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(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

At This Point: It's All About Iran

The Koran and the AK-47.

Earlier this week Michael Medved hosted Victor Mordecai (actually, Avi Lipkin) and a local Seattle apologist for the religion of Islam whose name is unimportant.

Whilst I am sure that Pakistani is, individually, a wonderful human being who does not kick his dog or beat his wife, every word that escaped his lips was nothing more than apologist propaganda for the religion of Islam in all its forms. Michael was very careful to frame his questions in an egalitarian fashion but the Islamic respondent displayed not only his ass but his bias for all to see.

Michael has to, due to his national dissemination, be a bit careful about his framing and his statements.

My readership is comparatively minimal and therefore I can completely state my opinions as I believe them to be.

Let's examine some basics and move to the conclusion that I make about Islam:

At this point in US history, there is a Triumvirate against us that includes Iran - Iraq - Syria and, moving into the neighborhood, Lebanon. This Triumvirate Axis has decreed: annihilate the Sunni leadership in Lebanon.

Despite there being a 28% Christian presence in Lebanon.

In terms of percentages, Islam is overall 85% Sunni and 15% Shia; that is not the case in the Middle East.

The goal of the Shiites is to create a Shia Califate.

In terms of Saudi Arabia (a nation comprised predominantly of Sunnis), Shiites believe that the Sunnis allow 2 million pagans and infidels to defile Mecca and Medina by their simple presence. That in and of itself is an egregious and unrepairable offense.

The Shiite remedy is to realize that Shiites never truly enjoyed the petroleum benefits, these ran to the Sunnis, so it remains to the Shiites to blow up and eviscerate every oil field within reach in order to weaken the economics of the Infidels. Oil only strengthens the economies of worldwide unbelievers.

Canada is self-sufficient; Europe is completely dependent upon outside oil sourcing; the United States receives 70% of its oil from the western hemisphere, 15% from Nigeria and 15% from Persian sources. The first area to completely suffer would be EUROPE, not the United States.

Let me make so clear statements now and forever:

Israel cannot live in peace alongside any Islamic nation, "Palestine" or otherwise; not because Israel will disallow peace, but because Islam will disallow peace with any Jewish state.

I would postulate this: if one were to take the "Palestinian Issue" and "Israel" out the equation, would anything else change?

I submit it would not.

Therefore the removal of Israel is NOT the "key" as the dimwitted Jimmy Carter would contend; Carter has unwittingly become the lapdog of Islam -- not because he is necessarily evil but simply because he is naive and stupid -- and, bottom line, an Islamic tool.

Let us review history for a moment:

In 2000 Barak and Arafat met; Israel offered the complete West Bank but, no, that was not enough. Following this refusal Arafat then instigated the Intifada. But Arafat knew inherently that he would have been executed by Hamas cells had he acquiesced to Barak's offer.

"Allahu Akbar!" shout various Muslims.

This does NOT mean that "Allah is great." It means that Allah is GREATER. Greater than whom? Answer, as any 7-year-old Muslim can respond: Greater than YOUR God.

And therefore Jerusalem has to be destroyed.

Any good Muslim child knows that monkeys and pigs are Christians and Jews.

In Iraq: 25 to 50 Christians are killed per day.

Christians are therefore hiking to, oddly enough, Syria.

And the Islamization of Europe continues.

Austria is already 30% Muslim.

Christmas was "canceled" in Austria due to pressure.

Osama bin Laden said in his book, Messages To The World, that there were four things to do:

  • Get the United States out of the Middle East;
  • That the Jihad wave had to extend throughout the Middle East;
  • That Jihad had to be used as an unequivocable weapon;
  • Destroy Israel.

Boys and girls in Radio Land: it doesn't get any sharper or clearer than that.

Leaving Iraq early? Acquiescing to OBL Issue Number One.

Except for the al Qaeda Training Manual.

To Michael Medved's Islamic apologist, I would respond in this fashion:

I couldn't care less about what you say Islam represents, for this is the Guide:

Islam is what Islam DOES.



Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 06 06

"Islam is what Islam DOES."

I totally agree with you Blo Zep. People are judged by their actions above all else. I am sick and tired of the apologists justifying the rampant violence and genocide that radical Islamists are perpetuating! If we are to survive as a species, REALITY must be in the forefront! So many of these leftist policy makers are not living in reality and they draft ineffective and oft dangerous legislation!

