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Monday, June 09, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama: Let The Lies Commence!

My very good friend, A Jacksonian, at Dumb Looks Still Free (and a frequent and massive commenter on this blog, only to its betterment) responded to one of my recent posts regarding Barack Hussein Obama and the conviction of Tony Rezko.

I investigated just one small aspect of AJ's comment regarding, in this example, "earmarks." Political earmarks, for those just tuning in, are generally considered Washington, DC "pork" such as the former Alaskan "bridge to nowhere" potentially costing millions of dollars.

Earmarks have exploded in number in the past decade -- climbing from 4,126 in 1994 to 12,852 in 2006, according to the Congressional Research Service -- and this has led to abuses. Former representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) is serving a prison sentence after pleading guilty to bribery for steering government money through earmarks to defense contractors that gave him expensive gifts in return.

Good. Now we have a bit of a grasp on earmarks. With that in mind, what is Demorat presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama's view on earmarks? From the BHO PDF file available on his own website (page 33 in the PDF), he writes:

Cut Pork Barrel Spending: Obama introduced and passed bipartisan legislation that would require more disclosure and transparency for special-interest earmarks. Obama believes that spending that cannot withstand public scrutiny cannot be justified. Obama will slash earmarks to no greater than what they were in 2001 and ensure all spending decisions are open to the public.

Let us now contrast Barack Hussein Obama's public statement and policy on earmarks with the reality of his earmark requests for 2006 as documented in an article by Lynn Sweet:

