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Bloviating Zeppelin

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ah Islam, The Religion Of Peace And Understanding, Not To Mention Tolerance And Proportion

For those of you who may still not "get it."

Islamists want to convert you or kill you. They would prefer to simply kill you.

However, should you deign to become part of their progressive society, this is the future your great grandchildren face. Above is an 8-year-old child who made the serious mistake of stealing. And, of course, the discipline involved isn't a private affair, it is quite public. Note the microphone in the hand of the adult at the top shot and the numerous persons milling about awaiting the glorious spectacle of Islamic punishment.

When we enable or buy into their propaganda, this is what your children face.

When we place our heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge reality, this is what your children face.

When we refuse to take a stand against evil incarnate, this is what your children face.

The stakes for America are that critical.

And the world dares to accuse Israel for a lack of proportion after they were attacked?


My thanks to John the Patriot. Go here for more information.



Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

not that i'm a big fan of islam, i just hate hypocracy.
the militant crazy-christers right here in the good ole USA aren't exactly handing out bouquets of daisies outside abortion clinics and at Gay Rights rallies.

Thu Aug 17, 09:25:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

No daisies indeed, Cawfree Guy.

But I also place religions into context and proportion as well. Every religion has its singular nutjobs. But I go by what the bulk of the people throw out as their religion. And if I had to pick and choose (and I, of course, GET to do so at this point in my country's history) I'd simply choose Christianity.

And this coming from an agnostic, sir.


Thu Aug 17, 09:41:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Also: looks to me like more than a singular nutjob in this audience.


Thu Aug 17, 09:42:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Finally: I find it interesting that there was no mention in your comment of the general impropriety of the extraordinary suffering inflicted upon that child.


Thu Aug 17, 09:50:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islaam does not allow that a person under the age of maturity be punished under the laws of Islaam. So this punishment may be of ignorance from some ignorant people. So it is oppression to label Islaam as by the actions of these individuals. However it is interesting to note that if you study U.S. law, the world looks at the U.S. as being barbaric due to the U.S. being the only country that executed a child.

So my advice to you before you slander and attack an entire religion is to verify. As these people in the picture may not even be Muslim, or they may be ignorant. So are we to judge America and Americans by the KKK? or Christians by the Crusaders and Hitler?

Terrorism and Extremism is NOT from Islaam. Islaam strictly prohibits those actions.

The late Mufti of Saudi Arabis said,

“Extremism is the taking of concessions for which there is no basis or truth. Whereas, terrorism is to transgress upon people by way of unjustly striking or killing them, with no proof (to justify these actions); rather (these actions are committed) upon ignorance and dearth of insight; they are the terrorists who kill people unjustly, without any evidence from the Sharee’ah (Islamic Law). Thus, they change people’s (state of) security, and they cause problems between them and between their countries; those are the terrorists.

As for those who enjoin good and forbid evil according to their ability, then that is not from terrorism… As for the one who cannot (do this), he should do this verbally, (such as by saying) “O servant of Allaah, fear Allaah… This is not permissible for you to do… This is binding upon you to do.” (This should be done) with virtuous speech, and in a good manner, as the Most High said:

“Invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and fair
preaching, and argue with them in the best way.” [Sooratun-Nahl, 16:125]

And He, the Most High said:

“And by the Mercy of Allaah, you dealt with them gently. And had you been
severe and harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from about you.”
[Soorah Aali-Imraan, 3:159]

If he is unable (to do this), then he should hate the evil in his heart, and should avoid being present at evil places. Those who strike or kill people without any proof from the Sharee’ah; they are the terrorists; the ones who spread corruption. They are the ones who diminish security and corrupt societies.

However, a person should not change this evil with his hand, unless he has the authorisation to do so from the authorities. Otherwise, he should bring the affair to (their attention) if he sees something objectionable and he does not have the authority (to change it); he raises the affair to the authorities. Nevertheless, he should advise them, calling to Allaah, and by encouraging people to do good and dissuading them from evil… May Allaah grant us all success.”

Islaam is concerning with monotheism. It is a religion of submission to only One God, and the worship of only One God.

Thu Aug 17, 10:34:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this is what I call propaganda. The nerve of some people!

First of all, the laws of Islam differ when it comes to an 8 year-old. He simply has not reached the age of maturity. Therefore, he is not to be punished. And you know, let us suppose he did steal. What possibly can an 8 year-old steal?

