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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Moonbat of the Week Award

And the award goes to another organization:


Yes, the American Association of Retired Persons.


They made Harry Belafonte an Impact Award for 2006 Honoree.

Now, I've never made Harry Belafonte an official Moonbat; he's so far off the scope that everyone unofficially acknowledges his Moonbat status. That's like Louis Farrakhan; he's so far off the scope that everyone readily lists him: Moonbat. Like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel. And so it is with Pat Robertson: Moonbat. But I digress.

Allow me to put this in a bit of perspective, if you will. I grew up listening to Harry Belafonte because my older brothers used to play his records in their bedroom along with the Kingston Trio, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul and Mary, the very early Beatles, Donovan, the Beach Boys, Joan Baez and others (And to think I turned out Right Wing. Amazing!).

Okay, sure, Harry was a great singer.

But now he's an even greater fool. People say I should respect my elders. But with age, as many of us already know, wisdom frequently leaves some behind. Wisdom seems to have caught a cab whose driver refuses to go back into the Harry Belafonte neighborhood.

And for good reason.

Belafonte has said:

"Hitler had a lot of Jews high up in the hierarchy of the Third Reich. Color does not necessarily denote quality, content or value," Belafonte said in an exclusive interview with Cybercast News Service.

"[If] a black is a tyrant, he is first and foremost a tyrant, then he incidentally is black. Bush is a tyrant and if he gathers around him black tyrants, they all have to be treated as they are being treated," he added. This was in reference to Colin Powell.

"In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and were those slaves that lived in the house. "You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master... exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. "Colin Powell's committed to come into the house of the master. When Colin Powell dares to suggest something other than what the master wants to hear, he will be turned back out to pasture."

"In fact and practice ... you are serving those who continue to design our oppression," he said of Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. "That is villainy, and I insist you look at it."

Sept. 11 "wasn't just Bin Laden. Bin Laden didn't come from the abstract. He came from somewhere, and if you look where ... you'll see America's hand of villainy."

Asked if he thought leaders of his own country were misguided, Belafonte, said: "Absolutely. I not only think that they are misguided, but I think they know exactly what they are doing and I think that they are men who are possessed of evil."

"I don't think that (U.S. President) George Bush . . . is a man of honor."

"I think he (Bush) has a very selfish, arrogant point of view. I think he is interested in power, I think he believes his truth is the only truth, and that he will do what he wants to do despite the people."

"We have got to bring corporate America to its knees." (Yeah. That's good. All those people don't want paychecks anyway.)



Whilst I was researching the abundant stupidity of Belafonte, though he's clearly an easy target, I found more quotes sure to warm the very cockles of your heart:

"When I see an American flag flying, it's a joke." -- Robert Altman

"They're sheep. They like him (Bush) enough to credit him with saving the nation after 9/11. Three thousand people get killed, and everybody thinks they're next on the list. The president comes along, and he's got his six-guns strapped on, and people think he's going to save them." -- Ed Asner

"I also think that there is a strong streak of racism, and whenever we engage in foreign adventures. Our whole history in regime change has been of people of different color." -- Ed Asner

"The real terrorist threats are George W. Bush and his band of brown-shirted thugs." -- Sandra Bernhard

"I think America has no experience with terrorism or even with war. In Europe, we know a little bit more about these things." -- Bono

"I'm saying that the moral climate within the ruling class in this country is not that different from the moral climate within the ruling class of Hitler's Germany." -- David Clennon, star of the hit CBS television series "The Agency"

...I'm not comparing Bush to Adolf Hitler - because George Bush, for one thing, is not as smart as Adolf Hitler. And secondly George Bush has much more power than Adolf Hitler ever had." -- David Clennon, star of the hit CBS television series "The Agency"

...I'm saying that we (Americans) have sunk pretty low and I'm saying that you can look at the moral climate in Germany in 1933. We have to ask ourselves if we found ourselves in Nazi Germany, what would we do. Now I say, let the inspection process take its course." -- David Clennon, star of the hit CBS television series "The Agency"

