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Bloviating Zeppelin: Guest Article: EPA Rules Continue To Be In Question

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guest Article: EPA Rules Continue To Be In Question

[A gentleman named Ryan has asked to post a guest article on my blog, regarding the EPA. I read the content and now proffer it for your perusal. -BZ]

EPA rules continue to be in question

GOP representatives are continuing their disapproval of recent Environmental Protection Agency regulations by evaluating the possible harm to electricity generating companies. Fred Upton, a republican from Michigan, as well as some other GOP officials have recently called into question the EPA’s effect on the power industry.

The EPA has been under a ton of fire recently, mostly because of costly and continuing regulations. Republicans like Upton have pointed out the possible damage many of the EPA’s regulations have, such as damaged employment, raised gas prices and lower revenue. Most of the controversy has surrounded the EPA’s efforts to oversee greenhouse gas emissions.

Essentially the EPA has begun to regulate too many things in a short period of time and GOP reps seem convinced that the environmental agency has started to overrun its power. Recent questioning involves the fact that the EPA may not have analyzed and consulted with the Council on Environmental Quality and Energy Regulatory Commission on any of their newer regulations. The only response EPA administrator Lisa Jackson had to this questioning was to say that “the rules are sensible.” Surely, the agency’s major official could respond to the actual questions or confirm that the regulations have at least been consulted with some other organizations, but unfortunately this hasn’t been the case.

The questioning of the EPA’s recent regulations on energy would be one thing, but the agency has made some rather controversial decisions in the late months of 2010 and into 2011. The EPA seems to be losing sight of some of its own major initiatives in defending one or two regulations. Throughout the early part of 2011 they’ve continued to defend greenhouse gas emission regulations, even though they seem to have little effect on public health.

The EPA is essentially suffering from an inability to properly delegate their resources. Many of the agency’s important regulations are being disregarded in the process of defending greenhouse gas emission regulations. Certainly there are a number of other programs that have more impact on health than greenhouse emission regulations, such as the fight on asbestos exposure or battle to cut down on water contamination.

It remains to be seen what the remainder of 2011 will hold for the EPA. The agency simply seems to be misguided in recent months, perhaps because of a need for power, as GOP reps have suggested. Unfortunately this power hungry mindset could end up damaging the organization in the long run. Unless the agency switches up its delegation of resources, budget cuts and legislation against the EPA is likely to continue throughout the coming years.

-Ryan Halston

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