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Friday, June 01, 2007

The Power Of Fred

Fred Dalton Thompson's hat is in the presidential ring. So I'm going to put into words what many of us innately think and feel about him:

Why Fred? Why now?

And why do I suspect that Fred has a bulk of the Democratic base scrambling for assault plans utilizing the worst, the nastiest of battle tactics yet deployed against their foes?

Here's what I perceive in re Fred:

He's crazy like a fox; what's he been doing the past couple of years?

Plastering his face all over the television screen on the series "Law & Order" as DA Arthur Branch, and substituting for Paul Harvey on his national radio show.

And how do people generally associate Fred Thompson?

With figures of measured, rational authority:

  • Rear Admiral Joshua Painter in the movie "The Hunt For Red October" from the Tom Clancy novel, 1990;
  • CIA Director Marshall in "No Way Out," 1987;
  • Maj. Gen. Melrose Hayden Barry in the 1989 movie "Fat Man & Little Boy";
  • Big John, 1990, "Days Of Thunder";
  • Captain, 1991, "Flight of the Intruder";
  • White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent, 1993, "In The Line of Fire";
  • Numerous "Law & Order" episodes.

He has already dabbled in politics so has some experience in the Bathtub of Lies;

And yet, despite that, he has managed to hold politics somewhat at arms' length and has not fallen prey to being "pegged" as a "consummate politician";

He is large, he is prepossessing, he is slow and measured to speak, he carries an air of maturity, consideration, authority, mixed with a portion of Southern refinement; everyone knows he is NOT another GWB;

Thompson made more points in a 115 second video in response to Michael Moore's accusation of his smoking a Cuban cigar, than other politicians who paid millions of dollars for face time on major networks. Thompson cut Moore's legs off at the pass:

In a video rebuttal, Thompson, cigar in hand, says that he doesn't have time in his schedule to debate Moore, but he may be the least of Moore's problems. The potential 2008 presidential candidate suggests Moore inquire of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro about documentary filmmaker Nicolás Guillén Landrián, who was tortured by Castro's henchman because of his film.

"He did something Castro didn't like and they put him in a mental institution for several years, giving him devastating electroshock treatments. A mental institution, Michael, it might be something you ought to think about," Thompson says.

Further, Fred in a maddingly hypocritical conflict, is political yet manages to be apolitical.

And though never, ever to be mentioned, Thompson has a quotient of the Reagan Factor insofar as he's an actor, he's been in politics, yet he's not yet perceived to be beholden to those essentially-corrupting elements involved in the most base of political decisions.

Thompson is political yet he dances on the periphery of politics. He is, essentially, a bit of a Jesse Ventura for the Thinking.

- True or not
- Right or not
- Actual or not

He'd best take advantage of all of these elements right now and strike whilst the iron is hot.

Thompson manages to insert himself into a remarkably precarious niche that few will acknowledge:

The Pro-GOP/Dissatisfied Anti-GOP but True Conservative vote;

Thompson portrays the Working Class Hero who managed to succeed, who managed to achieve positions of authority yet somehow retained his perspective, logic, proportion, common sense and centered view of life.

Easy to like; hard to rile.

Everyone perceives: his handshake would be firm, his hand large, his grip comforting. He would sympathize with families, espouse the Work Ethic, and be able to cross the aisle when necessary whilst having the ability to knock back a beer in your home as he listens to your problems and concerns.


If you want to succeed, you'd best read this post and portray yourself continuously in this fashion because, much as people may deny it, this is how they perceive you.

The Fred Factor has the power to change the environment. He had an 8-year record but wasn't a "career politician."

And yet he, we all know, possesses the ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE.

And folks: this ability is a HUGE FACTOR.

Many would simply distill it down to this: he just "feels" right.



Anyone thinking of a Thompson/Tancredo ticket?


