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Bloviating Zeppelin: America Diverted: Defanged For The World

Bloviating Zeppelin

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Monday, October 06, 2008

America Diverted: Defanged For The World

"Old" news but applicable: As America's attention stands diverted on any number of issues -- to include the economy, the Presidential race, Clay Aiken -- Russia decides it's time for a power display in the Caribbean, literally in America's backyard. This is nothing more than Putin's Force Projection, showing us the tip of the Soviet spear. Sabre-rattling, if you will.

In an article documenting same, from the UK Times Online:

Russia flexed its muscles in America’s backyard yesterday as it sent one of its largest warships to join military exercises in the Caribbean. The nuclear-powered flagship Peter the Great set off for Venezuela with the submarine destroyer Admiral Chabanenko and two support vessels in the first Russian naval mission in Latin America since the end of the Cold War.

“The St Andrew flag, the flag of the Russian Navy, is confidently returning to the world oceans,” Igor Dygalo, a spokesman for the Russian Navy, said. He declined to comment on Russian newspaper reports that nuclear submarines were also part of the expedition.

The voyage to join the Venezuelan Navy for manoeuvres came only days after Russian strategic nuclear bombers made their first visit to the country. Hugo Chávez, the President, said then that the arrival of the strike force was a warning to the US. The vehemently antiAmerican Venezuelan leader is due to visit Dmitri Medvedev, the Russian President, in Moscow this week as part of a tour that includes visits to Cuba and China.

Are you making the link? Russia and Venezuela? We continue NOT to drill for EVERY DAMNED BIT OF OIL ON OUR SOVEREIGN SOIL at our OWN PERIL.

And further, please click on the link to the article then scroll down to the bottom for comments. Here are the thoughts of so-called "enlightened" Liberals regarding America:

1. I wish to apologize to the world for the acts of our "leader", Bush. We, the people of the U.S.A. have not had control of our government, for decades. We sat idley by, hands shackled, while Bush & friends have destroyed us. The US will fall due to it's own devices, no help needed. Greed = US.
Laurie Mueller, Litchfield Park, USA

2. It makes me laugh to read some Americans. Your country’s economy is a chronic invalid not able to survive. Above all military spending has caused the collapse. Open your eyes and stare at what to be happening inside the USA.
Alexey, Moscow, Russia

3. Good! Its about time someone stood up to America. Id rather have an enemy that was clearly my enemy then have an enemy that pretended to protect democracy and export freedom.
Clive, UK, UK

This is the kind of mindset the United States fights not only domestically, not only in Western Cultures, but in those nations seeking our downfall.

As I wrote before, the entire world seeks the downfall or the lessening of America's power at the world's peril.



Blogger Ranando said...

It doesn't and didn't have to be this way.

Mon Oct 06, 03:31:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bushwack said...

Message to the world:
BE careful what you wish for....

Eventually the idiots in charge will have to remove funds from foreign lands to shore up our own... Oh well.

I have no fear about the upcoming storm. Some folks are so anti-GWB that the minute he is out of office butterflies start flying and the flowers bloom. These are the same folks that will be bitching about the NEXT President.Bitch bitch bitch, BUT CONGRESS has lower approval numbers..
The President is the head of the table but the seat fillers are the power and CONGRESS is supposed to be OUR channel to the Power.. IT HAS NOT BEEN! Fire them all and start over.

I am almost hoping Obama wins so these asshat libtards get what they are asking for, but I am not about running from a fight.

Mon Oct 06, 04:27:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SPIT! What goes around comes around. Never wish ill on others or their nations lest if comes back to find you!

I cannot write what I would really like to call these sick morons! :(

Mon Oct 06, 08:05:00 PM PDT  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

1. I wish to apologize to the world for the acts of our "leader", Bush. We, the people of the U.S.A. have not had control of our government, for decades. We sat idley by, hands shackled, while Bush & friends have destroyed us. The US will fall due to it's own devices, no help needed. Greed = US.
Laurie Mueller, Litchfield Park, USA

I hope some patriot in Litchfield sees her comment, looks her up, and gives her a swift kick in the pants.