- $1.6 Million To The University Of Illinois College Of ACES For The Livestock Genome Sequencing Initiative.
- $2 Million For The Soybean Disease Biotechnology Center At The University Of Illinois College Of ACES.
- $3 Million The Future Foods Initiative At The University Of Illinois College Of ACES.
- $2.5 Million For The Illinois Program For Integrated Sustainable Agriculture At The University Of Illinois College Of ACES.
- $3 Million To Support The National Center For Food Safety & Technology At The Illinois Institute Of Technology.
- $310,000 For The Slocum Watershed Management Project In Lake County.
$2,499,400 For The Food Stamp Participation Project Of The Illinois Department Of Human Services.
- $1.75 Million For The Secure User Network For Food And Agriculture Response And Mobilization (SUN-FARM) For The Illinois Department Of Commerce And Economic Opportunity.
- $900,000 For The Women's Sports Foundation’s Go Girl Go Chicago Initiative.
- $550,000 For The John G. Shedd Aquarium’s At-Risk Youth Monitoring Initiative.
- $350,000 For Guardian Angel Community Services To Support Its Transitional Housing For Women And Children Suffering Domestic Violence Program.
- $300,000 To Support The A Child Is Missing (ACIM) Program. In 2006, Obama requested - $300,000 for the A Child Is Missing Program (ACIM).
- $1 Million For The Village of Franklin Park To Support Its Law Enforcement Strategic Technology Program.
- $3 million For The DuPage, Kane & Kendall County Sheriff's Offices To Support The Tri-County In Car Video Camera Project.
- $62 million For The Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy Project.
- $1.75 million For The Northern Illinois Technology Triangle.
- $500,000 For McHenry County’s Integrated Criminal Justice Information System.
- $450,000 For The South Suburban Association of Chiefs of Police To Support Its Center For Law Enforcement Technology Collaboration.
- $675,000 For The Metro Chicago Youth For Christ Juvenile Justice Ministry Gang Prevention Program.
- $500,000 For The Lakeview Museum To support Its Planetarium For Central Illinois Regional Museum.
- $2 million For The University of Illinois At Chicago Prisoner Reentry, Family And Communities National Resource Center.
- $750,000 For The Windy City Harvest To Support Its Windy City Harvest Resource Center.
- $1.9 Million For The Constitutional Rights Foundation of Chicago To Support Its National Coordinated Law-Related Education Program.
- $3 million For The Museum Of Science and Industry’s Expansion Of Its Center For Human Exploration/Henry Crown Space Center.
- $500,000 For McHenry County’s Law Enforcement Communication System.
- $4.3 Million And Helped Secure $1.8 Million For The Air Force ALERT System.
- $10 Million And Helped Secure $5.85 Million For The Rock Island Arsenal’s Arsenal Support Program Initiative (ASPI).
- $3 Million And Helped Secure $1.95 Million For The Compact Tactical Laser Program.
- $7.5 Million And Helped Secure $4.9 Million For The National Center for Advanced Secure Systems Research.
- $2 Million And Helped Secure $1 Million For HUMVEE Hybrid Electronic Conversion Technology.
- $5 Million And Helped Secure $1 Million For The Fuel Cells for Mobile Robotics Systems Project At Chicago State University.
- $8 Million And Helped Secure $1.3 Million For The High Explosive Air Burst Technology Program.
- $7 million And Helped Secure $6.3 Million For Rock Island Arsenal Industrial Preparedness Items.
- $5 Million And Received $3.3 Million For The Technology, Research, Education, And Commercialization Center At The University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign.
- $5.8 Million For the Copper Antimicrobial Research Program. In 2006, Obama requested - $5.6 million for the Copper Antimicrobial Research Program.
- $8 Million For Human Genome Expression Through The University Of Illinois At Chicago.
- $7.5 Million For Advanced Pathogen Titer Diagnostic The University Of Illinois at Chicago.
- $4.8 Million For A Light Emitting Diode Healing Program At The University Of Illinois At Chicago.
- $5.2 Million For A Copper Air Quality Program.
- $4.2 Million For Advance Technology Research On Fabrication At Remote Sites.
- $6 Million For Work On The Roof For Building 299 At Rock Island Arsenal.
- $3 Million For Improvements In Heating And Cooling At Rock Island Arsenal Facility.
- $784,000 In Funding For The Final Phase Of The Upper Mississippi River Comprehensive Plan.
- $500,000 For Water Distribution Upgrades In The Village Of Oakwood.
- $1 Million For A Regional Waterways System In The City Of Monmouth.
- $2 Million For Reconstruction Of A Water Distribution System In The City Of Shawneetown. - $1 Million To Support The Bubbly Creek Restoration Project In The City Of Chicago.
- $750,000 For An Arts And Science “Green Building” At Quincy University.
- $5 Million For The Illinois Department Of Natural Resources Demonstration Asian Carp barrier Project.
- $1 Million To Support The Asian Carp Barrier Operations And Maintenance Funds For The Illinois Department Of Natural Resources.
- $500,000 For Peoria County’s Senachine Creek River Restoration Project.
- $300,000 For McHenry County’s Groundwater/Stormwater Protection Investigation.
- $750,000 For A Neuroscience Laboratory At Dominican University.
- $1 Million For Construction Of A New Hospital Pavilion At The University Of Chicago.
- $1 Million For An Intensive Care Unit Expansion And Renovation Project At St. Mary Medical Center.
- $2.5 Million For A Science Storms Program At Chicago’s Museum Of Science And Industry.
- $300,000 For The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum.
- $500,000 For The Heartland Water Resource Council (HWRC) For Storm Water Management Assistance For The Turkey Creek Watershed.
- $6.1 Million For The Illinois Department Of Natural Resources’ Upper Des Plaines River Basin Feasibility Study (Levee 37).
- $300,000 For The Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Expanded Study of Phase II of the Des Plaines River.
- $2 Million For The Thorek Memorial Hospital Cancer Treatment Center.
- $1.3 Million For Will County’s Flood Studies Project.
- $600,000 For The International Arid Lands Consortium’s For Research And Demonstration Projects On Providing Water Resources For Arid Lands.
- $2 Million For The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to support its National Corn to Ethanol Research Center at SIU-Edwardsville.
- $4 Million For The Illinois Department of Natural Resources For New Gates At The East End of The Chicago River Lock.
- $900,000 For Governors State University’s Homeland Security And Disaster Management Center For Excellence In Learning, Research And Outreach.
