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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Saudis to US: Stay

Due to a series of circumstances beyond my control, some personal issues, some seasonal issues, I've not been able to consistently post this week. I surmise this consistent inconsistency may continue for the rest of the month. Please excuse my spotty posting and know that I have no intention of going away -- it's the season and a few other concomitant reasons. Thanks to all.

It appears that Saudi Arabia wants us to stay in Iraq; from the Washington Post:

Just a few months ago it was unthinkable that President Bush would prematurely withdraw a significant number of American troops from Iraq. But it seems possible today, and therefore the Saudi leadership is preparing to substantially revise its Iraq policy. Options now include providing Sunni military leaders (primarily ex-Baathist members of the former Iraqi officer corps, who make up the backbone of the insurgency) with the same types of assistance -- funding, arms and logistical support -- that Iran has been giving to Shiite armed groups for years.

But here's the real reason: Saudi Arabia is used to playing both ends against the middle and winning at the polar opposites with polar cultures.

As I described in my previous post, Saudi Arabia's power structure consists of Sunnis who happen to more openly embrace some portions of Western culture -- those portions dealing with, ahem, cash and comfort -- two very important concepts in current Saudi culture.

The Saudis are fully cognizant that, now, if America choppers, planes and troop-ships out of Iraq, the violent f*!&!#* crazy Shiites will descend like sand fleas and make life just a tad bit more difficult for the royal house of Saud.

From the Post:

What's clear is that the Iraqi government won't be able to protect the Sunnis from Iranian-backed militias if American troops leave. Its army and police cannot be relied on to do so, as tens of thousands of Shiite militiamen have infiltrated their ranks. Worse, Iraq's prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, cannot do anything about this, because he depends on the backing of two major leaders of Shiite forces.

The Saudis also said they will "sharply boost oil production" in order to combat Iran:

Finally, Abdullah may decide to strangle Iranian funding of the militias through oil policy. If Saudi Arabia boosted production and cut the price of oil in half, the kingdom could still finance its current spending. But it would be devastating to Iran, which is facing economic difficulties even with today's high prices. The result would be to limit Tehran's ability to continue funneling hundreds of millions each year to Shiite militias in Iraq and elsewhere.

You know, I'm just kinda throwing this leaf of a thought around in my fetid brain housing group: is leaving Iraq beginning to look like a good thing?



Blogger Gayle said...

To answer your question, BZ, I don't know. This entire thing is getting more confusing by the minute!

Yep, December is a busy time of year, and I'd better get with it or I won't be ready for Christmas. I've go tons to do too!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)

Thu Dec 14, 07:13:00 AM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Gayle: thanks again for all your help this past year, your support, your comments, and for being a Mighty Representative on the Conservative Side!

Merry Christmas!


Thu Dec 14, 10:54:00 AM PST  

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