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Bloviating Zeppelin: Dovetailing -- And Poorly

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Dovetailing -- And Poorly

More news items are dovetailing, and not well either:

The advisers will consider a proposal to shut the center and transfer detainees to one or more Defense Department facilities, including the maximum security military prison at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, where they could face trial, said the officials. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were discussing internal deliberations.

Not just a bad decision, just about the worst decision that could be made at this point. And this decision has absolutely NOTHING to do with efficiency or cash -- it is completely a "public relations" decision. Gitmo needs to be OPEN now, more than ever -- and it does NOT need to move to Leavenworth, Kansas. This is a horrible decision and sends the message: America will not hold the line and public opinion can fold American tactics like a house of cards. Please President Bush, do NOT be this gullible and stupid!

The top priority in this bill is extending amnesty as quickly and easily as possible to as many illegal aliens as possible," writes Kris W. Kobach, professor of law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation. "The cost of doing so is to jeopardize national security."

Kobach, former chief adviser on immigration law to Attorney General John Ashcroft, contends it's a "certainty that many more illegal alien terrorists are quietly at work in the United States."

There is NOTHING in this bill as written that proscribes people from terrorist countries entering the United States. The enforcement segment is woefully lacking.

The former bill would levy back taxes and a $5,000 fine. WHO would track these back taxes, and decide what the taxes would be? Who would enforce the tax levies? Who would level the $5,000 fine? Is that per person or per family? Who would enforce the fine? From WHERE would one TAKE the fine? From the individual? The family? Those two aspects, even to the most dimwitted of Americans, is recognized as entirely UNENFORCEABLE. Gang members and absconders could acquire a Z visa. Who does all this? What bureau? How MANY bureaus?

What does our federal government do (absent the military) that is beneficial, well-run and a model of efficiency, quality and innovation? I would answer: nothing. What makes us think a so-called "comprehensive" bill would change history? I would answer: nothing.

This needs to be done in stages:

1. Build a WALL. Build it now. Build it completely: 40' high, 30' down;
2. Back the wall with an increase in USBP officers and necessary technology;
3. Hold EMPLOYERS RESPONSIBLE for HIRING illegal immigrants;
4. STREAMLINE and, moreover, make the process by which ALL eligible immigrants wish to enter this country become more EFFICIENT. It shouldn't take YEARS to determine if someone is fit to become an American citizen; at most it should take a few MONTHS;
5. REFUSE to accept immigrants from terrorist-sponsored states, territories or enemies of our country;
6. REFUSE to accept immigrants with criminal backgrounds or communicable diseases;
7. REFUSE to provide ANY benefits whatsoever to illegal immigrants;
8. PROVIDE a phone number or internet site for employers to vet employees (trust me, sue one company for a few million dollars and businesses will be SCRAMBLING to fall into line);

Without a fence, our deportations are worthless. Some MS-13 gang members turn themselves in on holidays so they can be with their families, at US taxpayer expense. Then they come back when it suits them.

If it were up to me, after a built wall, I would FIRST put those American employers who hire illegal immigrants in PRISON.

3. Eliminate Incentives: Jobs, Benefits and Anchor Babies:
A woman died in an LA emergency room after having called 911 FROM that ER -- because emergency rooms are grossly overcrowded -- because ERs are being USED by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS for standard doctor visits.

4. The Fundamental Problem: Enforcement:
How can our Senate wish to pass more laws when it refuses to enforce laws already on the books? The American public is left tattered and wanting, because it realizes its very own government will not enforce laws already extant. How can its government hope to maintain credibility and veracity when true educated Americans have already expressed, 95-to1, their displeasure with the current bill.


1. Build a fence.
2. Arrest employers

We don't have to deport; illegal immigrants will "self-deport" if we but determine to enable the above bullet points.

Additionally, the OTM (Other Than Mexican) list at our borders is growing exponentially. More Islamic bullshit:


Some who wear the niqab, particularly younger women who have taken it up recently, concede that it is a frontal expression of Islamic identity, which they have embraced since Sept. 11, 2001, as a form of rebellion against the policies of the Blair government in Iraq and at home.

"For me it is not just a piece of clothing, it's an act of faith, it's solidarity," said a 24-year-old program scheduler at a broadcasting company in London, who would allow only her last name, Al Shaikh, to be printed, saying she wanted to protect her privacy. "9/11 was a wake-up call for young Muslims," she said.

How much shall we bend for those who would destroy our country, fellow readers?

Washington continues to mischaracterize the American people. America is a nation of laws, laws that the bulk of Americans obey daily. When they see a select few segments of denizens disobeying our laws WITH the tacit CONDONATION of our official government, they are disillusioned and collectively wonder: what OTHER laws might we choose, at will, to disobey?

This country needs Guantanamo as a site for its egregious torture. I condone, and I EXPECT that my country WILL torture those individuals it deems subject to these strictures. I couldn't care less about their so-called "rights;" if these interrogations manage to avert another heinous massive casualty event, then my country has my complete and total blessing. If one explosive event is deterred, if two persons are saved from a Homicide Bomber, then it has, again, my blessing. In these times, in these events, the ends do justify the means.


Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Welcome to what I've been saying for a year or so, now... save that I want these businesses *ended* for trying to set Immigration Policy for the Nation by engaging in illegal contracts. It is only a MISEMEANOR under the US Code to EMPLOY an illegal. Those doing the shipping of humans get a FELONY, and a hefty one. But employ one? Slap on the wrist...

Wall, close-in weapons system, sensors, pilings.

Put the crooked businesses out of business.

And end all Federal Funds to 'Sanctuary Cities'. Tancredo got the first amendment to do that with Homeland Security in the House. Now that needs to go into each and every bill for each and every expenditure passed from the House. End this BS.

Thu Jun 21, 06:13:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ooooh, AJ, the US aircraft carrier "standard" CIWS -- wow, what a chaingun!

Dammit, I forgot the Sanctuary City bullshit! Crap! You make all excellent points, sir!!


Thu Jun 21, 06:41:00 PM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Mr. Z - My pleasure!

Yes, my wall proposal.

And Sanctuary Cities.

We can, actually, just prosecute the various terrorists under the current laws...Admiralty Laws that is, and put them away for good and all. That would *close Guantanamo*. With Justice.

And why I dislike the dithering going on, plus offer some cricism of the Right. Conservatives can either stick with the Transnational Right or jettison them... and be conservatives, not Transnationalists sucking up to companies.

A very intemperate immigration policy, because I am fed up with the current way it *isn't* being done.

I will also stick close to the Founding Generation, Federalist and Anti-Federalist, on this little thing known as safeguarding democracy.

Yes, I am a tad ticked off at the Federal Government and the Nation being Stuck on Stupid.

Thu Jun 21, 06:55:00 PM PDT  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Build the wall, stop the flow, arrest the offenders and deport ALL illegals...

How simple can it get??

We don't NEED a new law, we need to enforce CURRENT law...

Thu Jun 21, 07:05:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Texas Fred: it couldn't be MORE simple, could it???


Thu Jun 21, 07:11:00 PM PDT  

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