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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gingrich Nails Dodd & Frank:

During Tuesday's GOP debate, Newt Gingrich made another series of incredible points that few noticed and most glossed over. From

Gingrich first sought to tie the protests to "left-wing agitators" before calling for the firing of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

He then doubled down, calling on former Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank to be thrown in jail, not anyone on Wall Street. Asked if he actually meant for them to do prison time, Gingrich said he did, alluding to past ethical scandals.

From a transcript, Newt Gingrich said:

KAREN TUMULTY, The Washington Post: So, Speaker Gingrich, it sounds like Congresswoman Bachmann does not believe that Wall Street is to blame for the financial mess. You've said that the current protests on Wall Street are, in your words, "the natural product of Obama's class warfare."

Does this mean that these people who are out there protesting on Wall Street, across the country, have no grievance?

GINGRICH: No, let me draw a distinction. I think there -- virtually every American has a reason to be angry. I think virtually every American has a reason to be worried.

I think the people who are protesting on Wall Street break into two groups. One is left-wing agitators who would be happy to show up next week on any other topic, and the other is sincere middle-class people who, frankly, are very close to the Tea Party people and actually care.

And you can tell which group is which. The people who are decent, responsible citizens pick up after themselves. The people who are just out there as activists trash the place and walk off and are proud of having trashed it. So let's draw that distinction.

If they want to really change things, the first person to fire is Bernanke, who is a disastrous chairman of the Federal Reserve. The second person to fire is Geithner.

The fact is, in both the Bush and the Obama administrations, the fix has been in. And I think it's perfectly reasonable for people to be angry. But let's be clear who put the fix in: The fix was put in by the federal government.

And if you want to put people in jail -- I want to second what Michele said -- you ought to start with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and let's look at the politicians who created the environment, the politicians who profited from the environment, and the politicians who put this country in trouble.

CHARLIE ROSE: Clearly you're not saying they should go to jail?

GINGRICH: Well, in Chris Dodd's case, go back and look at the countryside (sic) deals. In Barney Frank's case, go back and look at the lobbyists he was close to at -- at Freddie Mac. All I'm saying is...

(UNKNOWN): So if he were... GINGRICH: Everybody -- everybody in the media who wants to go after the business community ought to start by going after the politicians who have been at the heart of the sickness which is weakening this country and ought to start with Bernanke, who has still not been exposed for the hundreds of billions of dollars.

(APPLAUSE) And I'm going to say one last thing. I want to repeat this. Bernanke has in secret spent hundreds of billions of dollars bailing out one group and not bailing out another group. I don't see anybody in the news media demanding the kind of transparency at the Fed that you would demand of every other aspect of the federal government. And I think it is corrupt and it is wrong for one man to have that kind of secret power.

No one thinks that Newt Gingrich has a fractional chance in Hell of acquiring the GOP nomination for president, what with his history of indiscretions and seminal buy-off on so-called Global Warming (though many people think, instead, another mini-Ice Age is truly coming!).

That said, Gingrich possesses historical knowledge and insight into our current economic crisis.

He knows wherein the skeletons lie.



Blogger mrchuck said...

Newt will make a terrific Presidential Adviser to the Next Conservative President.

Wed Oct 12, 05:28:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ben Bernanke.

Go find and see HBO's "Too Big To Fail" and then come back to me with regard to Ben Bernanke.


Wed Oct 12, 05:30:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

MrC: I couldn't agree more.


Wed Oct 12, 05:41:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Greybeard said...

Maybe the smartest guy in the room, but I think you're right... he has an ice cube's chance in hades of getting the nod. Still, the others need to look to him for help when the election is in the "R" column, 'cause you're right again...
He can uncover those skeletons. And that's exactly what is gonna be necessary to get this train back on the track.

Wed Oct 12, 06:19:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Which is I am SO CONFLICTED.

In my opinion, Gingrich CLEARLY is THE "smartest guy in the room."

But he brings so much baggage that he purposely or inadvertently is proffered -- by himself!

He is the greatest Conservative Tool ever envisioned but, conversely, he is his own worst enemy.


Wed Oct 12, 06:27:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd vote for Gingrich before I'd vote for Cain, Romney OR Obama...

I detest Romney and Obama, and I am highly suspicious of Cain, can't put my finger on it, but I am looking very hard into everything I can find, and still can't quite pinpoint it...

I still wish Allen West had run..

Wed Oct 12, 08:31:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Z said...

He'll be a very good advisor and I doubt anybody who wins wouldn't take advantage of his knowledge..
Let's just pray the 'anybody who wins' is one of our guys :-)

Wed Oct 12, 09:49:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been ranting about this since 2008! Not a fan of Newt, but dang...he finally said aloud what should have been said all along. Dodd, Frank...criminals and poverty-enabling cowards.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: Institutions of Destruction.

Thu Oct 13, 09:57:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

TF: I'm not sure; I too am looking at Hermain Cain. My largest problem is with his 9-9-9 budget plan; yes, at least he has a plan, but instituting those taxes on the current structure -- if somehow he can't manage to ELIMINATE the current tax codes -- would spell serious problems.

Yet: when a salt-of-the-earth waitress/waiter, for example, can't figure out how to do her or his own taxes without a tax preparer, there is a huge, HUGE problem.

Finally, TF, I'm hoping for Allen West next time around, as well as Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. Christie can stay the HELL in New Jersey.

Z: Newt'd make the Penultimate Chief of Staff or a great cabinet member.

ecc102: I like a lot of what Newt says; he starts to lose me when he gets into anthropogenic global warming. I'm not buying it.


Thu Oct 13, 03:22:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bushwack said...

As much as I can't stand Newt, he is by far the most impressive in his performances on stage. I'd venture to say this and I'd be 100% correct in it: Newt vs Obama in a debate, Newt wins hands down not even close and it might even be stopped in the opening round for the mercy rule.

As much as I can't stand Newt and his rinoism... I'd rather vote for him than Romney. I'd rather vote for Ron Paul than Romney. Hell I'd rather vote for Hillary Clinton than Romney... Do you think I might not like Romney much?...

Tue Oct 18, 02:47:00 AM PDT  

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