McCain is HISTORY;

Romney is a waffler; people are simply uncomfortable with his religion;

Thompson will draw blood against Giuliani;

I admire these men:

  • Giuliani for being what he is, unapologetically;
  • Tancredo for being what he is, unapologetically;
  • Thompson, for having the Karmic Factor not unlike WJC.


Blogger Ranando said...

Tancredo No, Peter Uberoff yes.

You forgot one important thing about Fred, he's a great guy.

Let's get this party started.

Thu May 31, 09:24:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ranando: yes. Clearly. He IS a great guy. No dissension there.


Thu May 31, 09:41:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

I'm totally with ya on Fred and Rudy but not on Tancredo.

Dean Barnett called Tancredo a crank and I'd have to agree. In the debates he comes across as this arrogant, self-righteous know it all. The only reason conservatives like him is because of his stance on immigration and as important as that is it doesn't make up for all the rest that he lacks, IMHO.

Thu May 31, 10:35:00 PM PDT  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Thompson and Duncan Hunter maybe, Tancredo, Uberoff a maybe, big maybe, but not an altogether bad choice...

I hope if he runs and wins the nomination he doesn't then do something really dumb like ask McCain, or Giuliani or Romney to Veep with him... That would be a hell of a deal breaker IMO...

Thu May 31, 10:39:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

But consider this:

Is Tancredo positioned for the one right reason for the one right moment in time?

I don't know. Is timing in fact everything?


Or is it nothing. . .

Thu May 31, 10:54:00 PM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

I think the last 60 years have now distilled an idea of what are prime characteristics of Presidential Quality and what are not things that make for a President:

1) Presidents must not give a damn about a 'legacy' and let their work speak for itself. One does not tack on a 'legacy' in a handful of months and that is prescription for disaster. If your time in office does not speak for itself, then no 'legacy' will help you and only hurt the Nation.

2) Presidents must not set out to be 'liked'. Admired, respected and even loved... but the moment one bends to wanting to be 'liked' we seem to end up with all sorts of idiocy going on. GWB and this illegal alien 'legacy' and wanting to be 'liked' for it, Clinton trying to be 'liked' by everyone and getting snookered by North Korea and Saddam and al Qaeda and the EU in the Balkans and... GHWB and wanting to be 'liked' for not completing the job in Iraq. Reagan wanting to be 'liked' for actually standing up to the USSR, and for *not* responding to Hezbollah attacks nor to confronting Iran, that being 'liked' in the Middle East doesn't work. Carter wanted everyone to 'like' and appreciate him and ended up being a doormat to Iran and the USSR and diminishing our military capability. Ford was likeable, but was in a nasty place after Nixon. Nixon didn't much care about being liked *until* Watergate hit the fan, then trying his non-existant charm and hard nosed attitude made the acts even worse... should have just stuck to being a scoundrel and not a mealy-mouthed one after trying to kiss up to China. I know why he did that and even agree, to a point, but after that point... LBJ shone in the reflection of JFK, but could not convince the Nation of anything and had no moral fiber for warfare... JFK wanted to be loved by everyone, but quite some few could love him but not like him, but that didn't matter to him - charisma uber alles. Everyone liked Ike to start with, so he had to win no likeability contests. Truman was respected for being a tough as nails politician and even loved, but liking him was a tough thing to do.

- I like tough as nails politicians that support the Nation and uphold it and do not waffle around trying to find out where their Nationalism *is*. But that is only me.

3) The next President is a War President. If they put any non-war, non-security items in their top 5 speaking agenda and plans, they can go to hell. This Nation has no real problems beyond surviving as a Nation... not abortion, not medical care, not social security, not taxes, not inflation, not SCOTUS selections. If a candidate tries to put forth that there is *not* a war going on, then I know that they have walked in from an alternate reality and do not live in this one. The War and Security of the Nation to BE a Nation are paramount: Scope of the conflict, Forces needed to fight it properly, economic support in the way of production, Securing the borders, Cleaning up the terrorist cells allied with drug gangs and organized crime. An outlook to ask for the FULL and COMPLETE War Powers and also start listing terrorist organizations as Piratical organizations so the full war powers can be properly deployed is necessary. Any candidate that gives breathing space to any 'social issue' when the society, its culture and the Nation are being heavily corroded by having NO SECURITY is delusional. The obverse of the Franklin insight is also true: those that pay for no security get no freedom. It is at that point where we are currently at and seeing our freedom and liberty erode from Left and Right.