Second of all, the pictures look as if they were taken from a show or something. The man is holding a microphone, and crowds of people are standing and watching ... Probably cheering. Also, the punishment of stealing would be represented in cutting the wrist only, not the whole arm. It is not done that way; letting a car walk over his arm.

If anything, the above proves how ignorant and hateful you are towards Muslims. You claim you are people of Justice when you are yet to learn the real meaning of it. You obviously wanted to make Israel appear as a merciful country (If it is right to call it a country since it STOLE and continues to STEAL Palestine and other Arab land). Perhaps I should post some pictures to open your eyes on the truth you refuse to confront, or maybe deny due to its bitterness and cruelty.

Thu Aug 17, 10:43:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Anonymous: Hey, good point, in TRUTH only the WRIST would be cut off. How silly of me to overlook that very salient point! I thank you for that important correction!


Thu Aug 17, 12:44:00 PM PDT  
Blogger bigwhitehat said...

Cawfeeguy, learn how to spell hypocrisy. You can't equivocate the actions of prolife demonstrators with this kind of thing and expect to be taken seriously. Your remarks here make you sound worse than those you impugn.

If these folks who want to say these acts are not consistent with Islam want to be taken seriously, they must stand up and condemn these acts as evil.

The Judeo-Christian teachings include a commandment against taking the Lord's name in vain. This means that assigning righteousness to an evil cause is blasphemy.

Maybe a bit more of that and a little less anger over cartoons would make the Isamic street look more sane.

This is not an act of ignorance. It is pure evil.

Thu Aug 17, 02:45:00 PM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Mr. Z - Well, that was not something I needed right after dinner... but be that as it may... the individual doing this act is a barbarian. That is no just punishment for *any* act nor attributed to any modern religion, although followers of Kali might have understood, back in the day. For this there is no justification nor reason.

While in the US we do not hand out gifts at clinics nor events, neither are individuals supposed to be labeled by their *intent* only their actions. Personally I think the first groups of pro/anti have so polarized so many debates and conceptions of life across this Nation that they have subdivided the house so much that it is in danger of falling. And I have yet to see individuals at the Gay to polysexual fringes holding rallies being threatened with bulldozers and steamrollers. Intolerant invective is one thing and wholly different than destruction as seen here and in the barbarians hiding amongst women and children, in civilian suburbs, using hospitals as bases... and then launching attacks from them in hopes of reprisals which will fall upon the innocent. Any that do that are beyond the pale of Nations and of the Laws of War as we have come to make them since Westphalia.

Now as to judging those by their past actors, that is wholly an abdication of reason. The laws set up WITHIN Nations are for the people of that Nation and none other is asked nor forced to follow them. Comparing any Nationality to actors from their past to demonstrate how bad they are *now* is beyond reason. Those who did those things have been brought to account as best as possible within laws of that Nation or by the Laws of War between Nations. The KKK is *still* hunted and prosecuted in their remnants when they can be tied as Individuals to their actions. Similarly Germany felt the hard loss of war in which they annihilated civilians based on ethnicity, physical disability, mental disability, and pure and outright hatred. They brought War upon themselves and lost... as did the Crusaders, too, if I recall properly. If one continues that line of reasoning then it is an 'eye for an eye' sort of thing going on for generations until the reason behind it is gone and only the hatred remains.

And while others may willingly judge the US laws to be barbaric... that is their RIGHT TO DO SO as it is MINE to do the same to them, if I so choose. And when I say the action we see is barbaric, I am not classing it as 'evil'. I am declaring it to have an absence of all guidance between good and evil and to not hold life in respect nor the laws protecting same. No Individual of any race, creed, color, ethnicity, religious following, nor political ethos has the right to do *that* action in any civilized Nation. This is *no* teaching by *any* standard.

I cannot look into the hearts and souls of individuals and know their contents. But their actions speak *volumes* and THOSE are what we hold Individuals and Nations accountable for. The sweetest sugar laced with arsenic will kill just as surely, for all the fact it tastes good. I am not overmuch impressed with 'virtuous speech' followed by inaction or non-virtuous action. While the words may move, it is the activity by which we judge. Incitement is hollow if not followed up with action, and the greatest of rabble-rousers are those vituperating on soap boxes in parks...

If Islam wishes to be adjudged well, then perhaps it can start by not supporting those that use terror for *any* reason... and maybe, just maybe, get the idea that attacking Civilians of a Nation is a *bad* thing, especially if those in question have been born years or decades or generations past some insult. And Islam might also get this idea that when one loses, it is not a cue to start plotting and scheming drear revenge... that might take years and generations to work, if ever. There is honor in fighting and *losing* so long as one has fought honorably by the codes of conduct and rules of War established to keep Civilization from falling into the pit of barbarity.