"You can't beat your enemy anymore through wars; instead you create an entire generation of people revenge-seeking. These days it only matters who's in charge. Right now that's us -- for a while at least. Our opponents are going to resort to car bombs and suicide attacks because they have no other way to win. ...I believe (Rumsfeld) thinks this is a war that can be won, but there is no such thing anymore. We can't beat anyone anymore." -- George Clooney

"I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies." -- Sheryl Crow, married to cyclist and Texan Lance Armstrong

I think the U.S. is terrifying and it saddens me. You only have to look at the state of affairs in America. I do worry about my children. As a parent you are always concerned...I just want them to be in a place where they are going to be strong enough to be able to make the right choices. Unfortunately we're in a position where people are so irresponsible that human life holds so little value to them. -- Tom Cruise explains why he wants his kids to be raised in Australia instead of America

"I just wish men would quit thinking they could just duke it out with each other. I don’t have all the facts, and who knows what’s really the truth, but I don’t really respect (Bush’s) way of dealing with this situation. It would have been great to have someone really, really smart in that office, and someone who is globally aware." -- Sandy Duncan

"I don't know if a country (America) where the people are so ignorant of reality and of history, if you can call that a free world." -- Jane Fonda

"(W)hen Communist U.S.S.R. was a superpower, the world was better off. The right-wing media is trying to marginalize the peace movement." -- Janeane Garofalo

"This (Iraq) is a manufactured conflict for the sake of geopolitical dominance in the area." -- Janeane Garofalo

"In a situation like this, of course you identify with everyone who's suffering. (But we must also think about) the terrorists who are creating such horrible future lives for themselves because of the negativity of this karma. It's all of our jobs to keep our minds as expansive as possible. If you can see (the terrorists) as a relative who's dangerously sick and we have to give them medicine, and the medicine is love and compassion. There's nothing better." -- Richard Gere

"America has never paid any attention to other people, so it's absurd for Bush to say that it's all in the best interests of the Iraqi people." -- Richard Gere

"Yes, (Bush is a) racist. We all knew that but the world is only finding it out now. As Texas's governor, Bush led a penitentiary system that executed more people than all the other U.S. states together. And most of the people who died from (the) death penalty were Afro-Americans or Hispanics. (Bush) promoted a Conservative program, designed to eliminate everything Americans had accomplished so far in matters of race and equality." -- Danny Glover


And you wonder why box office receipts, MSM newspapers are dwindling and cultural divides are widening?

Not I.


Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Awesome post! I especially loved this line: "Wisdom seems to have caught a cab whose driver refuses to go back into the Harry Belafonte neighborhood." Harry is one of those that is so far off the reservation you don't even know where to start.

Gayle did a post recently about Ed Asner who is another one in the Harry camp. Those 2 along with Phil Donahue, Danny Glover and more are so far left they are in the conspiracy theorist camp never to return to reality. It amazes me that I can still love the Lethal Weapon movies having Danny in them. But as you know Gibson makes up for it.

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. The blogging thing has been a great outlet for me in a year of transition and change for me. Obviously the newsletter made it sound like a perfect year but it had its ups and downs too. I have really appreciated getting to know you. You were one of the first faithful commenters on my site and one of the first to link to me so I have been very thankful for you. Yours is also one of the first blogs I visit on a daily basis because you always do such a good job and I mean that.

Have a very happy New Year!!

Thu Dec 29, 07:26:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

LMC: YOU are sooooo cool!

Man, you attacked this post literally seconds after it published!

I kinda wanted to respect Harry Belafonte if, for no other reason, than his age. But when he goes so far astray, he just naturally comes into my gunsight. I don't give a s!!t about his age.

You're spot on -- I still kinda like the Lethal Weapon movies but, in my estimation, Mel carries them.

And, once again, THANK YOU for the very KIND words you have left in my comments section! Your blog is a star in a galaxy of blogs -- and it stands out because it is so well portrayed, developed, and your posts are so written from the heart.

