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Bloviating Zeppelin: Thoughts On The Death Of Osama bin Laden

Bloviating Zeppelin

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Thoughts On The Death Of Osama bin Laden

Yesterday, Monday, was a travel day for me. I was in Nevada with my wife, checking out the curriculum vitae on the motorcycle below, a Triumph Rocket III, at Freedom Cycles in Reno. Carl, a customer and good friend of Freedom Cycles -- who has his own customized and absolutely gorgeous blue-and-white 2007 Rocket III -- was kind enough to spend an additional full hour with me, regaling me with tales of his own Triumph, both good and bad. The owner of Freedom Cycles owes Carl, at least, a really fine steak dinner for this if I come back and make the purchase.

As I was on the road, it wasn't until much later on Monday that I discovered the fact that Osama bin Laden weighed just slightly more in death than he had in life.

Turns out that OBL lived in a million-dollar military compound a few miles north of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Not in a cave; not in a hovel; not in effluvial waste amongst "the people." I tell you this: the Pakistani ISI knew where OBL was for quite some time and refused to divulge. Resultingly, the ISI was informed of the operation only after the fact. The Pakistanis have, at the very least, been playing both sides of the fence. Yes, Pakistan, a nuclear power. And OBL purposely protected by Pakistani security.

Turns out our Navy SEALS found out where, built an identical compound, practiced time and again on the replica and then proffered OBL what is known as a "double tap" -- one to the body, one to the head. In this case, the left side of the face. It should please Leftists and supporters of Islam that Mr OBL used his youngest wife as an immediate shield against the assault. Ah yes, Islam as a continued misogynist religion. As delineated in my very last post.

Well done, SEALS, well done indeed.

The media is perplexed with the situation. What to do? How to spin -? The incipient politicization -?

- Huzzahs
to Obama for KILLING Osama bin Laden on his watch?
- Barack HUSSEIN Obama taking credit for an Islamic man's death? [After pandering, bowing and catering to Islam the world over?]
- Congratulations for taking advantage of the death of a human being?
- How will the far Leftists react to huzzahs over the naked slaughter or assassination, across a sovereign border, of a man who had every reason to expect the US would play, in the sandbox, according to the Marquess of Queensbury rules?

They wonder: kudos to GW Bush for starting the commitment -- and kudos to BH Obama for ending it? Do we actually acknowledge the foundational seeds of this path in terms of interrogation, waterboarding, Hotel Gitmo?

Thinks the DEM/MSM: "do we dare go there?"

The body was disposed of in the North Arabian Sea. I say: outstanding. Right on. That is a simple, elegant, wise, and cost-effective means of snatching MARTYRDOM and SHRINES from the Islamists and Islam in general.

Some initial input: Hamas is unhappy. Arabs riot in Jerusalem. Ho-damned-hum.

It took us years to kill Osama bin Laden. He too played both ends against the middle. And, in a way, if it is true, kudos to BHO for not standing in the way of his finest Navy SEAL warriors. That said: humility? Magnanimity?

They had a mission. Mission accomplished.

In reflection: how cool would it have been to be the SEAL that put rounds into OBL?

Now that, my friends, that is a True American Patriot.


I'm certain of one thing: due to his status, Mr bin Laden was provided with only the finest goats and boys up to the very end.

My condolences to the associated Islamic animal and pederastic providers. Your Golden Egg is now gone. How sad.


Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

When Hillary Clinton says that information was developed in concert with Pakistani ISI, I say: BULLSHIT!

When "official sources" say that SEALS wanted to take OBL "alive", I say: BULLSHIT!

You and I know BULLSHIT when we step on it.


Mon May 02, 06:03:00 PM PDT  
Blogger CJ said...

I'm with you, BZ. The beginning of this trail started with enhanced interrogation, which got us the name of a trusted courier. It lead us, via a winding trail, to the compound in Pakistan...

And I don't think they tried very hard to capture him, either.

We've got the best military in the world and they proved it.


Mon May 02, 06:38:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

GWB won't get any credit. Of that much is certain. Given.

"and they proved it."

YES. They did indeed, cj.


Mon May 02, 06:44:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Greybeard said...

I understand your point, BZ, but I think you're mistaken. I think Bin Laden DID NOT weigh more in death than in life. I'm hearing a large portion of the back of his skill became a red-mist in that bedroom.
I like that imagery.
(God forgive me.)

Tue May 03, 12:56:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Greybeard said...

About the bike. (Actually an engine with two wheels attached.)
I'm looking forward to hearing about the purchase and will make this promise...
One day we'll get together and ride down the left coast together.
Maybe we could interest other is such a venture?

Wed May 04, 08:15:00 AM PDT  

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