Tue Oct 07, 01:04:00 AM PDT  
Blogger NEO, SOC said...

that's why I want Ron Paul to win! We need to pull our troops, pull our resources and everything else we are giving to those ungrateful jerks and rebuild within. Those Americans locally can be given the option to leave if they feel we are so "imperialistic"!

Tue Oct 07, 05:12:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Russia is up to its old imperialism again. And, for the most part, few are really paying attention.

Good post.

Tue Oct 07, 05:22:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AOW: welcome aboard, and thanks for commenting! And yes, it's Russia up to "old" tricks.


Tue Oct 07, 05:41:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Gayle said...

I said basically the same thing on one of my posts, BZ. Chavez is saying he's going nuclear, but no one is really paying attention. We are diverted, and our enemies are taking advantage of it.

AOW is great, BTW!

Tue Oct 07, 06:46:00 AM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

The Russian Oligarchs have been working in our 'backyard' in the Caribe since the mid-1990's. Russian warship? How about undermining the US banking system in the late 1990's? That was what happened, and that system has still, to this day, not been uprooted because it is 'too complex' to chase down.

Nice ship from a dying fleet ya got there. How did you pay for it? Oh, that's right... the oligarchs helped. Now, which is worse? The ship or the undermining of the banking system? You see the effect, can you now address the cause?

One of those Oligarch's, 'Putin's Oligarch', Oleg Deripaska has connections to Sen. Bob Dole and has met with Sen. John McCain. One of Sen. McCain's aids was most likely working for a group funded by Russia to undermine Montenegro. The yacht that Sen. McCain partied on while he celebrated his 70th birthday in Montenegro was owned by... Oleg Deripaska. You know, if you really want democracy to flourish, you just might not want the Russian Mafia to take over 40% of your manufacturing base....

There is a Russian warship in the Caribe, helpfully funded by parts of the Red Mafia either directly or indirectly... Russia is far from transparent, but their fingers are, literally, everywhere is the Red Mafia. Consider that the Red Mafia is, most likely, the most violent and ruthless criminal organization on the planet: the Colombian Cartels feared them, the Sicilians fear them, if you look at the Russian prison system you see something that MS-13 hardcore types would get chewed up completely in.

If you want our 'backyard', could Mexico please be addressed as the Red Mafia is making a move to undermine the old cartel system there? I will even give good odds on the oligarch backing that, and it isn't Deripaska. This one is from the Ukraine, but he was brought up under Semion Mogilevich's organization... his name is Dmitri Firtash and he has a natural gas empire like you wouldn't believe. That empire stretches into Turkmenistan... why is that important? It controls 5% of the natural gas Iran uses and it is playing with Iran's natural gas supply. That is having huge problems show up in neighborhoods suddenly asked to go without natural gas... or bakeries shutting down... or factories not working. Yes, Firtash is willing to hit Iran where it hurts so that he can get a 'piece of the action' in its awful petro industry. He is a man with $10 billion/year free and clear just for running the set-up. Where, oh where, is a rich, energy hungry country depending directly on a poor neighbor?

Can you say the US and Mexico?

Where is Red Mafia money showing up?


Who might want a piece of that action?

Can I hand out some cluebats?

If you fulminate about Russia, then get a serious answer from John McCain on this.

One is: Dumb Looks, Still Free. Waffling and blaming staff or 'he didn't know'.

He could do the right one, and would show him up to be a guy I *would* want as President: 'I was scouting the enemy to see how they work. I am sorry for the consequences, but there was no other way to do it.'

I could and WILL vote for that if it is the answer. The former puts him in Obama territory, save that he should KNOW BETTER.

You have awful choices in this election, don't try to fancy them up. And if you check the dates of my posts, you will see this has been a long term concern of mine for quite some time. They are not new. I don't like the Red Mafia's friends having a play in both camps. I detest that. At the highest level it is awful beyond compare.

I'll vote for the Hockey Mom.

She could probably give good pointers on forechecking and backchecking. We need that. Desperately.

Tue Oct 07, 06:49:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We are diverted, and our enemies are taking advantage of it."

Not only are we diverted but thanks to the bailout we no longer have the ability to pay for anything to counter what is happenning.

Tue Oct 07, 06:50:00 AM PDT  

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