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Bloviating Zeppelin: Jobs Crisis

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Jobs Crisis

Read this article.

Then substitute your state or the federal government for Chicago.

I couldn't have said it better.

Your thoughts?



Blogger Greybeard said...

Good article, BZ. Did you read the comments there? They're a good indication why I have little hope this runaway train will be stopped and turned around.
Be prepared everyone.

Sat Jan 09, 12:23:00 AM PST  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Illinois' undisciplined spending, its high business taxes and its backlog of unfunded obligations make this an unattractive state to prospective employers.

I could say the same about Northern Virginia. We've seen businesses here exit because of the high taxes thereon, although the situation is not as bad as that of Illinois.

I would also add that another reason that Northern Virginia is more economically depressed than I've ever before seen is that all the many bond issues voted in over the past few decades are coming due, thus keeping real-estate taxes high all around (businesses and residences). Were it not for all the federal government jobs here, we'd have a lot more empty houses and businesses!

Sat Jan 09, 03:49:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in the line as well, LOL! I suppose we can expect another knee jerk FDR response that perpetuates the the current crisis since the Mussiah has lauded FDR's approach in the past. And how's that $787 billion stimulating you? I haven't even felt a buzz.

Sat Jan 09, 07:13:00 AM PST  
Blogger Clint said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sat Jan 09, 08:55:00 AM PST  
Blogger Clint said...

Yes it's a runaway train, but I still have hope that the right group of leaders will emerge in 2010 and 2012. But it takes the voters making the right decisions.

But, I see your point--by 2012 it might be too late...

Sat Jan 09, 08:56:00 AM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Greybeard: you make a good point. Here's the comment, folks, to which he's referring:

"People who are so wealthy that they can afford to pay other people to do their work for them have too much money. Illinois voters believe in Social Justice that requires the redistribution of the Peoples' wealth if poverty is to be eliminated."
lllibbybridge (01/09/2010, 7:06 AM )

And THAT'S the mindset you're fighting in the United States.

AOW: right on. It's just as I said: ___________ (insert your state here).

Gawfer: and for what did the STUPID electorate in Fornicalia recently VOTE? Why yes, that would be Stem Cell Funding to the tune of BILLIONS, with literally NO oversight -- and fucking "high speed rail" meaning that, at OUR speed, it is guaranteed to be:

1) Billions MORE over budget;
2) Years MORE in taking shape;
3) FEW will ride the damned thing;
4) It will become a SOCIAL PROGRAM that provides FREE rides to the "poor."

And, oh yes, Gawfer, Mr Obama wants ANOTHER "stimulus."

Clint: we can hope. But instead, I have some additional thoughts on that for a later post. . .


Sat Jan 09, 09:58:00 AM PST  
Blogger Ron Russell said...

I remember in the 1950's, yes I'm that old now, a great migration from the south to the north. People were leaving the southern states and flocking to states like Ill. to seek their fortunes and a better way of life---things were booming in the promised land and the masses wanted their share of the American dream. But something else was in play. Politicans was this influx of new voters, voters they could capture in their nets and boy did they do just that with promises of free this and that and these new immigrants from the cotton fields of the south from what they thought was a paradise on earth and they wrote they friends and relatives in the south and the migration continued while those crooked politicans in cities like Chicago encouraged and welcomed the new Democrats to their ranks and a new political block of voters was formed, one that looked to big brother for everything and in the windy city and others in the north they found the him. The hard workers of these great northern cities suddenly found themselves having to support not only themselves but the hordes coming from the south. Slowly the workers the old industries found themselves taxed more and more to support these free-loaders invading their once great home. Things changed, not over night, but slowly and un-noticed by most.

Today, the once great cities of the north and west are reaping the corrupt of those progressive political leaders who in their lust for power have destroyed the economy of these regions are the same group is now looking to the rest of the nation to "bail them out". And what's worse is that they seek to impose their same failed system of the entire nation, for that is the only way they can save their sorry asses!

Sat Jan 09, 10:44:00 AM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ron: an excellent observation. Additionally, what few realize or acknowledge is that DEMORATS and Leftists are responsible for the outright KILLING of the American black family, instead, in the 60's during Johnson, providing a PAID INCENTIVE for black males to NOT be involved in their families whereas, before, that was not necessarily the case.


Sat Jan 09, 10:55:00 AM PST  
Blogger cj said...

I've got nothing to add.

Michigan is another one of those states; poor leadership had us in trouble years ago and the liberals in the Detroit area re-elected the people responsible.

Makes perfect sense to me.


Sat Jan 09, 12:36:00 PM PST  
Blogger mrchuck said...

The photograph at the front of this subject says it all.
Even today, the black population still stands in the line for their welfare check, same as they have since it started in the 60's.
They along with other races, have taken the government dole for many generations.

Someone has to pay that cost.

America hardly manufactures anything anymore, and thus does not need the lowly factory worker's labor anymore.

