see photo). They want me to renew my membership.

You dare to serve a "final notice" to ME?

How about, RNC, I serve a FINAL NOTICE to YOU.

  • It is you that had best manage to get your GOP ducks in a row, and soon.
  • It is you who had best get Republican politicians on the same sheet of Conservative music.
  • It is you who had best take Conservatism back into your fold.
  • It is you who had best take Conservatives back into your fold.

It is you who need to go Back To The Basics:

  • 1. Protect the Nation and protect our liberty and interests;
  • 2. Secure our borders;
  • 3. Ensure that English is the embraced and advocated common language of this nation;
  • 4. Simply enforce the laws currently on the books;
  • 5. This nation does not have a revenue problem -- it has a spending problem;
  • 6. Eliminate a full time House and Senate;
  • 7. Minimize government and, with that, you'll minimize spending;
  • 8. Minimize governmental interference, spending, regulation and taxation;
  • 9. Push government down to the state and local venues;
  • 10. Build infrastructure, build refineries, build sewer plants, water desalinization plants, power plants of all kind, nuclear, coal, wind, water, solar, drill for oil off our coasts, drill in ANWR, drill for oil shale, in the tar sands, provide incentives for all make and manner of alternate energy;
Furthermore, So Sayeth BZ:

  • A. Truth In Bills: no riders. One topic per bill.
  • B. Truth In Budget: a balanced budget, every year, on every level, city, county, state, federal.
  • C. Truth In Donations: Jerry Brown had one thing right: no more than $100 allowed to be donated to any person's campaign for any office, by either an individual or a corporation.
  • D. Truth In Funding: any monies resulting from any bill, proposition or amendment shall be placed into an account solely for that purpose and shall never be co-mingled into any other fund or account, and shall never be used for any purpose other than that for which it was originally proposed.

You dare to send me a "FINAL NOTICE", Republican National Committee?

No. Wrong. I instead proffer you yours.

Because unless you jump through my Conservative Hoops, the days of my checks being again written to you are gone gone gone.


"Politician" should never be a full-time job.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stan Winston: April 7, 1946 to June 15, 2008

A legend has fallen, and it is guaranteed that you have seen his wonderful work but not known whom to credit.

I just recently learned that legendary special effects artist Stan Winston passed away in June, at the age of 62.

As opposed to hundreds and hundreds of unimportant actors and actresses whose names you know, Stan Winston, a name you likely don't know, was awarded four Oscars in his lifetime. John Wayne, for example, only acquired one.

I was familiar with Winston's work through the magazines Cinefex and Cinefantastique.

His Stan Winston Studio has crafted some of modern cinema's most fantastic figures. He collaborated with director James Cameron on the fearsome monster effects of "Aliens" (1986) and on both "The Terminator" (1984) and its lavish 1991 sequel "Terminator 2: Judgment Day". In a similar vein, he designed the alien hunter in "Predator" (1987) and "Predator 2" (1990). Winston and filmmaker Tim Burton were responsible for Johnny Depp's soulful-eyed and sharp-fingered oddball looks in "Edward Scissorhands" (1990) and Danny DeVito's grotesque Penguin makeup in "Batman Returns" (1992).

Winston's last major work was the real-world armor for the movie Iron Man.

As opposed to CGI that, in some clever cases, can be well done, nothing can still replicate the true presence that an actual physical special effect creation brings to the big screen. And that was Stan Winston's work and genius.

CGI, in my opinion, is too heavily relied-upon in current films (most recently, the terrible CGI in the new Mummy) and can frequently, as the poorly-rendered "humanistic" creatures did in "I Am Legend," spoil the entire movie.

Mr. Stan Winston was indeed a legend in Hollywood, and he and his work will be missed.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Your ACLU At Work Once Again

The ACLU wants felons to be able to vote. Yes, that ACLU (see above).

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- After serving eight months behind bars for a conviction of receiving stolen property, Annette McWashington Pruitt was excited about the prospect of being able to vote again.

One of her first stops after being released from prison was the Jefferson County Voter Registrar's Office. But she was told she was a convicted felon and couldn't vote.
"I couldn't believe it," Pruitt said. "They continued to give me numbers to call. It was very much demeaning."

Now she has gone to court to try to get her right to vote restored.

On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in Montgomery Circuit Court on behalf of Pruitt and two other ex-felons seeking restoration of their voting rights. The lawsuit claims Alabama law is unclear on the subject, citing a bill passed by the Legislature in 2003 that says felons can vote unless convicted on "crimes of moral turpitude," but never defines those crimes.

Question: Can an ex-felon register to vote and vote?
Answer: An ex-felon can register to vote and vote if he/she is not in prison or on parole for a felony conviction.

Parole for any felony conviction.

Guess where the ACLU is coming next?

Your state.


Friday, August 01, 2008

The GOP Sticks Around

Do I detect a testicle in DC?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats adjourned the House and turned off the lights and killed the microphones, but Republicans are still on the floor talking gas prices.

Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and other GOP leaders opposed the motion to adjourn the House, arguing that Pelosi's refusal to schedule a vote allowing offshore drilling is hurting the American economy. They have refused to leave the floor after the adjournment motion passed at 11:23 a.m., and they are busy bashing Pelosi and her fellow Democrats for leaving town for the August recess.

At one point, the lights went off in the House and the microphones were turned off in the chamber, meaning Republicans were talking in the dark. But as Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz..) was speaking, the lights went back on and the microphones were turned on shortly afterward.

There are, as I wrote, two reasons for the Demorats walking away:

-Because to Speaker Pelosi, this literally is the line in the sand;
-In order to shield Obama, as a Senator and, moreover, The Anointed PrezzyCandy, from being seen to cast an obvious NO vote on drilling.

And of course the media isn't covering the situation.


Israel Update:

When you hit your knees tonight:

I'll be blunt.

Ehud Olmert's incompetence, malfeasance, corruption, has slotted Israel into a place where it cannot respond to its threats.

An involved Israel, interested in its future survival, will take any number of salient steps.

I am convinced that these steps will not, can not, be taken under the Quisling Olmert.

In my opinion, he is a traitor to the Israeli people, plain and simple.