Christianity had to come to terms with *its* expansionistic and world enveloping vision after centuries of warfare in Europe. The Peace of Westphalia finally established the Nation over the Religion. So that People could be free to worship as they wished or find a more suitable place to do so by leaving if they could. It is not a *perfect* solution, but it *works* and keeps centuries of bloodshed from falling upon mankind because of religious totalitarianism. Perhaps, in all the great and vast wisdom held by Muslims, one or two could be found who will speak UP for this, and let you know that jihad must be replaced by itjihad... the struggle outside for the struggle within.

For the harshest of struggles is not ever to be found at a battle of the Plains of Megiddo... but the terrain within ourselves, never conquered until it can move no more.

Thu Aug 17, 03:00:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

No matter how one may wish to divest oneself of the overwhelming crassness and pure evil of Islamists, and now no matter how persons may have in fact corrupted the religion of peace and understanding, the religion IS what the religion DOES -- particularly if persons IN that religion do not COLLECTIVELY and EN MASSE speak out AGAINST its travesties.

One MUST be willing to take even the first of important steps.


Thu Aug 17, 03:14:00 PM PDT  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

Hmmmm... I wonder if Anonymous knows his prophet Moooooohomad was a pervert. Maybe he should study his prophets history a little, then he'll discover why his religion never came out of the dark ages. The rest of the world is on to Islams little evil muslim expansion game, and they will be crushed just like the last time. Of course, they'll try and spin it to look like their the oppressed, but they have awakened the giant, so it's to late.

Thu Aug 17, 05:36:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bushwack said...

BZ, Man you really have to adjust your settings so you don't get these anonymouse drive by's.
Cawfee, Take a look at the Qur'an some time and do a little comparing, compare the prophet Muhammad to Jesus. Then come back and tell me about a hatefull religion.
Take all the incidents at abortion clinics and Gay rights rallies, Compare them to Muslim atrocities. I'll take a few religious right's over the Muslim fascists any day. The bigggest difference is: WE don't give the religious right the keys to the government or allow them to speak with govenment permission and allowance. Iran,Syria,Saudi Arabia do. There is where the problem lies.

To the anonymouse coment.
Islam is a religion doused in blood and based on evil. There are peaceful passages for those that are believers of Islam, the problem comes with the mnessenger.
1) The killing of Abu Afak.
2) The killing of Asma Marwan.
3) Attack upon the Banu Qaynuqa Jews.
4) The killing of Kab Ashraf.
5) The killing of Ibn Sunayna.
6) Attack against the Banu Nadir Jews.
7) The killing of the Shepherd.
8) Massacre of the Qurayza Jews.
9) The torture killing of Kinana.
10) The killing of a slave Wife and Mother.
11) The slaying of an old woman from Fazara.
12) The killing of Abdullah Khatal and his Daughter.
13) The attack upon Tabuk.
These ring any bells?
they are Victims of your Prophet. The prophet whose cartoon in a danish paper created so much peace and love. Be careful treading in the waters of those that know the cult of Islam, for we are prepared to deal with it should it knock on our door again!

In typical Muslim fashion They blame the Jews or the Americans for all there problems. Had the Muslims in the Middle East had half as much courage and Brains as the Jews. The Middle East would have been paradise instead it's a sewer.
Israel has been fighting for its existance forever, yet they have managed to contribute positively to the world, Muslims landed on Oil and that is their entire positve influence on our planet. Oh besides Murder and Mayhem and terrorism and Hijacking and ...........

Thu Aug 17, 07:16:00 PM PDT  
Blogger David Edward said...

i'm so glad I found this post ( the sick behavior is demonic) i am glad no one tried to defend it, it is not possible. yet every muslin who stands by is guilty of harming that young boy. I am repulsed, and glad I raised my children in a God fearing nation.

Thu Aug 17, 09:16:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

David: reality needs to be seen, and its implications clearly understood.


Thu Aug 17, 09:27:00 PM PDT  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Christians by the Crusaders and Hitler?

Hitler didn't commit acts in the name of christ.

The problem with Islam, is that its practitioners, do not condemn the radicals loud enough; nor recognize the archaic 12th century aspects of their religion, that are barbaric and have no place in the civilized world. Instead, like you, they act as apologists and are quick to rationalize the evil acts committed in the name of Allah. Muslims would enjoy more credibility and respect if they would criticize their own religion, when and where criticism is deserved. Quit making excuses. You only make yourselves look moronic. Own up to the fact that Islam is to blame for Islamic evil.