The same thing is going to happen again when existing homeowner's cannot afford their house or the mexicans that presently drive around with their trailer's full of lawn equipment, looking for lawns to maintain.
These mexican workers will be in the welfare line, and probably already there.

Our present Obama socialist government is the driving force to making all Americans a one class population which is what all communist governments are.
Yes, communal in all ways.
Therefore, no poverty will exist.
Only the "ruling" class will have any sort of privileges.

MARS program has existed since it was started in 1965, just after the infamous Watts Riots.
MARS stands for "man assuming the role of spouse.
It paid black men a monthly stipend to live with a black woman, and help raise her illegitimate children who had no named father. Yeah, a "father figure in the house".
Sounds good, right? Well, the baby mamas got several men to enroll it it and soon the Managers of this Govt. welfare were so confused that nothing was done to correct the program. Many black men had several black women with kids, and many black women did exactly the same.
Yes, the money was great and it rolled in.
And this same program is still current today with the same problems. No change in it at all.

And who pays the taxes to the Governments to make this monthly stipend to the blacks?
Well, it is you and I who pay the taxes.

My answer to this is a fully Conservative government at all levels, and flatly cut out all this welfare.
Stop it.
Have all re-register who can pass the stringent exams and tests to qualify.
The ones who are the lazy, well go out and do work somewhere, or move somewhere else, maybe back to the country you use in your ethnic description of yourself.

Also, go look at our prisons and see the races of the prisoners.
This will really be a shock.
And guess again just who pays the tab to the Government to dispense for these costs.

This USA of ours is heading straight for a gun-battle revolution if it's course isn't corrected soon.

So, white citizens of the USA, you had better prepare yourselves to protect you, your family, and your property.
Our present politicians in office don't seem to care about our Constitution.

Sat Jan 09, 02:11:00 PM PST  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

We believe the civil law is the be-all, end-all of the law, thus invest so much into it that we spend ourselves blind. We have not been told what the basis for that law is and thusly we see the failure of this most refined sort of law due to our inattention to all that makes it possible. As we have not done proper maintenance for decades, we see the infrastructure that our ancestors put in place crumble while we have slacking workers who can't figure out how to maintain it. That is but a reflection of a society in decay: decadent.

Now when this part of the law crumbles due to our inattention to all the other parts, our spending will not avail us as we no longer have the society to support it. Without that society the civil law crumbles. No matter how big those institutions created for government, their very size and scope guarantees their failure.

That has happened before in the late Bronze Age, after the Fall of Rome and multiple times in China throughout history. We can stem the damage, reduce the civil law and reinforce society and all other aspects of law just by changing where we place our trust and understanding that the civil law is purely negative and it can only defend us, not uplift us. It can protect us from harm, but only against mighty Nations, and rarely from crime or disease. We do not vest our positive liberty in the civil law as then we would lose it for ourselves and be repressed by government. Sorry are those who do that. Sorrier still are mighty Nations that do so, for when that civil law crumbles it tends to take much else with it.

Our time runs out.

The wind we feel is no fresh breeze, but the air rushing out of our collapsing structure. We can shore up parts of it... but others must go to save the parts that work. Those that have placed faith and trust in government have ill-placed their values... and now are the cause of the collapse that comes.

Sat Jan 09, 06:23:00 PM PST  
Blogger Maggie M. Thornton said...

BZ, here in Tulsa, OK I just read that our new Republican mayor is trying to get our police department to down-size management, rather than those actually doing the job of policing. I was astonished to read that the department has one manager for ever THREE cops.

Also read that Chavez devalued the bolivar by half, Friday night during a baseball game. This allows him to beef up his social programs, allowing him to buy votes.

He found a way to get 54% of the people to vote to ban presidential term limits. This sets him on the road to being dictator-for-life - courtesy of bloated social programs. Give enough away and they will support you at the ballot box.

The people were intimidated by their unions, threats made to small businesses, lands threatened to be grabbed - until he finally got the vote he needed.

Sounds like the road America is on and especially the Chicago machine. Thanks for that article. It just reinforces the dangers facing us.

Sun Jan 10, 11:36:00 AM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AJ: "crumbling" is being rather kind. When you take down the very infrastructure of our nation via its very tenets, you're on a path that can only lead to chaos.

Maggie: I'll wager that your department had a 3-to-1 managerial ratio due to fear from lawsuits. And yes, these are dangerous waters on every level for us, locally, nationally, globally.


Sun Jan 10, 12:50:00 PM PST  
Blogger Maggie M. Thornton said...

BZ, I didn't think about lawsuits swelling the management. Very interesting. I'm glad I mentioned it cuz - you be the man to know.

Sun Jan 10, 08:28:00 PM PST  
Blogger Maggie M. Thornton said...

BTW BZ, are you familiar with HBO's The Wire?

Sun Jan 10, 08:28:00 PM PST  
Blogger Varun said...

Unemployment is cetainly a crisis ameraica will have to recover from,
the reforms stated here are quite amusing but will take a long time to implement.

Mon Mar 08, 02:59:00 PM PST  

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