- $800,000 For Wireless Communications Technology For The Will County Sheriff’s Office.
Northeastern Illinois Sewer Consortium Receive $3.5 million To Support Its Northeastern Illinois Sewer Consortium Project.
- $2 million For Olympia Fields To Support Its Storm Water Conveyance Improvements.
- $1 million For The Village Of Park Forest To Support Its Sanitary Sewer Upgrades.
- $7 million For The Wheaton Sanitary District to support its Water Environment Research Foundation.
- $120,000 For The Water Environment Research Foundation To Support Its Countywide Wetland Preservation And Restoration Plan.
- $1,953,331 For Will County To Support Its Ridgewood Water And Sewage Project.
- $405,000 For The Village Of Olympia Fields To Support Its Water Pumping System Improvement Program.
- $750,000 For The Lakeview Museum’s Illinois River Interpretive Center.
- $2 million For Lake County’s Watershed Plan Implementation Project.
- $1 Million For The Village of Park Forest To Support Its Water Main Distribution System.
- $500,000 For The University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign To Support Its Midwest Technology Assistance Center For Small Public Water Systems.
- $700,000 For The Village Of Riverdale’s Illinois Pacesetter Sewer/Water Project.
- $8 Million For The City Of Chicago’s Drinking Water Security Initiative.
- $1.5 million For The Illinois State Geological Survey To Support Its Central Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition Project.
- $1 Million For The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urban Teaching and Leadership Center.
- $500,000 For Kids Voting USA.
- $200,000 For The Teen Challenge Faith-Based Drug Abuse Treatment And Prevention Program In Illinois.
- $3 Million For The Safer Foundation. In 2006, Obama requested $3 million for the Safer Foundation.
- $500,000 For Goodwill Industries Of Metropolitan Chicago.
- $335,000 For The Chicago Zoological Society Of The Brookfield Zoo To Support Its Excellence Through Diversity Program.
- $1 Million For National-Louis University To Support Its Center for City Schools' Secondary Reading Initiative.
- $500,000 For The Salud Latina Resource Center To Support Its Community Health Programs.
- $2 million For The Illinois State University Institutes For Mathematics And Science Teachers Program.
- $2.5 million For Illinois State University’s Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline Programs and Partnerships Program.
- $500,000 For The Illinois Downstate Assistive Technology Evaluation, Training And Device Loan Program.
- $1.2 Million For The ACCESS Community Health Network Behavioral Health Care Activities.
- $200,000 For the Knowledge Is Power Program’s (KIPP) Ascend Charter School in Chicago.
- $2.2 Million For The Center For Neighborhood Technology’s Information For Communities Project.
- $2 Million for Chicago Public Schools’ CPS Reading Initiative (CRI).
- $250,000 For The Chicago Park District’s Obesity Prevention-Affordable Fitness Centers.
- $1 Million For Alton Memorial Hospital To Support Its Riverbend Stroke Center.
- $1 million For The Lakeview Museum To support Its K-12 Education And Outreach Program At The Central Illinois Regional Museum.
- $500,000 For McHenry County’s Job Readiness Program.
- $300,000 For The Lawson House YMCA’s Targeted Case Management Service For Veterans.
- $4 million For The Children’s Memorial Medical Center’s Electronic Medical Record Project.
- $1 million For The Chicago State University (CSU) HIV/AIDS Policy And Research Institute.
- $1 million For Chicago State University’s (CSU) Establishment Of A School Of Pharmacy.
- $500,000 For The University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Online Science Teacher Certification Program.
- $250,000 For McHenry County’s Mental Health Court.
- $450,000 For Swedish American Health System’s Davis Junction Rural Health Center Clinic.
- $360,000 For Library And Technology Learning Center At Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.
- $800,000 For A Training And Resource Center Of The Swedish Covenant Hospital.
- $300,000 For An Extended-Day And Extended Year Academic Program At The Chicago Jesuit Academy.
- $900,000 For An Early Childhood Professional Development Center At Saint Xavier University.
- $700,000 For Youth Conservation Corps, Inc. For A GED Program.
- $1.8 Million For The Illinois Department Of Public Health To Conduct A Men’s Health Pilot Project.
- $700,000 For Expansion Of The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant Project By The Illinois Department Of Public Health.
- $500,000 For The Uhlich Children’s Network To Support Its Adolescent Mental Health Service Support Program.
- $2.5 Million For The Children’s Hospital Of Illinois’ Replacement Project.
- $942,400 For Cyber Seniors, Inc.’s Senior Power Program.
- $5 Million For Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Prentice Woman’s Hospital.
- $1 Million For Catholic Charities’ St. Leo Residence For Veterans And VA Clinic And Resources Center.
- $650,000 For A Real-time Writers And Captioning Program At Sparks College.
- $5 Million For Loyola University’s Center For Public Service.
- $500,000 For The Children’s Health Fund’s Chicago Children’s Health Project.
- $2 Million For The Illinois Primary Health Care Association’s Electronic Health Records Project.
- $5 Million For The City Colleges Of Chicago To Support Project ALIGN.
- $6 Million For The Midwest Emergency Department Services’ Rural Emergency Access Safety Net Program.
- $200,000 For The Guardian Angel Community Service’s Before-And-After School Enrichment Program.
- $162,000 To The Cristo Rey Jesuit High School For Its Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Work Study Internship Program.
- $1.95 Million For The Will County Health Department To Support Its Mentally Ill Substance Abuse Programs.
- $312,202 For Helen Wheeler Center For Community Mental Health’s Child And Family Services Program.
- $250,000 For The Beecher hall At Illinois College.
- $1 Million For A Center For Communicative Disorders At Augustana College.
- $400,000 For The Carr Center Second Floor Renovation Of Seguin Services.
- $2.5 Million For The Center For Excellence In Health Professionals Education At Governors State University.
- $200,000 For The Peoria County’s Get The Lead Out Program In Peoria County, Illinois.
- $200,000 For The City Of Rock Island’s The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center.
- $200,000 For The Decatur Lakefront Development Project.
- $200,000 In Funding For The Shawneetown Community Center And Children’s Park

