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Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Another Blogger To "The Usual Suspect" List!

As yesterday I welcomed aboard AB Freedom, today I would like to welcome Bushwack of the American and Proud Of It blog to my Usual Suspect list!

Bushwack describes himself:

I am an American, a God fearing, gun toting, Truck driving, motorcycle loving, Troop supporting American; if you don't like the country you live in, get the hell out.

Bushwack has a very creative blog, and its appearance is professional and well done! I suspect Bushwack has some rather amazing computer and HTML talents.

In addition, he is aligned with (or perhaps created) another blog that I would highly recommend, entitled Absolute Zero -- which is an anti-pedophile blog describing itself as "A community of individuals pledged to fight paedophiles on the web. We are committed to the safety and emotional well-being of all children. This site will serve as a resource for those committed to our fight wherever you may be in the world."

You would do well to frequent Bushwack's American And Proud Of It! blog, and his aligned Absolute Zero blog!

Welcome aboard, Bushwack!



Blogger Bushwack said...

Thanks brother, I appreciate the sentiments. My HTML skills are very poor.
The blog, truth be told was done by a "A little luxury" web designs, I have a link on my right side bar to her.
Again thanks for the link and I'm proud to be a "Usual suspect" on such a fine blog as yours.

Sun Jun 25, 04:07:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bushwack said...

BTW I'll be returning the favor, I thought you were already on my favorite roll... you will be in a minute.

Sun Jun 25, 04:11:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Bushwack: thank you most kindly sir. I thought it most apropos to not only place your blog, but that of Absolute Zero as well. That information needs to be disseminated, it is very important.

It is MY pleasure and honor to have you on my blogroll!


Sun Jun 25, 04:42:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I too hope to have my blog updated and tweaked by someone who has done work on Big White Hat's blog. I but have to wait for him to get back from vacation, some time in July. I hope to have a new look for the BZ website in late July. My HTML knowledge is zero; I have a difficult enough time figuring out how to add links to my Usual Suspect area.

You blog is great and all should read it!


Sun Jun 25, 04:45:00 PM PDT  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Bushwack, compared to my good friend BZ, you ARE an HTML genius...



Sun Jun 25, 05:20:00 PM PDT  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

Bushwacks one cool dude .. and one of the many. Just wish their was more time to visit more with everyone. I've had to split the links in three and rotate due to work obligations .. :-(

Sun Jun 25, 06:27:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...


I freely admit to being a POS when it regards anything concocting ones and zeros. . .

This is nothing you do not know already. . .


Sun Jun 25, 06:28:00 PM PDT  
Blogger James Manning said...

Bushwack is cool. He's one of my favorite conservatives out there. that along with BZ, Chatter and Grey Ghost. Well deserving of the making the list.

Mon Jun 26, 08:07:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

James: I wholeheartedly concur!


Mon Jun 26, 12:15:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you would be kind enough to add a link for to your blog?

Thanks, Todd

Let me know and I'll link to your blog from that site.

Mon Jun 26, 12:54:00 PM PDT  
Blogger bigwhitehat said...

Pretty soon your list is going to be as big as mine.

(You're welcome Fred)

Mon Jun 26, 02:25:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Todd: I'm not saying I don't like Led Zeppelin; I was once a great fan and saw them twice in LA. However nice the website, my blog deals solely in politics. But I can't fault you for trying.


Mon Jun 26, 03:41:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

Another excellent choice :-)!!

Mon Jun 26, 10:49:00 PM PDT  

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