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Bloviating Zeppelin: Corruption: One Small Recommendation

Bloviating Zeppelin

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Corruption: One Small Recommendation

There is rampant corruption in American politics.

And clearly there are problems with money and politicians -- with both the Dems and the GOP. The corruption is endemic on both sides of the aisle and no one party can claim it's impervious to the corruptive forces of cash or cash and lobbyists.

There are two types of corruption: there is moral corruption and there is financial corruption. Despite the FACT that Foley committed no crime (unlike Democratic Senator Gerry Studds) he is excoriated in the DEM press and is the Devil incarnate -- and has been for weeks, I might add.

On the other hand, following his passing on October 14th, former House Democratic leader Gerry Studds was lionized in his New York Times obituary as a "Gay Pioneer." Equitable, do you think?

Studds was censured in 1983 for having sex with a 17-year-old male congressional intern. His act was overt and illegal. Studd's himself called the act a "very serious error in judgment."

Foley's act was with text messages to a former page over 18 -- scummy, inappropriate and clearly wrong in any case -- but Foley did not have sex with him, consensual or otherwise. With the name Foley I see the linked adjective "disgraced." I did not then nor now see that word associated with Studds.

Both the acts on Studds's and Foley's part were horribly wrong; Foley may be but Studds was a sexual predator. But you already know my point.

Moral corruption aside, another current point purposely underplayed by the DEM are the fiscally-corruptive issues of Democrat Harry Reid --regarding properties and Christmas bonuses. A screaming silence here.

But all is not lost for I have two solutions; the first is simple, expeditious and can be backed with a second suggestion which will mandate (and here's why the DEM won't go for it) that the Mainstream Media "put up or shut up."


Limit all campaign contributions to no more that $100. Period. End of statement. No contributions can be accepted from corporations. Individual living persons only. If you truly do have a "mandate from the people" then the people shall speak with their individual pocketbooks and their votes.


The Mainstream Media will provide, for television, airtime on their channels for individual candidates' political statments and debates; this airtime will be credited towards television's federal PSA (Public Service Announcement) licensed mandate. For the print media, they shall provide column inches, as another public service to the country and community, for same.

You, of course, realize that neither shall happen. Just wistful thinking.

But wouldn't it be wonderful? And wouldn't it solve an entire host of issues?

Heavy sigh.



Blogger Rivka said...

We all might as well understand that since our government is run by men there will be innate screw ups on both sides.
There WILL be corruption and when it is found we should eradicate it as a republic and demand something be done..
Unfortunatly, you can't berid of all of the corruption, but we need to vote for servants who are right on the issues. Character matters the most, but it is hard to determine a person's character during a campaign.

I just assume that if they are both socially and fiscally conservative there is a great chance they have good character for the most part. Of course, then we have Zell Miller who is mostly socially conservative, but not completely, yet conservative on all the other issues.. He has courage and he is a democrat.. Those were the good ole' days when the libs had courage and character.

SO.. my solution here is for us to vote on issues and direct our votes for those candidates who will do the right thing regardless of the cost to them politically. Ones who won't sway with the latest opinion poll.

Tue Oct 17, 06:38:00 PM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

I am all for freedom of speech and think there should be more of it so we can get a better class of Scoundrel into office. These third-rate ones are really messing things up and are unable to stand for themselves. Just ensure that the NAMES of the actual funders are put on EVERY commercial so that they can be held accountable, and then the fun begins.

And if we are worried about lobbyists, perhaps we should let Congress know that it should publish its daily meeting schedule so that each member must tell of each and every group and individual that they meet with. This is free, simple and easy to do and any Congresscritter not doing so is suspected of *hiding* something. They are OUR Representatives and should hold themselves accountable to US and demonstrate that they are not in it for themselves of their party, but to Govern the Nation. Parties that talk about *Ruling* sound like they want that in perpetuity and *not* democracy. On money either ban ALL of it or let it ALL in with the accountability proviso. Anyone hiding their name and attempting to otherwise cloud the issue of their support can be charged with some number of crimes, such as 'illegally interfering with Federal Elections' which should hold a very stiff penalty upon it as it is an attempt to deny democratic rule by the People. The People rule in this Nation, not the Government and best We remember that if we want to keep Our liberty.

Tue Oct 17, 06:55:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

You make some good points here. But I don't know about limiting contributions to $100. I think the main point is making sure its public knowledge who is giving what.

Tue Oct 17, 08:36:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Gayle said...

I absolutely agree with you, BZ, and like your ideas. Wishful thinking they indeed are, but it would be wonderful!

Regarding Studds (his very name may have been part of his problem) and Foley, the hipocrisy of the left concerning Foley is nearly criminal. I detest Foley as much as anyone, but the Dems honor their own, know matter how disgusting they are, and so does the MSM. The NYT's is still babbling about Foley, but who's surprised?

I like the idea of limiting contributions to $100. It should not take billions of dollars to campaign for any office in this country, including President of the United States.

LOL Revka! There are many women out there who would be just as bad. Hillary Clintoon for one!

Wed Oct 18, 06:20:00 AM PDT  
Blogger James Manning said...

These are solutions that I think would help:

Term Limits for Congress
After talking with a friend about our government. I am now a firm believer in term limits. A term should last 3 years with a maximum of 9 years of service allowed. One-third of the Congress should be up for re-election every year. It would mean a continuous election process but accountability would come much faster.

Change the president to one term of six years.

Public Campaign Financing
We should turn to public finances of elections. If a political party is supported by at least 10% of the voters, it would qualify for equal financing. This would mean that other political parties would be able to compete.

Wed Oct 18, 09:11:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

James: know what? I could be behind that, particularly term limits. Good suggestions!


Fri Oct 20, 06:30:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may be interested to know - your recommendation for political TV airtime already exists in Great Britain: they're called "Party Political Broadcasts" - for a month before the election each of the major parties gets 10 minutes before the news, on the BBC and major private networks.

Fri Oct 27, 01:22:00 PM PDT  

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