4) Whenever an opponent decries anything done by America the retort should be: PROVE IT. As in - multiple source documentation of the FACTS. Not pandering to emotions to put mere assertions ahead of facts. I hear lots of assertions from both Parties and their Candidates: it is time to lay the cards down and show the facts behind those arguments, good and bad, or fold up your tent and get out. There is a swath of politicians in the race that are putting forth non-factual and non-evidence based assertions about the Nation and they need to be called on it: D and R, BOTH.

Does anyone remember 'Law and Order Republicans'?

Can we find a few of those or are they a thing of the past and only a historical footnote?

That is my basic checklist to ensure that the next President is actually operating in this world and not some other, and bothers to identify what needs to be done and *why*. Notice that not one single 'program' is on that agenda, they are all outlooks and goals which need to be sustained. Programs are mere tactical ways to try and get to them and should be tried and used if they work, or discarded if they do not... not put in place forevermore.

Oh, and if you have served in the past two Congresses, you are immediately disqualified for the collective incompetence of the Congress and the lack of hearing voices from WITHIN the Chambers to decry that is deafening in its silence. And if you served since 1986, you had your chance to do something and take a stand and fulfill the promises put forward to the Nation. That means that one must be a 'doer' and 'thinker' or at least actually carry out on the right things to protect the Nation. That is THE standard I use for politicians: Do it or shut up and get out. If talking problems to death worked, we would be in paradise after Clinton.

Yeah, that leaves an incredibly short list.

Do as you say.
Say what you mean.
Mean what you do.

Fri Jun 01, 06:01:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Ranando said...

Yeah, that leaves an incredibly short list.

No, that leaves Fred Thompson.

I want new people, if your in office today I don't want them. show them the door.

I want Fred to pick a new running mate, brandnew.

Fri Jun 01, 07:49:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bushwack said...

F.T. is in the right place at the right time, I hope he has thin skin though, the demoncrats will launch a campaign of negativity and some of his lack of experience will come into play I'm sure.

IMO, the lack of experience is a POSITIVE, NO INCUMBENTS at ALL.

If Tancredo or any of our favorites don't win the nomination, they are out of politics for the next couple of years. We have to let these idiots in Washington know who they work for.
Sometimes throwing the baby out with the bathwater has to be done. it sends a clear message and that means even conservatives that we like might get tossed in with the ones we don't.

Fri Jun 01, 09:28:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

This is some great discussion! Love it! Makes me think of another post.


Fri Jun 01, 03:41:00 PM PDT  
Blogger TexasFred said...

The thing that gets me is, Romney's religion for one, I don't think I could vote for a Mormon, and McCain is more Dem than most Dems, and Giuliani is as big a moonbat as it gets, how ANYONE can claim to be a Conservative and say they'd vote for Rudy is beyond me, he's more Dem than McCain...

Rudy is an abortion supporting, fag supporting gun grabber...

Fri Jun 01, 04:46:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Ranando said...

We have to be careful with the abortion issue.

Do I wish Muslims had more abortions?

Yes, I do.

I guess I'm no longer pro-life, not when it comes to Muslims.

Abort everyone of these asshats.

Fri Jun 01, 04:57:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ranando: wow. That's some kind of major statement. Few would ever write words such as those. I concur, but wow -- if my blog were even remotely popular how you and I would be excoriated.

Remind yourself not to run for any kind of public service.


Fri Jun 01, 05:36:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Bingo Video. First I discovered Berryz and C-ute and Mesume, now this super huge chic group...What next!

Thu Dec 20, 05:55:00 AM PST  

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