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Bloviating Zeppelin: Republicans To Conservatives: Go To Hell

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Republicans To Conservatives: Go To Hell

You, you damned Conservatives, you're making the lives of DC Republicans difficult.

Because of that, there is now "pushback" and whining from the GOP.

Not just whining, but finger-pointing, negative rhetoric, and the accusation that "you Conservatives just don't get it."

This tactic is so tired and so obvious that even the historic carriers of GOP Water are beginning to turn on the GOP -- to wit: Hugh Hewitt. His interview with Jack Kingston?

Here is an actual unguarded opinion from the GOP, aimed directly at TEA Partiers, true Conservatives and various budget hawks. One GOP aide unloaded on the Conservatives, offering a more colorful view privately held by many other Republicans. From the DailyCaller:

These people aren’t thinking clearly. Their logic doesn’t pan out. They have NO plan. What concessions were they going to get if it failed? They were going to shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood?” the source said, “It was totally reactionary. These people got elected to lead. Instead they got jerked around by the political equivalent of music critics. If these people knew anything about governing, they’d be in Congress, not lobbing bombs from the cheap seats and sending out fundraising emails.”

The aide offered contempt for Pence in particular. “Pence is running for governor, and has to get through a primary, so his position is about as genuine as a $10 Gucci hand bag on Sunset Boulevard.”

Mike Pence appeared on Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday, and revealed that he (Pence) is in the gunsights of the GOP for his defunding stances. 54 Republicans actually deigned to vote against the three week extension of the federal budget. At least some Republicans made a stand. But this stance infuriated Welded Republicans -- who Have Theirs and want Theirs to be a continuing well-funded process.

Where are the Speaker and the Leader and the Whip? Where is their support of the various TEA Parties and Conservatives -- who managed to PLACE GOP leadership back into the House come November?

George McClellan Republicans? Retreat - retreat - retreat?

The GOP "growing tired" of actual Conservatives?
Some veteran Republican House members are pushing back against conservative deficit hawks who are pushing for endlessly deep spending cuts, saying the right wing of the party is creating unnecessary divisions for the GOP majority.

While the 54 Republicans who voted against the most recent stopgap spending bill didn’t derail the legislation, some GOP lawmakers are becoming increasingly wary of a faction that rejects substantial spending cuts because they want deeper ones or the inclusion of divisive social policy riders.

Right. Conservatives "don't get it." You don't "get it." I "don't get it."

When you are beginning to lose your public Water Carriers -- Republicans -- I submit you are in some major jeopardy.

You, Republicans, clearly failed to read the writings on the wall.

What have you learned from November?

I submit this: you've got yours. You sit in your office. 54 Republicans made a stand. And they threaten you.

You're doing primarily nothing but force a Third Party -- something that, in reality, few people truly want.



Blogger TexasFred said...

I do believe I told people a while back, the GOP is just as screwed up, just as evil as is the Dems, and RINOs are even MORE dangerous, at least with a goofy-assed Dem you KNOW what to expect... RINOs are wild cards...

Mon Mar 21, 05:28:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And so you have said, and so it is.


Mon Mar 21, 05:50:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bushwack said...

I'll tell ya something you may find strange.. I think this is a GOOD thing. Why you may ask?

The Republicans have become Dem-lite. This type of crap proves it. And it will usher in a THIRD PARTY OPTION. While it will be painful in the beginning, it will be the place for the majority of Americans. A conservative party, a no holds barred party that is as hard RIGHT as the Dems/RINO's are left. This is the only way out of this mess and this crap is exactly what is needed to kick it off.

Mon Mar 21, 06:39:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...


I wish I could be so assured.

The Dems and the GOP want what they want: their OWN Free Cheese!

Whilst the rest of America -- to the Nth degree -- wants its OWN Free Cheese.

Providing Free Cheese:

Easiest to provide it to a relative few??

Or to provide it to the MILLIONS??


Mon Mar 21, 07:10:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Well Seasoned Fool said...

The first thing a politician does is start working on being reelected. TERM LIMITS

Mon Mar 21, 07:52:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Once any politician is elected, he has to be watched and held accountable to the will of the electorate.

The GOP is totally screwed up -- as Texas Fred mentioned.

Tue Mar 22, 04:28:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Leticia said...

Too bad if the GOP is whining and complaining. They need to toughen up and walk it off and keep going.

The Tea Party members will continue to hold them accountable and will not relent.

If they can't take the heat, get someone else that can and will.

Tue Mar 22, 10:50:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bob Mack said...

Capon Republicans..they should fly over to Italy to sing opera with the other castrati.

Tue Mar 22, 11:49:00 AM PDT  
Blogger mrchuck said...

I am totally tired of "career" politicians. Did the college careers of political science majors cause this?
YES, Term Limits is the answer!
No more career politicians!!!!

Wed Mar 23, 11:48:00 AM PDT  

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