Regarding Iran, I have been scared of that tinderbox for quite some time. The ONLY way to stop Ahmabijeoud is through FORCE. The question is whether we have the resources to KICK his ass AND maintain a presence in the Middle East.


Tue Dec 05, 11:16:00 PM PST  
Anonymous chancellorfiles said...

It’s just like I said Islam is conquering Europe, and also, only the white race can preserve and conserve America non-whites (People of color) are incapable of saving America. If the white race was too leave America today, and come back 20 years from now America would be a ghetto. Also, it is a good thing that non-whites are claiming too be conservative this helps speed up the degeneration. And, this actually is putting white conservatives out of work as columnists, institutional conservative jobs at conservative think tanks, etc because it is better to have a less qualified non-white in there, because he or she can not be labeled racist this puts white conservatives out of work.

America is going to have a race war and the more white conservatives see that non-whites and non-white conservatives are replacing them because whites fear being called racist this replacement will create more despair among whites. And they will lash out with violence and so will non-whites.

Think about it a black independent or Republican conservative can now insult a white leftist (still a white person) to his or her face, this devalues whites as a collective. So when blacks say that nothing in America has not changed they need to remember that long ago blacks were punished for insulting or disrespecting a white person regardless of that white person’s political affiliation. So things have changed too major degree. Whites are a lot nicer than they use to be. I will give them two cheers for that.

If the white liberal left has ineffective polices, well blacks are incapable of governing themselves at all blacks can not hold or create a true democracy any where on their own. Just look at Africa and the black communities of America, look at the cities that are governed by blacks they make blacks live in more poverty crime and misery. So if one is a Negro how can he or she criticize whites who need no non-whites to help them govern. Too many Blacks feel inferior and are always trying to say the right thing too fit in with some white person or white race.

I don’t give a damn about who (non-whites, blacks, or whites, especially if a black person comes by and gets mad) gets mad at what I wrote kiss my mixed blooded butt go eat dung inferior (no one or racial group in particular).

Three will be a war with Iran and Syria and all the Muslim countries of the Middle East, and Muslins will drive my beloved America out of the middles east. America will fight China and North Korea and China will win.

This rant is not directed towards any one in particular I am just expressing something nothing more.

Chance, Ghost face

Wed Dec 06, 01:31:00 AM PST  
Blogger Gayle said...

Hi BZ. Great post as always. I agree with both you and Mahndisa.

I have to disagree with Chance. He's putting down all blacks; lumping them all in the same category and it isn't fair. There are just as many stupid white people out there as there are black people, maybe more. Mahndisa is black and a friend, and this comment by Chance is a horrible insult to a very inteligent person! Besides which, your post was written about Islam, so why does he feel it necessary to go off on a rant against blacks? Not all blacks are on welfare and handouts from the government, no more so than whites are. Sheesh!

Wed Dec 06, 11:16:00 AM PST  
Blogger The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wed Dec 06, 12:28:00 PM PST  
Blogger The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Gayle

You are a damn hypocrite in that comment I wrote about Islam, Blacks, non-whites, war, Conservatives, etc but you chose to focus on the blacks in that comment. But ignored everything else that I said about Islam, Blacks, non-whites, war, Conservatives, etc the reason is simple, because you dislike and hate blacks period. That’s why you focused on that little comment. You totally agree with it your subconscious mind betrayed here in public it revealed that you hate blacks more than others. That’s why you focused on that comment and ignored what I said about other racial groups and politics. Also, at your blog you are always Gayle talking bad about blacks in a very unpleasant tone.

GAYLE SAID: rant against blacks? Not all blacks are on welfare and handouts from the government, no more so than whites are. Sheesh!

I in that comment I never said all blacks were on welfare and handouts you said that Gayle because you feel this way about them. You feel they are on handouts and welfare dis-proportionately for their numbers. You are an undercover racist but are afraid. That’s why you hide your face on your blog and use a fake photo.

Also, echotig thinks that I hate white people because I criticize whites, blacks, Hispanics, Liberal, and conservatives’ the Bloviating Zep knows this.

