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Friday, January 12, 2007


There are certain things that many of us suspect regarding the denizens of New Orleans -- to include the city administration as well -- things that might have something, perhaps, to do with the molasses-like repair of the city itself. I really do not believe I have to be any more precise or explicit than that. I'm sure you're reading adequately between the sentences.

So it should come as no shock to you -- and clearly was no shock to me -- to recently learn of the following situation in the city of New Orleans abetted by their current (but elected!) do-nothing administration. From the Associated Press:

Thousands marched on City Hall on Thursday (January 11th), seeking an end to the violence that has claimed nine lives in this struggling city since New Year's Day.

Further, the story indicates:

Mayor Ray Nagin, the object of many marchers' jeers and protest signs, watched from behind a podium but did not take part in the rally at the behest of organizers.

"We want to open a dialogue, but this was not the time. It would have been too big a shift from listening to the people to suddenly have a politician talking," said Baty Landis, a Tulane University professor and music club owner who helped organize the march.

Oh fine. Enough with the punch-pulling. New Orleans is a corrupt city, in a corrupt state, run by corrupt, cerebrally-challenged officials led by Mayor Ray Nagin who is himself, on the finest of days, a complete dolt, not to mention a racist.

Nagin no more has an idea how to stop these murders than does my friend's hamster, Wally. And sadly, no one within that city can stop the murders, should further murderers decide to continue the trend. Oh, and a little statistic for you: New Orleans had 161 homicides last year, the lowest total in 60 years. But the population was way down from its pre-Katrina total of 455,000, and is still only about 200,000. In comparion: Sacratomato City and County in Fornicalia has 1.7 million people. Last year there were a combined total of 58 homicides.

New Orleans is a morally and culturally bankrupt city, inhabited by many morally and culturally bankrupt citizens and "managed" (sorry, I absolutely could not bring myself to write the word "led") by a morally and culturally bankrupt administration.

For Christ's sake people, you re-elected the fool -- what did you think you would get?



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