We'll ALL do well in 2006!!

Thu Dec 29, 07:42:00 PM PST  
Blogger bigwhitehat said...

Ok BloZep! I can't stand it any more!
You sir need to meet VanHelsing. Go check out this site.

It will make your whole blogging experience much better. I can't believe this guy is not on your Honor Roll already.

Thu Dec 29, 08:49:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

AARP is one of the biggest *Gun Grabbing* organizations there is...

I sent em ALL their application stuff back with a copy of my NRA lifetime... I have NO use for the AARP, never have, never will...

Thu Dec 29, 08:50:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hat: Huh. Looks like I need to go there. Maybe he should replace Eddie. Who the heck knows where Eddie has gone? It now references the Gyrobo site which I find astoundingly tedious and brain-glazingly unfunny.

TF: Never underestimate the power of AARP, though. I signed up with them if, for no other reason, than to get their magazine and figure out where they are. That's how I knew about their so-called awards.

Age doesn't necessarily make you smarter; it just makes you older.

Age + common sense = ah, yes, there's the rub.

Thu Dec 29, 09:26:00 PM PST  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

BZ: Thanks!!!!!!!

Fri Dec 30, 12:39:00 AM PST  
Blogger Revka said...

I second what LMC said. I frequent your blog more than any of the others. You have a nack for knowing what to blog about. Even the football post was an interesting read. (I am not in to football anymore), but I grew up with it.. I had 2 older brothers and a dad and mom who watched it every weekend and on monday nights. SO...
Regarding this post: what is wrong with these people? I expected to hear such nonsense from Clooney and bellafonte.. I kind of expectd it from cheryl crow, but i realy hope mr. lance armstrong doesn't join in the ignoramous chorus..

Anyway, i have a BAD BACK.. it has been slowly getting worse through the years. SO, i don't know how long i can sit in front of the computer :(
I am going to finally go get an MRI. I hope they figure this out. Usually, with drugs i get over this withing 2 days, but this has been lingering on for about 3 1/2 days now and not getting any better. It is a chronic thing i will have to deal with the rest of my life.
They gave me a drug oxycodone.. kind of like the one rush took, but not as addictive.
WOW, when I took it, i could see where one could get addicted.. MAN.. euphoria..
Anyway, hope you have a great new years eve!

Fri Dec 30, 05:55:00 AM PST  
Blogger Fish said...

The thing that is always so obvious with the liberal celebrities is the total lack of facts or evidence for their emotionalized outbursts (yes, outbursts much like spoiled brats). Huge emoting (learned in acting school I presume), and they recite their lines well (always written by others) and nothing else. They make me think so much of that little robotic toy a few years ago. You could say something to it and it would repeat it back to you. You knew it didn't understand what it was saying and would just as well spout gibberish if that's what it was given. Liberal entertainers are adept at memorizing their lines and spouting them with conviction, and they seem just as able to spout gibberish as the robot. Only with "feeling".

Fri Dec 30, 08:39:00 AM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

I get my info on AARP online and from the NRA...

Sorry BZ, I won't give those bastards the time of day...

Fri Dec 30, 09:26:00 AM PST  
Blogger echotig said...

With age comes wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone.

Sat Dec 31, 08:51:00 AM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Rebecca: thank you for your support this past, growing year for me -- and for all of us. If I had the technical knowledge, I'd start our own webring and call it "The Usual Suspects."

I'd include you, me, LMC, Mahndisa, Big White Hat, Texas Fred, to start. I would have included Eddie but -- where the heck did he go? Anyone know what happened to him?

Fish: you're so right. In an attempt, like most lame teenagers, to proclaim their independence they end up marching, in lockstep, with all the other like-clad and like-thinking units.

Echotig: that quote is so germane and insightful, I may use it, if I have your permission, under a future Ponderings.

Sat Dec 31, 04:31:00 PM PST  

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