I have defended blacks here at this blog, one time bloviating Zep said his relatives fought in the civil war and that he owes no reparations to any racial group (Blacks), because he (BZ) is a descendant of a union solider who helped fought to free blacks.

I went into a very long commentary defending blacks against Bloviating Zep, statement. So was I a racist then (against blacks)? No!

At this blog I have criticized whites, blacks, Hispanics, Liberals, Muslims, Christians, Conservatives, etc and I have also praised whites, blacks, Hispanics, Liberals, Muslims, Christians, Conservatives, etc just go look at all of the previous posts.

Blacks think I am a white boy Uncle Tom, Whites sometimes think I am a black nationalist who hate whites, other think I am too unique to categorize in one area. The reality is that I call it like I see it I don’t favor one race over the other that why I call it like I see it.

You GAYLE are Guilty of harboring racist feelings towards blacks, but you push it off on others. Sometimes Gayle it is better to say nothing and just read the post talking sometimes reveal hidden hateful tendencies.

You don’t view Mahndisa as a friend because you don’t like blacks, you view them as stupid inferior trying to fit in, and you don’t like them. Because blacks and non-whites are changing the politics and Demographics of the country and you hate that.

The reality is that I am fair Bloviating Zep may not admit it but if he was going to be truthful he will tell you that I criticize, defend, and praise all. This is the way people should be. I criticize white people certain at this blog were sad and angry and let me know it. Then when I criticize blacks at this people are sad and other are happy.

If you or anyone have any thing to say to me, you can find me at Intellectual mad house (website) which is very interesting by the, because I also write about genetics and racial groups.


Wed Dec 06, 12:42:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Mahndisa: precisely my point; I can understand those who believe Islam is a good religion and, at its most base, practiced by those who are lovers of peace, it clearly can be. But when certain persons speak of the Islam as the religion of peace, tolerance and understanding they immediately lose credibility with me. They excuse the violence as that perpetrated by a handful of zealots that don't embrace Islam. And I respond: sorry, wrong. Islam IS as Islam DOES. The reverse would be true if, for example, Christians were to be responsible the the precise amount of violence -- people wouldn't be saying "please, give Christianity a break." They'd be saying "If these persons are carrying out those acts of violence in the name of Christianity, then that must be the stance of Christianity;" particularly if you didn't have a massive, MASSIVE wave of Christians rising up and actively and continuously CONDEMNING those violent acts carried out in the name of and at the behest of Christianity.

Chance: wow. I think I am missing your main point; I do not believe that America is in for an actual race war. And I'm not sure I quite understand how this relates to Iran's overarching goal in the Middle East. I think I can see where you're going in general, but not in relationship to this post, specifically.

And moreover, I don't think uncorking on Gayle and going where you went was called for. And she certainly didn't resort to name calling.

She states an opinion; you state one back. You can both disagree but no need to name-call on this blog! Let's not sink into the gutters.

And I do not believe that Gayle is a racist; that's a card that is too easily played. You want to be accepted, that much is clear. Let's stick with the arguments and leave the labels aside and accept that we can disagree. But cards like that? Let's leave them for the other blogs.


Wed Dec 06, 01:59:00 PM PST  
Blogger The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wed Dec 06, 02:49:00 PM PST  
Blogger The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Bloviating Zep,

I will stand by my opinion of Gayle because it is true but enough, and also you are right leave it for other blogs that’s why I offered my Mad house (website) for any type of confrontations.

But I don’t give a damn about whether someone is a black nationalist or a white supremacist I am both.
Also, BZ I did mention Islam, Blacks, non-whites, war, Conservatives, etc but you people keep focusing on this crap called my criticism of blacks.

Like I said: I am a black nationalist and white supremacist combined with pro native America style Russell means politics.

But let it rest.

Wed Dec 06, 02:52:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Chance: yes, let it rest. But get back to the issue: what do you think is the GOAL of Islam in the Middle East? THIS is what I identify as their goal, and it appears to revolve around Iran at this point -- Iran the PuppetMaster.


Wed Dec 06, 03:14:00 PM PST  
Blogger echotig said...

Hey! How did I get dragged into this?

I don't think you really hate white people, Chance, I just think you are a terrible writer.

Did you know that just about every Community College offers classes in writing improvement? You can also take the classes via the internet.

Wed Dec 06, 09:42:00 PM PST  

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