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John Bolton Resigns -- Or Does He?

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Bloviating Zeppelin: John Bolton Resigns -- Or Does He?

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

John Bolton Resigns -- Or Does He?

The United Nations is obviously crumbling in terms of its actual importance; John Bolton, a man who knows himself, knows the history of the UN and is unafraid to call nations on the issues, will no longer be our UN Ambassador. And the UN manages to crumble further and become less important.

That Bolton is leaving -- is only to the detriment of the United States.

But Bolton, because of his outspoken self and the fact that he was not remotely hesitant to call various nations, issues and representatives on their stupidity, has "resigned." Or perhaps, more accurately, Bolton is serving out his term before stepping down.

Why? you might ask. Because, under the Democrats, Bolton has little chance of being confirmed for a full appointment by the Senate. Politics demand that the appearance is that Bolton is a successful ambassador derailed by Congress. And that is so true. From CBS News:

The White House quickly took issue with that characterization. "It is not a resignation," Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino told CBS News. She noted that Bolton would be leaving his post when his recess appointment expired at the end of the 109th Congress. After an email with Perino's comment was passed around CBS News, the headline on the Bolton story was changed to "U.N. Ambassador John Bolton To Step Down."

Why might Bolton not be confirmed? Because he is contentious? Because he is not a carpet? Because he has opinions and calls a spade a spade? Because he is not an apologist for the White Race and not a card-carrying member of the "United States Is Evil" club? Because he believes the UN is broken and needs to be repaired?

"Iran's Foreign Ministry has called Bolton 'rude' and 'undiplomatic.' "

Bolton has been a strong critic of the United Nations for much of his career. In a 1994 Global Structures Convocation hosted by the World Federalist Association (now Citizens for Global Solutions), he stated, "There is no such thing as the United Nations. There is only the international community, which can only be led by the only remaining superpower, which is the United States."

Oddly enough, according to the biased Wikipedia:

The New York Times in an editorial The Shame of the United Nations has praised Bolton's stance on "reforming the disgraceful United Nations Human Rights Commission" [47], saying "John Bolton, is right; Secretary General Kofi Annan is wrong." The Times also said that the current commission is composed of "some of the world's most abusive regimes" who use their membership as cover to continue their abusiveness.

Yes; all of those things and more.

President Bush said this:

I am deeply disappointed that a handful of United States Senators prevented Ambassador Bolton from receiving the up or down vote he deserved in the Senate. They chose to obstruct his confirmation, even though he enjoys majority support in the Senate, and even though their tactics will disrupt our diplomatic work at a sensitive and important time. This stubborn obstructionism ill serves our country, and discourages men and women of talent from serving their Nation."

I am no apologist or bootlicker for President Bush as anyone who has historically read my blog knows. I am a Conservative before I am a GOP supporter. But Bush has pegged this issue precisely.

Kofi Annan today criticized the Iraq war and said the Iraqis are worse off than before the fall of Saddam Hussein. The average Iraqi believes "yes, we'll get through the chaos." But not Kofi; he thinks every Iraqi would rather bleat: "Yes, I long for the good old days of Hussein and the disappearances of my neighbors." Oil for Food corruption? George Galloway still on the take? Kofi's son in receipt of more expensive Mercedes-Benzes?

Insanity in the UN.

Untolerated by Bolton; soon to be tolerated by whatever limp-wristed servile sychophant the Democrats choose to appoint.

Because migosh, though the US funds the UN to the tune of $5 billion dollars per year, we certainly shouldn't make sure we get any return for the money American taxpayers invest, should we?

I mean, shoot, how expectational and judgmental would that be??



Blogger bigwhitehat said...

Bolton needs to enter the private sector a commentator. I've listened to interviews. He is witty, funny and smart.

Mon Dec 04, 07:44:00 PM PST  
Blogger Kip said...

Bolton, is leaving he might end up being a happier man in his new future job profession. Also, the conservatives of today are not the same type of conservatives of the past; the conservatives of the past were paleo conservatives. And, I am talking about the average white conservative not just politicians. Conservatives today are really too liberal when compared to the conservatives of their grandparents generations.

So, why are they complaining about the way the country is going when they eased up to becoming more liberal, and this has assisted in the way the country is today. The conservatives of a William F. Buckley type are very few. President Bush is a liberal of the 1980s type.

White conservatives who say Bush is not a conservative need to ask themselves then what are black conservatives and non-white conservatives. Bush is white and belongs to the racial group that made American conservatism what it once was. So how can non-whites be more conservative then a white conservative? The reality is white conservatives know that many non-white conservative feel inferior to the white race, and know their second class status. And they fear speaking out about how they really feel.

Liberalism is a good thing it only, creates problem when it is taken to extremes.

Tue Dec 05, 04:37:00 AM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

BWH: he is all that and more -- one more reason many persons didn't care for him.

Chance: I don't particularly care about color and I see Conservatives as a general group and not in terms of their melanin as a qualifier. I'm missing your point on race issues regarding Conservatism. I wasn't aware "non-whites" were more conservative than whites.


Tue Dec 05, 01:14:00 PM PST  
Blogger BB-Idaho said...

Noted your reference to Wikipedia
as biased. Actually, in the case of
Bolton they list 73 citation for quote and 70 references. And the way the pedia is set up, anyone is free to add.(fact, not opinion, which probably precludes us political types). In hindsight,
Bolton was much more of a diplomat and cautious thinker than many feared. My opinion, he had a good chance of confirmation, especially in the rump congress...but chose not to put himself through that yet again.

Tue Dec 05, 03:52:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

BBI: and that precise aspect, which you so clearly point out is what drives me crazy -- Bolton is NOT the "out of control" Wild Man he is portrayed to be!

If the GOP was willing to FIGHT, TOOTH and NAIL for what they believe in -- THAT is what SO greatly disturbs me! In the face of adversity they fold like a cheap Chinese deck of cards on so many levels!

Why is Bolton's "leaving" EVEN AN ISSUE??!!?

Bush is, once again, caving -- and I do NOT know why he feels he must!

He does NOT have to!

Bush Apologists: try commenting on THIS.


Tue Dec 05, 04:41:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Addendum: just as he left Rumsfeld hanging in the breeze.


Tue Dec 05, 04:41:00 PM PST  

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