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Sunday, October 12, 2008

New To The Usual Suspects

Please, direct from Melbourne, Australia, welcome American Interests to The Usual Suspects.

The purpose of the AI blog is to "To disseminate knowledge of, highlight threats to, explore opportunities for, and serve as a platform of advocacy for the preservation and continuance of American hegemony." Wonderful!

All this from an Australian blogger? But wait, there's more. AI writes about himself:

Most know me as Otto, my everyday designation others as Ottavio, my birth name. I am partial to free, market driven economies, free trade principles, and freedom for individuals to structure their own lives with little Government interference. I believe in the individual, and would staunchly advocate that the "individual" is greater than any collective and that he/she should have ultimate control over their lives. I am socially conservative and support traditional morality and social structure. I champion fiscal conservatism and economic liberalism. I enjoy writing about that which interests me. To be sure, I do so to impart knowledge and understanding and to put both an individual spin and my own distinctive sensibility and perception on my chosen subject matter. Whether we share the same opinion or not is immaterial; I warmly welcome all comments to my posts. In amity, you will find me honest, loyal, dependable, and principled. So please, do not hesitate to comment, no matter what your beliefs or stance.

As I've written before any number of times (most recently this past Monday): when you damage America, be it by those internally or externally, you damage and threaten the entire planet. Here is a blog whose entire premise is precisely that.

Further, AI writes in "About This Blog":

What most folk seem to forget or simply not understand, is that for all intents and purposes, present “World Order” is stable and predictable in part due to the economic, technological, military and diplomatic superpower we know as The United States.

It is largely unacknowledged that it is in the world's greatest interests that the U.S. continues to exact its present worldly economic, political, cultural and military influence, one that extends to leadership in scientific and technological research and the production of innovative technological products.

Our democratic way of life, our economies and our national security, are irrevocably tied to a secure world order - an order, to which the present day United States, even with some imperfections, is at the heart, as the pre-eminent driver of internationalism.

This site has a four-fold purpose, to increase knowledge of, highlight threats to, explore opportunites for and above all, serve as platform of advocacy for the continuance and preservation of global American dominance because, as was stated well before me, "America must remain strong".

Intelligent, insightful, well-written, thoughtful, this is American Interests and more. Please go there now; you'll quite enjoy every visit.



Continued appy-polly-loggies for not being able to post photos from this current laptop whilst on holiday. For whatever reason this unit and Blogger are not seeing quite eye-to-eye.


Blogger Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Thank you ... And greetings from the Gold Coast, Australia...

Wed Oct 15, 04:12:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And I tell you sir, it's GREAT to have your blog and your viewpoint aboard!


Wed Oct 15, 09:18:00 AM PDT  

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