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Bloviating Zeppelin: Obama: a Lying Liar?

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Friday, May 04, 2012

Obama: a Lying Liar?


Embellishments? Falsehoods?

I recently wrote about an early and outright LIE Mr Obama made here.

The DEM/MSM didn't do its job in 2007/2008 with regard to Mr Obama, and still doesn't do its job. It couldn't possibly, essentially, fellate Mr Obama any more now than then. Whatever Mr Obama says is etched with proverbial Stone-Carved Accuracy.

Unless, of course, it isn't.

David Mariness recently wrote a Vanity Fair piece (see it here, coming in the June 2012 issue, as an excerpt from his forthcoming book) where "composite characters" are mentioned, having been assembled by Mr Obama. "Composite characters" is a phrase for LIE.

Let me refresh your memory, if I might, when James Frey wrote "A Million Little Pieces" and was embraced by Oprah Winfrey -- until, that is, his book was revealed to be a LIE because of "composite characters."

If it's a LIE in one book, it's a LIE in all. Period. Simple. No exceptions. No tap-backs, no erasies.

With lies in mind, an Obama lawyer ADMITS that his birth certificate was a forgery.

Yet, who covered this? Hello? Anyone? Bueller?

And does this go back and source to -- and is Snopes itself suspect now? I submit: yes, it is. Snopes is run by nothing more than a married couple. Not researchers. Not scientists. Not journalistas. Not independents.

As Hugh Hewitt asks in this post:
The obvious question is: If he was willing to make stuff up in his memoir, what other stuff has he made up along the way? Not just in the memoir, but generally?"

Further, John Hinderaker at PowerLine refers to things in Obama's Dreams From My Father that simply didn't exist. Please allow me to do what I call the "logical extension": those things are LIES.

Some might accuse me of attempting to "discredit" Mr Obama. Please let me reply to that:

Yes. I'm not just attempting. I'm doing it.

Because Mr Obama is a bald-faced liar emboldened by GOWPs and the DEM/MSM. For two salient reasons: 1) because he is a Leftist and, more importantly, 2) people perceive Obama to be black. Though he is conveniently black when he wishes and white when he wishes. According to his targeted audience. He is slick and smart and smarmy enough to "play" in both venues.

Another final LIE recently propagated on the internet in Mr Obama's attempt for re-election:

The "Life of Julia."

And what an incredible crock of unmitigated, emo pap proffered for the most brain-dead of Americans. I won't waste my time in examination; you can see it for yourself by clicking the link above.

Human Events rightly asks: "Who the hell is Julia and why am I paying for her whole life?" And I would reply: a fictional woman -- yes, perhaps even a purposely-created "composite character" -- whose sole purpose, it seems, is to rely upon the American Government her entire life!

Apparently, Julia is ignorant, clueless, powerless, uneducated, unassertive, unmotivated and brainwashed, because she believes that government is the solution to all of her ills, real or imagined. A single woman promised, by government, with all manner of life-long subsidies. In my way of thinking, another leech sucking upon the bloodstream of producers.

Oddly enough -- imagine this! -- nothing is mentioned of the unfathomable and unpayable debt she -- and her children -- will carry throughout her life because of Mr Obama. Julia is nothing more than a Serf, a Pawn, a Groundling.

That is to say, if she determines to demean herself sufficiently to actually have children and, further, if she actually wants to utilize her womb. Let's not just simply make this assumption. In terms of her "children."

Today, 46% of adults under 35 in Europe still live with their parents.

My! That's something to which we all should aspire -- Julia included.

Again: "Julia" is another "composite character" and, as such, another bald-faced LIE.

Promulgated, promoted and supported by Mr Obama, our current Liar In Chief -- and his biased, Leftist minions.

To me, the most important phrase is this: "If you think Social Security benefits allow you to live your retirement without worry, you deserve Barack Obama."

Oh yes, you surely do.

But not this time.



Blogger Well Seasoned Fool said...

Think the "Progressives" care?

Thu May 03, 08:22:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Right Truth said...

It was interesting that there was no husband, but also interesting that Obama was president from birth to death. How did he work that out?

Right Truth

Fri May 04, 04:01:00 PM PDT  
Blogger TexasFred said...

If I had a daughter she would look like Julia... Uh, wait... He DOES have daughters, and they look nothing like Julia...

Say, you don't suppose Obama lied again do you?

Fri May 04, 05:29:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

WSF: not a whit.

RT: it's magic. Leftist magic. Predicated but upon eMOtions but NOT upon facts.

TF: imagine that. His daughters "taken care of" BECAUSE he was POTUS, from cradle to grave.



Fri May 04, 06:04:00 PM PDT  
Blogger ∞ ≠ ø said...

Just a note on the most recent effort to produce a long form.

Watch this Eastern Bloc fellow demonstrate that anyone with Adobe Illustrator can prove that the certificate is manufactured.

Fri May 04, 09:07:00 PM PDT  

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