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Does your US Government think you're a terrorist if you believe in its founding documents?

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Bloviating Zeppelin: Does your US Government think you're a terrorist if you believe in its founding documents?

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Does your US Government think you're a terrorist if you believe in its founding documents?

Apparently, yes.

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism And Response to Terrorism (START) quantifies "right wing extremism" as follows:

The extreme far right is composed of groups that believe that one's personal and/or national "way of life" is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent (for some the threat is from some specific ethnic, racial or religious group), and believe in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism. Groups may also be fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation), anti-global, suspicious of centralized federal authority, reverent of individual liberty, and believe in conspiracy theories that involve great threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty.

The START brochure, for verification of this, exists here in PDF.

I suggest a brief dissection of that above paragraph as it relates to reality and Conservatives and, of course, myself and -- I suspect -- the bulk of my readers.
  1. - Yes, I believe my traditional way of life is under attack on many fronts and angles;
  2. - Yes, the threat is imminent;
  3. - Yes, in terms of religion, I see Islam as practiced in ME the greatest threat to my nation;
  4. - Yes, I believe in the need to be prepared for some type of radical national cataclysm;
  5. - Yes, I don't believe in Globalist or Universal views;
  6. - Yes, I believe in the sovereignty of my United States of America;
  7. - Yes, the federal government has done its best to assure that it's primarily incompetent;
  8. - Yes, the federal government has done its best to indicate it couldn't care less about taxpayers;
  9. - Yes, I AM REVERENT of individual liberty!
  10. - Yes, I believe our national sovereignty is under attack from Globalists;
  11. - Yes, I witness our individual American freedoms eroded year-to-year, month-to-month;
Therefore, according to my OWN federal government, though I once swore an oath specifically to it, I am NOW a Terrorist.

Mr Obama is a Transnationalist. That is no way to defend us; that is instead provoking other nations to attack us. Mr Obama is completely over his head. Eric Holder is a liar and untrustworthy. The federal government is growing whilst, concurrently, the private sector and the state public sectors are greatly diminishing.

When the word "ideology" is utilized adjacent the word "Conservative," somehow that is perceived to be a pejorative in our national media and not so with regard to Leftists, Progressives, Demorats.

How sad that those who have sworn to uphold our foundational documents are now quantified -- by our very own federal government -- as "terrorists."

Who, now, is "us" and who is "them"?

To my federal law enforcement friends and acquaintances, and to our military personnel: are you an Oathkeeper? How far will you go? What orders will you obey or not? How scared are you? How much do you fear for your jobs if you refuse to comply?


How much confidence do you have in your leadership?

To my readers: your thoughts?


h/t to Right Truth!

Also: this post may "stick" for a few days, in order for the bulk of those who read this blog to digest its true import.


Blogger Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sure hope I qualify. The real domestic terrorists are the tools writing this crap.

Too old to be anything but an auxiliary but count me in.

Tue Jun 12, 08:37:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And, WSF, like me -- in terms of agedness -- we are Silverbacks.


Tue Jun 12, 08:44:00 PM PDT  
Blogger sdkar said...

If those are the guidelines for determining who a terrorist is, than our government is a terrorist. They too feel that they are under imminent attack by people like me, they feel the urgent need to prepare for violence, they are afraid of us and preparing for something bad. So, they, by their own definition, are terrorists. We need to prepare just the same as they are.

Wed Jun 13, 04:33:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Old NFO said...

He gods! I'm in the affirmative with you and WSF!

Wed Jun 13, 09:01:00 AM PDT  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Why YES, they do...

Time to change the government, isn't that what *terrifying terrorists* do?

Wed Jun 13, 12:51:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Trekkie4Ever said...

Since I believe in gun rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and I stand firmly on the Word of God AND of course, the constitution.

Yes, I am considered a domestic terrorist in the eyes of homeland security, the ACLU, the president, Eric Holder, Pelosi, Reid, etc.

Because I do not trust the current administration and I question everything they do that goes against everything our forefather's wanted for this great nation.

Wed Jun 13, 02:36:00 PM PDT  
Blogger sdkar said...

I believe that our Founding Fathers, George Washington as well as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and 53 other Americans were considered "Terrorists" by their government. So I guess those of us that have been labeled as such are in damn good company. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wed Jun 13, 04:30:00 PM PDT  
Blogger mrchuck said...

The comments above, ALL of them, describe me too.
I am prepared to defend our Constitution, and fight all tyranny, communistic take-overs, anything that this illegitimate current president brings forth between now and when his term is up.
I detest the people who have promoted and got this "halficran" president elected.
I firmly believe that he will not be re-elected now.
I predict the "aftermath" will be entertaining, as the likes of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, et al, are all rounded up, re-investigated, and their lives are made a living Hell for them.
Not sure yet how the riots of the negro race will be handled at this time, but No Quarters will be given for rioters around me and mine.
Fun times are a-coming!!!!

Wed Jun 13, 06:11:00 PM PDT  
Blogger ∞ ≠ ø said...

None of us, here, are terrorists. Sdkar has demonstrated the power used define and label the "other" that our own government is using against us.

We may not have voted these clowns in but we are still the constituency. Never make the mistake of disavowing your government. Condemn their actions, express appropriate moral outrage, and continue to hold them accountable to the Constitution. This they cannot act upon. Reject their authority and they gain the Constitution as a weapon against you.

So who are these people, allowed to define what constitutes threat and what does not? Quite honestly they're sociologists with a grant from DHS. Well, they call themselves criminologists although many do not actually have a degree in the field. The director of START doesn't for example. He hides what field his degree is from on his CV.

What is more troubling, that many of you probably don't know, is that Marxist theory has overtaken most of the ad hoc field of criminology; and from theory practice follows. This 'threat definition' is a subversion designed by Marxist strategists looking to mark conservative white men as terrorists while effectively masking more legitimate threats.

I don't know how much leftist theory actual police are exposed to. B.Z. can surly explain a bit from his experiences. But for the rest start here.
The awards page shows a full network, the news page will show you that this is where guys like Holder get their inspiration. This is where the ravenous appetite for Joe Arpaio's blood comes from. They're Marxists, they're fascist, and they're farking everywhere.

Homeland Security is preparing to defend themselves from us. We have the Constitution, they have Marx. Make sure to demonstrate that your opposition is to the Marxist subversives within the government. You will be safer and stronger on those terms.

May God bless America and may God damn the socialist nihilist bastards who are trying to tear her down.

Thu Jun 14, 02:09:00 PM PDT  

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