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Bloviating Zeppelin

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Coming Soon To A Park Or A School Near You (And Your Children):

51-year-old Timothy Lee Boggs, a convicted child molester, is considered to be a "sexually violent predator" by the State of Fornicalia. He recented completed a therapy program while inside Atascadero Prison, near San Luis Obispo. The Fornicalia State Department of Mental Health attempted, for almost a year, to find a "suitable location or a willing landlord" for Boggs and, because of the year's delay, a judge ordered him freed by Friday, July 28th.

After having made 269 inquiries for Boggs' housing upon release, every venue turned down the state.

Here's the catch: after making the effort to find some sort of suitable housing location, having found none, and now being ordered by a state judge to release him, Boggs now has the ability to be dropped off in Sacramento County "wherever he asks." And that's that.

Listen to this, however:

"Boggs' attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, has argued that his client no longer poses a danger to the community and that the state has no legal right to hold him any longer."

Later in an article from The Sacramento Bee:

At one point, officials had thought Boggs would be taken to his lawyer's office and dropped off, but Rosenfeld reacted to that notion angrily last week and insisted that he is not responsible for Boggs once he is released.

Saturday morning, The Sacramento Bee reports:

After months of public outcry, convicted child molester Timothy Lee Boggs quietly checked into a downtown Sacramento residence hotel Friday afternoon, hours after being released from Atascadero State Hospital's therapy program for sexually violent predators.

Boggs, 51, paid $640 in state-supplied funds for a month's stay at the Hotel Berry near the Greyhound bus station, and checked into a studio-size room with a bathroom. But it was unclear how long he would be permitted to stay, with one source saying hotel management had asked him to leave by early next week.

The desk clerk at the hotel refused to comment.

If Boggs is forced to move, it will repeat a scenario faced by other released sexually violent predators.


He has been fitted with a satellite tracking device that he must wear at all times, and also is being watched by a private security firm that is paid by the state. Friday afternoon, two men in dark slacks and tropical print shirts stood across from the Berry, keeping an eye on the building. Neither would comment.

Your Fornicalia tax dollars being spent for private security (two of them!) on behalf of a "sexually violent predator."

Back in the 1980s, Boggs was convicted of molesting two 9-year-old boys in separate events. This indicates a pedophile's clear age-range preference. As conditions to release after having completed all four phases of his "treatment" at Atascadero, Boggs agreed to 13 pages of conditions for his release, including not using alcohol, not being near children and many others. Conditions for his release indicate he may have undergone chemical castration.

Law enforcement officials in Fornicalia don't want you to know, but some have privately admitted to me that they have no idea where 50%+ of the "registered sex offenders" (who are mandated by law to notify local law enforcement agencies of their addresses and where they move, if they can move), are at any given moment in the state.

So, because RSOs are, by nature, strict law abiders, we can naturally assume that Mr. Boggs will adhere to his mandates, obey his conditions and refrain from offending. And, of course, he'll continue his well-intentioned obeyance once the GPS system is removed. Won't he?

One final note:

Isn't it intriguing how NIMBY Boggs' attorney got when he was asked to assist further with the release of his once-sterling client. How easy it is to "represent" any pedophile and how easy it is to "demand their release." But isn't it interesting that neither the attorney nor the judge would want Boggs within their same zip code -- though it's perfectly acceptable for you or me to be his next door neighbor.

Under Megan's Law, sex offenders must be listed by region on a Fornicalia website. To see any activity in your area if you live in the state, go to:



Blogger Gayle said...

*sigh*. Why in the world they ever let these people out is something I just don't understand. How these people manage to go to jail in the first place I don't understand. If I found out someone molested my kid, I would be in jail, because the perpetrator would be dead! He's only going to do it again because it is a fact that these idiots are never cured. ARRRRGGGGGG!

Important post here, BZ.

Sat Jul 29, 07:16:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Do you recall, Gayle, the video some years ago -- gosh, I'd say perhaps 10 to 15 years ago now, maybe 20 -- of a man just having gotten off a plane and walking down a terminal hallway, passing another man on a telephone, and the second man hanging up? And then following the first man, putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger?

That happened to be a recently-released molester, and the second man was the father of one of the molester's victims.

Also, do you perhaps remember the name Ellie Nessler, who was the Sierraville mother who shot a camp counselor, Daniel Driver, who sexually molested her eight-year-old son at summer camp?

I think that's where the phrase "go Ellie Nessler on him" came into play.

Not that I think anyone SHOULD, mind you. . .



Sat Jul 29, 09:04:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Rivka said...

I don't know, I would Ellie Nessler ANYONE who messed with my boys. Sorry, but that is what they deserve. They killed her son inside forever. It is the same as death except worse because you have to live with it every day, and from what I have heard it is painful.

I am serious, if anyone messes with my boys you won't be able to hold me down.
I think of that Jessica girl that got raped and buried alive. How does her father keep himself from not wasting the maggot that did it??? I am sorry, but I would do something about it.

I had to vent, sorry Blo.. :-)

Sat Jul 29, 06:16:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Rebecca: venting is good. It keeps one from acting or reacting on one's most base primal fears or emotions. There's a reason for our blogs my dear, and you have hit upon one of them.

To the outside world:

That doesn't necessarily mean we grasp these views to our hearts; it means we consider them and express them and feel better when we do.

And then we make these views our primal philosophy. And from there we adjudge our actions and reactions.

Because, after all, if I didn't believe this in my gut: those who read my blog are essentially RIGHT.


Sat Jul 29, 06:37:00 PM PDT  

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