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Bloviating Zeppelin: A Taste Of Things To Come?

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Taste Of Things To Come?

It seems to me there was a bit of a trending from yesterday's elections, and the electorate seems to be talking back, just a bit, to Our Hero.

Does this bode poorly for the Demorats in 2010?


First, the special election over the 23rd Congressional seat in New York went to Demorat Bill Owens. Though disappointing, this was not unforeseen.

When "Republican" (clear 'airquotes' here) Scozzafava abruptly withdrew Saturday and supported Owens, the die was cast. Hoffman was undermined by a RINO and then died that death.

The only good part of that is Scozzafava's having shot herself in the heart -- she'll have to live and, more importantly, die her political career with that.


Republicans won two state governorships:

NJ's Corzine got his ass kicked --despite Our Hero personally advocating for him.


Republican Bob McDonnell trounced Democrat Creigh Deeds in Virginia.

And Maine, given an actual chance to vote, voted down homosexual marriage.

Demorats think they won? In actuality, they lost.



Blogger shoprat said...

They won cuz they said so! That's how it works in their minds.

Wed Nov 04, 06:29:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bob Qat said...

WA State went left, as usual. A measure to control our berzerk state spending habits went down in flames. Taxation and micro management are so severe, Boeing, which grew up here, opted to build their next airliner in S. Carolina. All the big leftist guns were out. The National Education Association spent half a million to defeat reasonable government. Despite the fact the Left outspent normal people $3.5 million to zero, the measure was defeated by "only" 54%.

Count on our two Marxist-Leninist Senators (Daffy Patty Murray and Maria Dorkwell) supporting yet more Obamunisn.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Wed Nov 04, 07:42:00 PM PST  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

The NY State Republican party is as I knew it when I lived in upstate NY: dysfunctional. By working to try and get 'power' in NYC, the rest of the State gets largely ignored, save for the taxes put on nearly anything that moves. Yet the Republican party there has never, ever come on board for lower taxes in NY. It is the party of 'ratchet Republicans' who believe that if government is given something to do it must be 'managed' and never, not once, ask if these things voted in are wise, good or fiscally sound to start with. Perhaps the Conservative party in NY can now break free of this boat anchor called the Republican party and start making the Upstate case for a fiscally sound government that must realize the entire State is NOT NYC. It is a State-wide party, maybe it can act like one... unlike the Republicans.

VA had a bit more than the traditional 'switch the party for Governor' bit going on. Living in NoVA just outside of Fairfax, I got to see something quite different than was portrayed Nationally. Politics for the last 15 years or so have moved towards the vehement, personal attack realm, which generally gets Democrats in office as it is easy to criticize the ethics of others when you have few of your own. Jim Webb rode that to victory as did Mark Warner for the Senate campaigns. It had been a winning campaign tactic for a long, long time. Creigh Deeds pulled the Scroll of Doom down, incanted the mighty WaPo, started a vitriolic and petty campaign... and it blew up in his face. For all that McDonnell is a nice guy, Creigh Deeds forgot that he came from a rural background and did not run a campaign to his strengths. He went for the quick and easy magic formula and it just backfired not only on him, but State-wide and down-ticket. Locally the low tax, fiscally restrained government theme trumped the 'spend now, tax later' theme of the Democrats that they got in between their magically formulaic attacks. White bread campaigns featuring veterans (daughter for McDonnell and Greason himself locally) struck a chord even in liberal trending Fairfax. Thematically this was an entirely different type of Republican campaign that did NOT look to the party for purpose, but addressed local issues and being fiscally responsible, and creating jobs through lower taxes. There were attack ads from Republicans, but they were not the majority of the ads per candidate with the worst going 50/50 and McDonnell having NO attack ads that would show up in local venues near me. ZERO attack ads.

A total white bread, zero attack ads campaign just won and handily against an MSM-backed attack campaign in VA, Statewide. I have to go back to 1993 to remember something close to that... and VA trended ahead of the country as an indicator of what would happen on the National level.

So did NJ.

"Blue Dogs" now see that if they don't vote as fiscal conservatives, as they ran on, then they have a day of reckoning that will not be pretty. Votes do matter, and VA has just voted against more government, more taxes and deepening the local economic problems. If the "Blue Dogs" can't smell that, then they are going to have problems getting off the porch. And if Republicans now just elected can't see that they need to perform in these two States, what comes next will not be pretty to the party, either.

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.

The handwriting is upon the wall.

Thu Nov 05, 04:48:00 AM PST  
Blogger Dirty Copper said...

There is a palpable state of euphoria here in NJ since the election. Having met Chris Christie twice during the campaign (we fat guys like to have lunch together) I can tell you that he will not be squandering this opportunity. But the reality is that he has been handed the proverbial leaking bag of excrement and will have his work cut out for him.

Despite the many pundits that say the two Governor's races were not a referendum on the progress of the Democrats I have to disagree. As Jacksonian pointed out, fiscal conservatism will be the litmus test for the 2010 House races. The Dems already seem to be preoccupied about hanging on to the Independents. I think they should be more concerned about losing moderate Democratic votes.

After 365 days, finally a little HOPE.

Thu Nov 05, 05:51:00 AM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

I am happy that some progress was made, but there's a ton of work to be done just to get through 2010.

The Senate and House are the next big targets, and if 2010 goes well, 2012 will be a blood bath for Obama, Pelosi and Reid...

If not, then America as we want it to be, will be no more...

Thu Nov 05, 08:13:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dems picked up two seats in the house. 'Nuff said. The Dems still have a majority of Governors.
YOU lost.

Thu Nov 05, 02:16:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bd said...

Texasfred said: "...If not, then America as we want it to be, will be no more..."

Yeh, let's go back to the incompetent, fascist asswipes from the past eight years. Hey! Lets have John Boehner President, or some other GOP who is in the pockets of big corporations. Lets see how far that gets you while you die from idiotic malcontentment while your rulers laugh and call you a 'patriot.' But in fact you are only a parrot.

Thu Nov 05, 08:30:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Bd, I was NOT referring to the Bush years, I hated that bastard too. You really should look before you leap and render your opinion pretty useless...

I was talking more about a time of my youth, and apparently, you're not old enough to remember when America was a God fearing, Christian nation and not over-run with libber pukes...

Fri Nov 06, 04:01:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 57 Texas Fred. And to remember at time in America in terms of 'when America was a God fearing, Christian nation and not over-run with libber pukes...,' is just moronic, but typical of you.

Sat Nov 07, 03:36:00 PM PST  

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