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One History Lesson: The Fat Cats?

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Bloviating Zeppelin: One History Lesson: The Fat Cats?

Bloviating Zeppelin

(in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Monday, January 11, 2010

One History Lesson: The Fat Cats?

Of course, it has to be the GOP, does it not? Ask any Leftist or Demorat; they'll set you straight.


The Demorats would be the Party of Fat Cats.

Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times wrote:

In 2008, Obama raked in more donations from the health sector than John McCain and the rest of the Republican field combined. Drug makers gave Obama $3.58 for every dollar they gave McCain. Pfizer gave to Obama at a 4-1 rate, as did the hospital and nursing home industries. In 2008, the insurance industry gave more money to House Democrats than House Republicans. HMOs give to Democrats over Republicans by a margin of 60 to 40.

And that's just one area. How about the "Global Warming" issue:

This pattern is hardly unique to healthcare. The U.S. Climate Action Partnership, led by GE, includes many other Fortune 500 companies, including Goldman Sachs -- the company that has profited mightily from Obama's brand of hope and change. CAP is an aggressive supporter of the Democrats' climate change scheme. Why? Because GE and company stand to make billions from carbon pricing, thanks largely to investments in technologies that cannot survive in a free market without massive subsidies from Uncle Sam. GE chief Jeffrey Immelt cheerleads big government as "an industry policy champion, a financier and a key partner."

Also consider the Demorats, the sympathetic, keening party of the poor and downtrodden:

As Washington reels from the news of 10.2 percent unemployment, the Center for Responsive Politics is out with a new report describing the wealth of members of Congress.

Among the highlights: Two-hundred-and-thirty-seven members of Congress are millionaires. That's 44 percent of the body - compared to about 1 percent of Americans overall.

Why do the Demorats continue to enact bills as though the money runs through their hands like water and the results of their bills can't affect them? It's because the money runs through their hands like water and the results of their bills can't affect them.
Or can it?
2007 / 2008 Political Contributions:
From business, there existed $1,964,870,224.
From labor, ideologogy & others: $673,473,646.
(source: Center For Responsive Politics)
Corporate Political Spending (1990 to present):
Demorats: 49.4%
GOP: 50.6%
Damned near equal.
What was Union political spending from 1990 to present?
Why, that would be:
Demorat: 92%
GOP: 8%
The CWA (Communication Workers of America) and UAW (United Auto Workers) called on Congress to pass legislation that would mitigate last week's SCOTUS ruling. Russ Feingold has said: that's his next goal!
Now, Rep. Mark Kirk (R, IL) is taking a shot at Obama's former Illinois Senate seat. You know: the seat Rod Blagojevich tried to sell and then proffered to Roland Burriss. At quite too costly a price.
Dick Durbin (D, Ill) is worried.
David Axelrod, Obama's Senior Advisor, swiped his combover on camera in order to pledge opposition.
Competitors to Kirk?
Yes. Alexi Giannoulias (D, Ill), 33 years of age, has massive amounts of Greek money behind him. NEVER underestimate the Greek cash reserve!
Cheryl Jackson of the Chicago Urban League is also in the running.
However, the Chicago Inspector General, David Hoffman, is looking good.
One in four Chicago Demorats are still UNdecided.
There is ONE week to go.

Fat Cats, anyone?



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