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Bloviating Zeppelin: What Are The Next Steps?

Bloviating Zeppelin

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What Are The Next Steps?

What would you do about the Middle East?

Israel and surrounding nations, and western nations, are at a crossroads in my opinion.

This would be the perfect time to make, again in my estimation, some very important and critical steps in terms of potential world peace and the stairstepping of power structures.

From UPI:

Hezbollah fires rocket-a-minute at Israel
JERUSALEM, July 18 (UPI) -- Shelling of Israel by Hezbollah militants in Lebanon reached a peak of one missile a minute for an hour Tuesday as Israel's air force stepped up bombing runs.

In my opinion, this would be the perfect time to destroy the infrastructure of not only Hezbollah in Lebanon, but Hamas in Gaza. Gaza should be reoccupied; the Palestinians have clearly proven they not only do not deserve a country, much less adjacent Israel, but they need to have Hamas destroyed anywhere near Israel proper.

We need to support Israel's bombing of Beirut and wherever Hezbollah is located in the entire country of Lebanon; likewise with Syria should Israel determine to do so. Then, there needs to be a concerted effort by both the US and Israel to bomb any location within Iran determined to be even remotely linked with nuclear production or any actions supporting the production of items related to nuclear production, warehousing, instrument tooling, centrifuges or tools which could be used to promote same.

Enough is clearly enough. Israel needs to be left alone to determine its own path of response. It's past due time to declare that Islamists and Militant Islam is comprised of nothing more than heathen, uncivilized barbarians requiring total elimination from the planet -- in any country, in any form.

Further terrorist acts should be met with like or greater force.

Ehud Olmert is perfectly correct in his demand that the bombings and attacks will not cease until the missile attacks and other attacks completely cease against Israel, and he acquires his hostage soldiers' return in good health. There will be no negotiations with terrorists.

Understand: the overarching goal by Islamists and Militant Islam and, in my opinion, Islam in general is not the elimination of Israel; that is only the starting point. The goal will only have been attained when the Greater Satan, the United States, and all western civilizations are eliminated and Islam is the only religion and philosophy extant.

We are at a crossroads. We allow Iran, and even North Korea or other tin-pan dictators and religious/philosophist zealots to acquire WMDs at the peril of not only localized countries and the United States, but the entire world as well.

What would you do?



Blogger A Jacksonian said...

President Bush has been given a Golden Opportunity to finally end terrorism as an accepted proxy for State Based Foreign Policy. He holds Golden Keys that have now been given him to actually widen the war to Our advantage and support an end to thos that threaten all peace and safety there. Afghanistan proved how the US could win using negligable forces and a unskilled native force. Iraq has shown the determination of the US to be seen as an honest broker in helping a Nation overcome its authoritarian past and seek liberty. We have the Kurds strongly for us no matter what goes on and we can repay that trust and honor by finally opening gates to Nations that are now closed by Totalitarianism and Islamic fanatacism. To do so requires the President be forthright about who is and is NOT an ally to us and those that wish not to help us now need not look for our help again.

Open a second front against Syria with the help of Egypt that has lost a merchant vessel by an Act of War. Send in our bomb spotters and let our carrier based aircraft rule the skies over Syria. Let Egypt clear out this rats nest with their soldiers to finally end this foolishness... or let Egypt know that their budget will be short American Billions and that we will not help them in anything ever again.

The time for diplomacy is now past and far past. No half-measures this time... we have had decades of *that* and those given reprieve just up the ante later. Syria must go, first and foremost and it is preferable that Egypt do that job with US aircover and assistance. With Hezbollah cut off to west and north by this they are stuck between the Sea and Israel. And a grisly fate awaits them.

Time to end thoughts of 'Peace Now' for that of ending the problem. Palestine must surrender and give up, once and for good and all. They have had since 1948 and this is all they want, so let an end be made of their State and have them seek mercy from their Arab friends. Or Israel. They will have better luck with the latter, I suspect.

If these are done, the puzzle box of the Middle East will be shattered open to see its fetid core. And Iran will face a problem of many daggers drawn upon it from many places and shores. And as often happens in such things, regimes one-deep collapse upon infighting and the Nation as a whole collapses. If not, then the final blows must be struck and end this charade NOW so our children do not face it for decades yet.

This can be done....

If the President realizes that history has given him a chance to redeem himself for his Nation.

And call us to support our Friends and Allies so that we may be FREE of terrorism.

Or look to the past and guarantee that this conflict continues on and on and on and on... decade upon decade until surrender is no option and only death for all remains.

Tell us once and for good and all, Mr. President, what YOU stand for. And what this Nation stands for. And make damn sure that the honor of those that are friends is recognized and we join with them to protect them and ourselves.

So that our enemies will have peace... that of the grave.

Tue Jul 18, 12:44:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bushwack said...

BZ, You know where I stand on this, And AJ has pretty much took it and made it way more clear than I could have (As always)
I don't know that Bush will recognize the key ring though. Egypt probably won't act due to its own Muslim idiots. There are several intagibles but overall the suggestions here would solve the problem once and for all.

I'd like to add the conspiracy view.
What if Bush planned this from the get go? Wait until the Iranians and Syria do something to get Israel involved and then shift the spotlight from Iraq to the Islamic states in the region. Good plan IMO.
Not a whole lot of news from Iraq these days. Eventually we have to quit playing nice and recognize what we are fighting for. Time has come

Tue Jul 18, 01:06:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AJ: darn, I should have read your Monday post. Yes, President Bush has the keys all within his grasp, in my opinion. He can take care of so many things, as can other nations, by proceeding in some of the directions both you and I have delineated.

I had not known about the Egyptian ship but that too would make a great coalition and the time, too, is ripe.

To my historical knowledge, "Palestine" has had a minimum of three opportunities to acquire their own state which they have seen fit to push away, each time -- the latest in 1996 between Arafat and Clinton. So I feel unmotivated to grant "Palestinians" much more grace.

More about this in tomorrow's post. AJ & Bushwack: what a time to live in, eh?


Tue Jul 18, 03:17:00 PM PDT  

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