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Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Honor of Capt Phil Harris:

I've been watching the final episodes of this season's Deadliest Catch. I just finished the one hour Phil Harris retrospective. The season finale is coming this Tuesday the 27th.

Born in 1956, he lived hard and died young at age 53. He was a true cowboy of the sea, growing up at a time when you could make $130,000 in one season as a deckhand, in 1980s money, in the wide open and free-for-all derby system in Alaska.

And I know, like his sons, what it means to be adrift.

One thing the sons will come to always treasure is the documentation they've been provided by Discovery of the life and times with their father.

This is just one of those times where a person's passing has really struck me. I mean, struck me. And I can't put my finger directly on the reason.

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind:

God bless you, Phil -- like the Eagles said:

You were too fast to live, too young to die;



Do you think the Cornelia Marie will be back next season and, if so, with roughly the same crew? Moreover, will the sons help to staff the boat?


Blogger Bushwack said...

Yeah the kids are a good story line, the cornelia will be back. Perhaps Johnathan will captain it for a season or two to get the boys trained...They are a close knit group and I don't believe they will let the boat fall into disrepair or let them boys screw up too bad.

Gonna miss ol Phil on the show. I liked his spirit and grit dealing with the hands...

Sat Jul 24, 11:41:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Tom's Place said...

Will always remember the "crab fart" episode. Hilarious!

Capt. Phil will be missed.

Sun Jul 25, 06:41:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Bush: wow, that's an ingenious idea: have John take the helm for a while. He seems to have kind of taken the boys under his wing. You may have hit on it, since he's made it clear he's interested in moving on FROM the Time Bandit and it appears Andy will continue to Captain both king and opilio seasons.

Tom: I'll miss him too. And it's funny, I think Jake from Northwestern REALLY misses him and looked on him like a father.


Sun Jul 25, 08:37:00 AM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Bush - That was what I thought, too. The Hilstrands know how to honor those they care about.

As the Jake and Josh indicated the Cornelia needs a season in drydock, they can each work an Opie season with the Time Bandit and Northwestern. Everyone knows it will be a lean time while the Cornelia is down and the boys would probably have the ship do the summer herring and salmon seasons to get tide everyone over and break in the repaired ship.

Basically there will be a lot of work to do to get things up to snuff, but the Cornelia Marie will be back.

Mon Jul 26, 04:35:00 PM PDT  

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