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Bloviating Zeppelin

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Memories On A Sunday

My five-year-old father, in 1925, sits with his brother Jim in front of their home at 5509 Holmes Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here, my eight-year-old father, Richard, stands with his younger brother Jim in front of their 1928 Dallas, Texas home.

Memories from another time.

I sit in reflection of my last two posts and I couldn't help but think of some of the more memorable points when I was a child. Here will follow some of my favorite memories.

I would ask that you, in the comments section, reminisce and write about some of your favorite times as a child.

What are YOUR favorite memories?

My father, in the military, was frequently gone on trips to WPAFB and to the Pentagon when I was younger. Mom and Dad would leave me with my grandparents in downtown Sacratomato.

My most memorable times were at my Grandparents' house. They had a two story home at 2526 27th Street. How simple does that address get if you're a child? My grandfather (on my mother's side) originally owned many acres around his home, which was originally built by his wife's father. I never met Little Grandma; but my older brothers did.

Wait. Do you recall the original phone numbers? Grandma's phone number was GL55483. That meant Gladstone 55483. My original number was Ivy95253. Does this resonate with anyone?

My favorite memories are these:

Going to Grandma's house; having her cook lamb; getting actual butter; sleeping in the upstairs bedroom in a bed twice as big as my own; having stairs to climb; having a fig tree in the back yard to climb and fall from; having next door neighbors like Glenn and Cecil and seeing their DeSoto in the garage; climbing the huge redwood in Grandma's yard and getting past the vast amounts of sap so that I could see over the downtown area; riding my pushy-cart up and down the sidewalks (which we never had in the county) and exploring some distance past Grandma's house; watching Grandma have a dish of peaches and some cottage cheese for lunch; having the entire family over to watch the yearly Wizard of Oz on Grandma's TV and then, even better, realizing that The Wizard of Oz (when she upgraded) wasn't just in black and white; it had some color parts too!

There are so many, so many, many more memories than these when I was a child.

I am comforted by these movies in my mind.

What are your memories on a Sunday when YOU were a child?



Blogger Kip said...

To Bloviating Zeppelin

Sundays, golden Vampires, Forest, Ghosts, Sunday Dinner, etc

Chance: When I was a little boy I remember on Sundays the Kung Fu movies would come on and I really enjoyed them too. After the movie was over I would go out side and pretend that I was a Kung fu martial arts master. My mother would be cooking the Sunday dinner that smelled good the summer was hot, the sun shining bright; we lived next to the forest. Also on Sundays I would leave my House and sometimes go to the forest located next to our house. I would see the trees all green beautiful birds and other animals moving along thru the forest. I sometimes would go thru the forest and end up at the cemetery I would leave after spending an hour or so in the forest and go home.

My grandmother lived in house on the next block behind our house; I would go over there to eat her good cooking and to see what my uncles were up to. I played basket ball in the back of my grand mother’s yard also, because my uncles built a basket ball goal (basket ball globe). I would go ride my bike to find the local kids and we would play kick ball or base ball.

Chance: Remember one Kung Fu movie called the return of the seven golden vampires was a very good movie. It had 7 vampires that went and got some blood and poured it on the bones of count Dracula and this brought count Dracula back too life. Dracula and his 7 vampires started killing people at night in the local town and drinking their blood and when people tried to stop them Dracula and his 7 vampires used Kung FU karate on them. Then the hero started hunting Dracula and his 7 vampires and they all used Kung Fu Karate on each other. The hero used Kung Fu to defeat Dracula and his 7 golden Vampires it was a great movie man those Sundays were something. Living down South in Arkansas (Bill Clinton State I saw Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas when my third grade teacher took us on a field trip to Little Rock the state capital) has left some powerful impressions on me. It has made me strong internally and given me inner fortitude to over come difficult situations and circumstances in daily life. The harsh realities of daily life are overcome by a childhood of growing up down South were I went without in many cases. And had too improvise in other cases and situations.

All of the Suffering (fire) has made me polished so that I can confront daily life with inner strength. And remembering all of those good times on Sunday’s yes, those memories are comforting.

Someday Bloviating Zeppline you might want to write about the ghost, demons, evil spits, etc that you were taught as a young boy. When I was a kid there were plenty of ghost, evil spirits, demons, hanks (ghost of a dead person) stories that the old people would pass along to me and younger kids even our parents were taught these stories. Also I do believe in ghost, demons, hanks, and evil spirits based upon my own experiences with these phenomenon’s. I remember dreams from childhood too even though I am an adult now.

Thanks for sharing bloviating Zeppelin, you keep it coming MAN! Very good post you wrote hear that bring back memories for me.

By Chance

Mon Oct 23, 12:50:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Gayle said...

Wonderful post, BZ.

My favorite childhood memories are of my pets. There was Spooky, an English Bulldog I trained to stack silver dollars; there was a frog I entered into the famous Frog Jumping Contest of Calavaras County (he didn't win.) Then there was a neighbors dog who I trained for a pet trick contest, and he won. I was nine and got to go on Captain Kangaroo's TV Show to show-off the dog. There was Sheba, the boxer who acted as my bodyguard when we lived in Los Angeles. There were many others. Dogs enter into every favorite childhood memory, except the one about the frog! :)

Mon Oct 23, 08:54:00 AM PDT  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Your folks lived in Texas and YOU ended up in California??

Did you lose your mind??

Come back Shane... Shane... Come back...

Tue Oct 24, 02:52:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Yeah Fred, you're right -- Dad calls himself a Texan and identifies with everything Texas, yet the military concluded his WWII career in Sacramento -- which is how he and we got here.


Wed Oct 25, 09:04:00 AM PDT  
Blogger benning said...

I remember the phone number we three kids were made to memorize. It tripped off the tongue:
Windsor 5 8652!

It was easy to remember. :D

My sister and I were first reared in Ambler, Pennsylvania. Then, as little kids we moved to Levittown, Pennsylvania. The development was new, and we moved in when the grass had yet to begin growing anywhere. So we were very muddy kids for quite some time.

Since my sister is slightly less than a year older than me, by the time we had reached three and four, folks thought we were twins. Every year, for eleven days, my sister and I are the same age! ;)

Wed Oct 25, 11:56:00 AM PDT  

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