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Bloviating Zeppelin: Israel's Huge Mistake

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Israel's Huge Mistake

Israel and Western Cultures continue to make mistakes with regard to Islam.

Recent events in the Gaza Strip (essentially the warlords having taken over):

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority president, on Thursday night dismissed his Hamas-led government and declared a state of emergency, although with little prospect of imposing it in the Gaza Strip after Hamas routed his Fatah loyalists there in the space of a week.

His decrees marked the end of a unity government the two parties formed in March after agreeing in Mecca on a programme to end their factional strife. In the latest round of violence, Hamas gunmen seized almost all the main Gaza bases of security forces that answer to Mr Abbas.

  • Islam is a religion of the mindless, the ignorant and the barbaric;
  • Islam is a religion of hate, murder, bloodshed, intolerance and sexism;
  • Islam respects only force;
  • Islam respects only males;

Many will excoriate me for these views; to them, likely those whose religion is Islam, I say: put your mouth, publicly, where your thoughts are. Easy to front me on my own blog. Why not stand up and stand out, and voice your thoughts in public?

Answer: because you're a coward. You know that doing so will mark you in the eyes of your fellow Islamic brothers and cause you to fall subject to actions ranging from scorn to, literally, your declared and possible death.

So much for the "peaceful, tolerant" nature of Islam, eh?

Palestine is falling apart; Hamas and Fatah are fighting for all the cards. The above photograph shows Hamas militants in the office of "Palestinian President" Mahmoud Abbas. And further, now, Hamas has taken complete control over Fatah.

There are fears that if the fighting spreads to the West Bank, it will further weaken Abbas and ultimately stir up trouble for Jordan, said a Jordanian government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the situation's sensitivity.

Roughly half of Jordan's 5.5 million population is Palestinian. A Gaza-style civil war in the neighboring West Bank could spark clashes between the factions' supporters in the kingdom -- particularly in refugee camps where many support Hamas, the official said.

There will NEVER be peace in any Islamic country. EVER. It is because Islam is ruled by barbaric, nomadic, tribal men whose only goal is power and the saving, at all costs, of what the Japanese commonly term "face." The only peace to be achieved under Islam is that which is acquired at the point of a sword, an AK-47, and by a dictator as ruthless (or moreso) as Saddam Hussein.

When will Western Cultures finally realize: you cannot reason with ignorant, barbaric cultures and religions? Everyone does not think as do Westerners.

Israel INVITED the monsters into their back yard when they acquiesced to so-called Palestinians. And what we see in the Middle East, here, now, and in Europe, is PRECISELY what we shall get in the United States if we continue to "look aside," in terms of political correctness, and tolerate Muslims and Middle Eastern culture on our shores. Increasingly aggressive, increasingly hostile, increasingly intolerant, don't be surprised when small enclaves of Sharia Law (Islamberg, for example) spring up across the nation. If we don't FIGHT, and NOW, for our country, we are in fact doomed.

We must realize here and now: Islam understands and respects NOTHING but POWER and FORCE.



Blogger A Jacksonian said...

One of the interesting things I ran across in my early look at the JFK plot, was a piece by Nazim Baksh writing for the CBC. As he came from Trinidad & Tobago he offers some special insight into how external Islam replaces homegrown outlooks. He hates what has happened to his community he grew up in after Wahhabist followers came into TT and started to set up shop there and how they utilized Abu Bakr to further undermine the local Islamic community. One of the most chilling things is cited by the Barbados Free Press which accounts for *how* foreign and Saudi books supplant local Islamic teachings at the same time radicalizing those involved. And even worse is that from the Nazim Baksh report is that those that supported the Meir Kahane assassination were later involved with the 2003 WTC bombing. And from my look at the Tanzanite trade (plus other detritus) one very interesting name pops up when looking at the Meir Kahane assassination in NYC: Walid el-Hage. He is the personal secretary to a guy named: Osama bin Laden.

You may or may not have heard of that individual...

In any event, that is starting in 1990 for bin Laden actually getting agents into the US and supplying radicals *here*. And that seems to be centered first in Arlington, TX and, later, Phoenix, AZ. Mind you Mr. el Hage became a US Citizen in 1989...

PBS had decided NOT to air the film "Islam vs. Islamists" which looks at just this issue and where the stark contrast between the radicalized Imams and those who are quiet believers is put into stark contrast. What has happened, as I pointed out a bit ago is that being quiet the idea space of islam is ceded to those with the biggest mouths and most weapons. While that may be 'bad' for moderate muslims it is 'lethal' for non-believers. This is the exact same way the Democratic Party lurched to the Left: by acceding to bullhorn intimidation in the 1960's-70's to ride the 'wave' of leftism the traditional platform of strong American exceptionalism was first marginalized and now is no longer present in that party as shown by the sheer absence of candidates there able to speak such things. As islam is global it will take a few years more than a simple hijacking of the Democratic Party, but in many parts of the world it is that radicalized form that IS the 'reformation of islam'. And because it is a decentralized religion, there is no way to unite support against this new, unifying force. Various parts of islam have always had those portions in them that were Imperial, tyrnnical and piratical, in varying degrees. But no Caliphate had ever spoken for *all* of islam as there is no *all* for islam. Unless the radicals get their way, of course.