Now is the time to focus on the facts regarding Barack Hussein Obama, and about whom I say: "I don't like you because you're gonna get me killed."

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Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Perhaps, in scrolling down that list, some of you were thinking: "What's wrong with that? -- What's wrong with this?"

And I would respond to your question: "and why is it the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S JOB to throw money at THAT local issue?"

I submit: IT ISN'T.

CREATE your OWN pork at HOME. If you CAN'T, then perhaps it SHOULDN'T be funded.


Sun Jun 08, 07:30:00 PM PDT  
Blogger cary said...

Hey, come on, it's only a couple of billion to his favorite projects...

But, as the old saying goes, "A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking real money!"

Freak of nature - he doesn't know if he's a black man with a white mother, or a white man with a black father. That kind of confusion can only end up being reflected in his daily life and activities, too.

Sun Jun 08, 10:05:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Or, like arugula, he can make any argument he wishes when he wishes for any reason he wishes and somehow make it seem to be be HIS when he wishes it, WHY he wishes it.

If, for example, I were a conspiracy theorist attempting to make an argument for the New Common Man, I shouldn't have to, then, look much further than BHO. Let's shave his head and see if he has 666 at the top of his scalp!


Okay, so some of you didn't think that was FUNNY -- ??


Sun Jun 08, 11:31:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Karly said...

Please read my blog entitled "Investigating Teen Challenge" at My latest post is entitled "An In-Depth Series on Abuse at Teen Challenge" and is for those of you who prefer to investigate Teen Challenge so you can make an informed decision before you send a loved one to Teen Challenge!

Mon Jun 09, 01:59:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Mark said...

The promise of free shit is all I can see drives this prick's popularity. you can't tell me it's his great speaking ability or his platform, because he sticks his foot in his mouth more than George does, and WHAT PLATFORM?
so, given his popularity, we have to assume it's his offers of a free twinkee if ya vote for me that has widespread public appeal. you know, that twinkee that's going to cost us an extra several thousand dollars in extra taxes?

Mon Jun 09, 04:11:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous WMD_Maker said...

"Let the lies commence"

CRAP they have been going on for almost a year and a half now!!!!

Mon Jun 09, 07:53:00 AM PDT  
Blogger ricodechef said...

Sure he uses earmarks-that's how a lot of Senate business gets done. But how does his earmark total compare withthe Senate average? What is it as a proportion of the Senate total? I am willing to bet that it is below average and a minor part of the total.

I guess that the list was meant to shock and outrage, but it's meaningless without the comparative data. The arguement, if I can dignify it with that name, is pure rhetoric and sophistry without substance. It also purports to identify a problem without posing a solution, which renders it useless as well as meaningless.

Mon Jun 09, 10:50:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous WMD_Maker said...

Who the hell does a junior legislator even get pork into a bill? We has no power and nothing to bargin with other than one maesily vote.
I would not ask the totals for the whole congress just the junior members for comparison.

Mon Jun 09, 11:13:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ricodechef: I suspect you missed the point. The point was: HE made it an issue when he wrote, in his Blueprint For Change, as I indicated in the post. This is what's termed "hypocritical."


Mon Jun 09, 04:24:00 PM PDT  
Blogger shoprat said...

No wonder Illinois loves him, look at all that money he is taking from other states for his own. Shades of Senator Byrd.

Mon Jun 09, 05:22:00 PM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

My thanks! It was so much fun going through just the FY 2006 listing and shortening it up... the FY 2005 is just as long... that list is not his entire record by any account.

Say, if Sen. Obama is so anti-PAC money, then how come he took so much of it early in his career? There are a couple of years when the overwhelming majority of his >$150 donation list is PAC, Union and big business contributions. What's up with that?

And what is it with him and Ba'athist Iraqi and Syrian connections, anyways? Trying to find more dictators he can support?

Jeez, haven't even gotten his career up to the US Senate and already it stinks: mobsters, ties to dictators, and convicted felons who swindled Iraq and the US government out of hundreds of millions. What a sweet fella!

Just another Chitown pol... gotta believe him when he said he saw dead veterans. So many dead people vote in Chicago its not funny.

Mon Jun 09, 06:30:00 PM PDT  

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