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Bloviating Zeppelin: In Honor of the Academy Awards

Bloviating Zeppelin

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In Honor of the Academy Awards


Blogger bigwhitehat said...

Hee hee Haa ha ha!

Tue Mar 07, 06:14:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

So "Crash" made best movie.

I am exquisitely shocked.


Tue Mar 07, 06:33:00 PM PST  
Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 07 06

Tue Mar 07, 11:48:00 PM PST  
Blogger Revka said...


Wed Mar 08, 05:37:00 AM PST  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! My husband was standing by when this came up and it put a big smile on both of our faces. Very good!!!!!!!!

Wed Mar 08, 02:45:00 PM PST  
Blogger Nightcrawler said...

I love that poster.

Thu Mar 09, 05:57:00 AM PST  
Blogger SB SLI Class 203 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sun Mar 12, 01:01:00 AM PST  

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