Having had long hours of socialist doctrine thrown at me as a youngster and young adult, I can say to anyone with any form of belief system: I will think about it, now leave me be. Those that continue to send folks to pester me after my saying that *reduce* that belief system in my eyes because it has people who do *that* in it. I will not join up with any such belief system, ever.

I am against no religion unless it puts forth: "Submit and believe, or else."

You get a chance to play fair and nice. You then get a chance to respect the common decency of letting me be. If you want a fight, remember that *you* asked for it, not I.

Those moderates better learn damned fast to speak up forthemselves and their outlook. Because it is not what is taught in the Mosque that matters: it is the bloodshed of the enforcers on the street that put lie to words unless those ACTIONS are denounced and ACTIVELY countered. Complicity by inaction is *worse* than the activity as it puts forward no personal responsibility to ensure that those things you believe in are not hijacked to ill purpose.

You may submit to Allah.

You are accountable to the rest of us for your actions and inactions on the planet that is Rock 3 from the Star Sol, named Earth.

Sat Jun 16, 05:33:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fear that this threat to us is already on our shores in the form of Islamist extremists, in many states as well as parts of Canada, who are in well armed and well guarded enclaves called "Islamberg".

It has recently been reported that the one in upstate New York is under Federal surveillance, and we may only hope, and pray, that it is the same for all of the other sites.

I believe that the main reason that Israel negotiated with Palestininians was that it knew that every Arab nation on the earth would implement war plans and invade, in a heartbeat, if they didn't formally create a Palestiniian Territory. That has earned Israel nothing, but have other Arab nations, such as Lebanon, view Israel as weak.

A war in the Middle East is one thing, BZ, but it appears as if it's a real possibility on our shores. Frightening.

Veritas et Fidelis Semper

Sat Jun 16, 06:38:00 AM PDT  
Blogger shoprat said...

Sadly, that will be the downfall of many conservatives in America. They are afraid to tell the truth as you have just done.

Sat Jun 16, 09:08:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AJ: and so well put. That's why I've always said and shall always say: Islam IS what Islam DOES. And if "moderates" don't like that, they need to change it; but they won't because they are the same cowards that Militant Islam accuses the rest of the world as being. They have yet to determine that there IS strength in numbers. So Islam IS, in my book, the Number One Biological Infestation (or disease) on the entire planet.

Deborah: I am aware of Islamberg and it is my opinion that, finally, because of blogs and alternate media, our authorities have finally taken some steps. But, as you so rightly point out, the infestation is in fact HERE ALREADY, in MY country and YOUR country.

Shoprat: thank you sir; I column as I see 'em.


Sat Jun 16, 11:07:00 AM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Mr. Z - I do try to more than fairly weigh things. Moderate muslims are at the 'put up or shut up time' and either let the hot heads determine the direction of the religion or to actively join against them.

Also, we cannot forget another little group in the US, that has ties elsewhere: Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Georgia... Georgia, USA. Looked at them in the middle of my Caribbean posts, and they have roots in Pakistan. Just the thing to find in Georgia! They do recruit locally, but their teachings come from Pakistan. Pretty murderous bunch in their Latin American sections.

Far too late to stop radical islam here... countering it and neutralizing it are about all we can look to do.

If we can get un-PC enough to do so, that is.

Sat Jun 16, 12:43:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AJ: the precise point of the post. I'm attempting to sound the clarion call, just as you are. But I fear we've been too thoroughly indoctrinated in the "every culture is good" and "judgmental is bad" theorems from the 60s. I've said it then and believe it now: my generation, the kids of the 60s, were the downfall of this nation. And The Greatest Generation, those we revere today, were GUILTY of CREATING the 60s Counterculture generation by their parents' TOLERATING and FUNDING their children's inclinations.


Sat Jun 16, 05:14:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

I have been doing tons of research on the whole Gaza situation today. The bottom line is if we pull out of Iraq now, it will look exactly like Gaza. As Netanyhu warned in 2005, Israel pulling out of Gaza would only send a message of surrender and weakness and thats exactly what was conveyed. The result, Hamas has completely taken over Gaza.

Sat Jun 16, 10:02:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

LMC: as witness the very last line in the post; I believe this with all my heart and history, to my mind, has proven this over and over again.


