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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Train Of Thought

On Sunday one usually leaves the day open for specific posts.

My muse ran from yard line to yard line and then to other places.

I did my wash today; I cleaned the deck and loaded wood into my interior rack. I then loaded more wood into the outside rack. I watched my Star Jasmine wind its tendrils towards other hanging pots and then towards the wood overhang.

I heard trains all day.

Sunday is a day of relaxation for me. I usually sleep in to 10 or 11 AM. I ended up doing the previous night's dishes. I then inserted some continuous DVDs. I am watching the Rome series from HBO, and the second season DVDs from Deadwood.

For the first time in at least six years, I somehow managed to light the pilot for my major source of heat on Friday morning. When the temperature dips to 36 degrees at night now, I at least have a source of HEAT.

I finished four fence holes this weekend. I hurt all over. I've taken Excedrin and Ibuprofen. I've thrown some beer in on top of that.

Life is going well for me; I have heat in terms of my pilot. I also have a clean shed and a refurbished hard drive and an inroad for my lower fents. I want to have my fence repaired before the rains commence. Two more weekends and I hope to have this accomplished.

For me, Winter means propane and heat and drifts and difficulties and wood and preparation. Do you have any goals before Winter?



Blogger Kip said...

Your post reminds me of life in Southern states wood for the fire so one can keep warm, trains passing by makes one want to jump on one and ride somewhere, winter breeze, washing clothes, relaxing and watching television, etc yes life is swell and well. "oh" good Sunday dinner to top it down with too. One just needs a companion to share it with if one is single. Seeing nature (trees, dogs, cats, birds, deer, raccoons, etc) all around you WOW!. Yes those are the Sundays when one can feel a type of inner peace and during the week one longs to reach Sunday or what ever day one finds a Sabbath. Yes Sunday, Sunday, that is the day HUH! that one wish would never end but constantly began. Glad to see you enjoyed your Sunday BZ.

Take care, BZ

By Chance writer for

Mon Oct 09, 07:12:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

TBC: thanks for stopping by and commenting! Fall is just about my absolute favorite time. The only thing better at the ol' cabin is being inside, the fire in the stove all stoked and roaring, lights out, candles lighted, and watching snowflakes fall outside -- and listening to the absolute silence.

Yep. I'm ready for Winter.


Mon Oct 09, 09:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Kip said...

To Bloviating zeppelin

Your well Zep and man I swear you have a Southern vibration to you it is nice. When I was a boy growing up down South the majority of the christmas' it snowed I had many white snow filled christmas' in the South and the fire was inside of a big stove heater that you had to put wood in and pore some coal oil on the wood to make it burn. Then I would stir it with a poking Iron and watch the wood turn orange and decompose wow it was nice and it was very cold out side. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What memories.

Take care, Zep
I see you around

By Chance

Mon Oct 09, 12:54:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Gayle said...

BZ, my goal for every winter is to live through the summer in order to enjoy the winter! Our summers are so blazing hot where I live that I spend them praying for winter. I absolutely love the colder weather. My only complaint about winter is that here in central Texas it's too short! :)

Mon Oct 09, 07:49:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

Sounds like you got a lot done this weekend. Is the Rome series any good? I did a Rome study with my kids and was fascinated by everything.

Mon Oct 09, 09:34:00 PM PDT  

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