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Friday, May 18, 2007

Fuzzy Bunny Undocumented-Worker-Sensitive Police

The GOP has now agreed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. From Republican Senator Jim Demint of South Carolina:

May 17th, 2007 - Washington, D.C. - Today, U.S. Senator DeMint made the following statement:

"I hope we don't take a thousand page bill written in secret and try to ram it through the Senate in a few days. This is a very important issue for America and we need time to debate it."

"But the little we do know about the bill is troubling. According to reports, the bill contains a new 'Z Visa' that allows those who entered our country illegally to stay here permanently without ever returning home.

This rewards people who broke the law with permanent legal status, and puts them ahead of millions of law-abiding immigrants waiting to come to America. I don't care how you try to spin it, this is amnesty."

Oh but wait, it gets better.

Remember the May 1st “Immigration Rally” in McArthur Park, where LAPD fired rubber bullets at rioters only AFTER being assaulted with rocks and bottles by mostly ILLEGAL and some naturalized Mexican citizens at the behest of professional agitators directed by La Raza?

LAPD Police Chief William Bratton turned against his troops, as now has the LA Mayor and Fornicalia Speaker Nunez. To wit:

LOS ANGELES -- Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez are among those expected to join immigrant-rights activists Thursday for a march and rally to denounce the actions of Los Angeles riot police at a May Day rally at MacArthur Park.

And further, if you lived in the city, your tax dollars would be paid for LAPD officers to distribute THIS flyer at the rally:

"The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to working in cooperation with the event organizers to protect your right to free speech. We wish to allow you to engage in marches, demonstrations, protests and rallies in the city of Los Angeles to freely express your opinions.

"The goal is to provide you with an atmosphere that is safe and in harmony with your right to free speech. We appreciate your cooperation in assisting us in our ability to ensure that you have a positive experience."


You read that correctly.

The Fuzzy Bunny LAPD wants its ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT RIOTERS to have a “positive experience.”

Gag me with a woodchuck.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is next, BZ? Will the lawmakers now go through all Federal, State/Provincial, and Civic Statutes and arbitrarily decide which special-interest group may have "amnesty" from those Laws?


Veritas et Fidelis Semper

P.S. Please have a good weekend.

Fri May 18, 02:20:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Deborah: when one can pick and choose, seemingly at random, which statutes, LAWFULLY INSTITUTED BY VALID LEGISLATURES, laws that are applied to what administrative bureaucrats called "protected classes," then you no longer are a nation of laws.


Fri May 18, 05:36:00 PM PDT  

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