Sat Jun 16, 10:30:00 PM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Mr. Z - One of the things I am trying to bring home is that, due to the highly industrialized nature of the US and our need for energy supplies from various sources (and, no, biofuels and even getting all the oil from other sources doesn't even begin to address the actual needs of this Nation for energy) points out that 'energy release' that is concentrated from a point source is lethal. Ten thousand gallons of jet fuel burned over 6 hours keeps an airliner aloft, but burned in 45 minutes in a skyscraper brings it down. That is why this little group in Trinidad, Waajihatul Islaamiyyah (WI), is so very worrying and we know so little about it. These lovely radical islamists have been looking at plots to hijack a Liquified Natural Gas tanker headed for the NE cities of the US. Helluva thing to wake up to, Providence, RI missing from the map... and because of the way things get run in Latin America, any individual can get OFFICIAL documents from Western Powers, via just a bit of bribery. The Canadian embassy doesn't really know *how many* sets of official documents got sent out via that in the 1990's. And other Nations are less studious than the Canadians are.

The long arm of Hamas reaches out to Latin America, as well as Hezbollah. Both of those are now firmly entrenched in the Tri-Border Region and training locals with help of such sweet folks as FARC. But they are only Marxist-Narcoterrorists who have tried to assassinate a sitting US President!

Yes that is morally the equivalent to a drug eradication program that *also* tries to find good and legal economic crops to farm. Exactly *the same* to the Left... in fact the terrorists are more 'empowering' so are to be adored. Lovely folks, on the Left, adoring terrorists that tried to assassinate President Clinton! Long life expectancies all-around with that...

LMC - I would say that we would be damned lucky if Iraq fell apart only to the extent that Palestine has. That is *not* in the cards if a Nation cannot be stood up there. There are four articles that I have that points out the problems of the Middle East in overview and then one that turns the telescope around to see how that works on the ground.

First is my old Peace in the Middle East Checklist. You cannot get to peace if you do not know what it looks like. If you cannot describe it you cannot get to it. Thus I describe it so EVERYONE knows what I am heading to. I am most up front about that. That description in no way describes a world without warfare or strife or killing. But it gets the world to something that can be handled. Coalescing Iraq is damned necessary, but in no way sufficient to getting there. If we don't do that then one will have to take into account the next two articles.

Second is my 'Unreal Realists' article. It looks at the past six decades of foreign policy in overview and points out that it not only failed to address the problems we see today, but offers no solutions to them. If it *had* then we would not have these problems. There is one very potent overlay of Iraq for that, which no 'Realist' in Foreign Policy can handle. In fact, no one in the current Foreign Policy establishment knows how to address it although the Armed Forces are showing the way. Strange as it may seem, but diplomacy is turning into 'warfare by other means', which is exactly contrary to such folks as Metternich, Machiavelli and Clausewitz. Name a Foreign Policy luminary of the last 60 years and you will find someone who did not deal with this. The bad news is that the overlay extends across all of the Middle East, but is most concentrated in Iraq. From Sinai to China, Empty Quarter to central asian steppes... that overlay is what you get in one form or another.

Third is my Post-Warism article on how all the fine and splendid thinkers today do not know much, if anything, about military history and the key ingredients for post-war analysis. Because the Foreign Policy apparatus failed, the military had no clue as to what we were getting into and neither did Congress, the political elite, military elite, media elite and the American Public. There is one very, very chilling place where both major themes of Western thought of last century, capitalism and communism, failed completely and left things no better off than they had been when the first post-war things were tried. That place has a chilling and very similar theme to the Middle East with multiple ethnicities, religions, peoples, tribes and governing areas. It is The Balkans. Now picture them armed to the teeth in, say, 1914, and think of what would have happened with *that* sort of violence spreading over Europe that could not be controlled by mighty armies. That is the Middle East today.

Finally I switch the telescope around, look at all the things that have been described and now see what is on the ground in Iraq. Anyone who wants to understand Iraq must do this thing known as: understand Iraq. Building the Mosaic of Iraq also draws on subsidiary articles by myself, Norvell de Atkine, Lee Harris, and others, but the critical part is that each of the large scale problems described in the above articles now see those same things on the small scale falling into place. That means that the problem has been, to a large extent, satisfactorily examined, proposals put forth as to what the moving parts of society are and those are now seen, in detail, by the bloggers there.

With those mental 'keys' one can start to finally get the hell of an idea of what success can look like and damned well know that failure is death not to the Middle East, not to Europe, but to the Nation State. We did not like one Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Picture ten.

Picture fifty.

And each with their own money supply flowing from crude oil.

That is not a world of long-term survival for the US or Western beliefs.

I do not like that world as it means the Nation I love will be destroyed if we go down that path. The last time the US ran, we got radical islam and transnational terrorism as the result. That was seen as the 'low cost' solution.

We can no longer afford those.

We can fight and die in handfulls now... and *win*.

Or we can run and see civilization brought down around our ears piece by piece and know we hand a worse world to our children who will die or live in slavery.

Our choice.

Best we choose well this time.

Sun Jun 17, 09:18:00 AM PDT  

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