Thu Aug 17, 09:32:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

I must say that these pics horrify me but don't surprise me. The punishments that are handed out to women and chilren in Muslim countries are terrifying.

I have an extremely ignorant sister-in-law who is married to a Pakistani. He got deported and if it wasn't for her daughter that she had by another man she says she would move to Pakistan. Even though I read recently that in Pakistan for a woman to prove she's been raped she needs 4 MALE witnesses (women don't count). First of all if there were 4 witnesses why wouldn't they have stopped the rape? Second is that if you can't prove you've been raped according to their standards then you get punished for adultery. So not only do you not get justice for the rape but you get punished for being a victim of rape.

President Bush finally had the guts to admit that our war is against radical Islamist fascists. There is no denying this truth. The Koran itself says that if a woman falls out of line with what her husband wants he has the right to beat her. The Koran also says that Islamic jihad is a worthy cause. That doesn't sound like a religion of peace to me.

We may have some non-practicing or even practicing peaceful muslims here in the U.S. but show me a muslim country that is a peaceful democracy??? I think annoymous needs to come to terms with these truths but I'm sure he will probably stay in denial about them.

In contrast Christianity & Judaism are peaceful religions that emphasize love and forgivness. That is seen in the successful democracies of the U.S. and Israel.

BWH's response to cawreeguy is right on. There is absolutely no comparison. There are some nut-jobs like Phelps who claim to be Christians but are not but they are the exception not the rule.

Fri Aug 18, 12:19:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

LMC: As I freely admit, every religion, heck, every JOB I've ever worked had its nutjobs. But as Wordsmith points out, there is an absolutely DEAFENING SILENCE with regard to the unmitigated EVIL done in the name of Islam. Just as all would say that Christianity was depravity incarnate if IT were responsible for the reprehensible acts of Islam, only in the name of Christianity.

A religion is DEFINED by the way and manner in which its PRACTICIONERS carry out their lives and acts IN ITS NAME. I absolutely REFUSE and REFUTE the theory that one can completely separate the religion from the mortal man. The religion becomes what it IS by the way it is embraced and BY WHOM.

Except for a recent isolated incident in Los Angeles (and that was MINOR considering the worldwide number of Muslims), what angers non-Muslims is the SILENCE of those who may still practice peace but allow evil under the guise of Islam to roll on -- without not so much as a public word or collective outcry of indignance or anger.

Evil is what evil is.


Fri Aug 18, 05:08:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Cajun Tiger said...

Anytime someone says or quotes the Koran to "prove" Islam is a religion of peace needs to read the rest of the book.

The "peace" verses are in the beginning of the Koran when Mohammed was in Mecca and still trying to get along with everyone because he wasn't in a position of power.

However once he moved to Medina, started pillaging villages and caravans thus gaining power in the region, he all of a sudden "received" new "revelations" to justify his actions. Then when questioned about the change, another "revelation" said that Allah changed his mind and that the new "revelations" trump the old ones.

So, the "peace" verses are trumped by the "sword" verses being they were "revealed" later.

I'm also tired of Christians apologizing for the Crusades. The Crusades was not an offensive attack. They were a long overdue defensive response after muslims had brutally conquered all of the middle east, Spain, and was knocking on the doors of Austria.

Granted their were isolated atrocities (the sacking of Jerusalem), but to say that it was naked aggression upon peace loving people is complete ignorance of history. And these isolated atrocities in no way compare to the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of atrocities commited by the muslims then and continue to this day.

Were it not for the Crusaders, Europe and thus the rest of the west, might have fallen to the same fate as the middle east instead of the what it became.

Fri Aug 18, 05:30:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bingo, the Crusades were simply Europeans TAKING BACK Christendom. Islam had spread to Europe, anyone remember the Moors inhabiting Spain? I'll also not apologize for the Crusades, historians have lied for ages regarding the movement.

Fri Aug 18, 08:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Cajun & Stacy: you've both understood and written correctly, in two paragraphs, more than a slew of historians have in volumes of books. The Crusades were a retaking of what once was, not an initial affront.


Fri Aug 18, 11:46:00 AM PDT  
Blogger John Washburn said...


Your response is typical of ANY left wing nut. You fail to condemn the hideous behavior of the Islamists, which is what the post was about. And, instead, choose to criticize Christianity? What does that have to do with an 8 year old boy having his arm crushed in the public eye of Iran by a truck? Your words are classic for someone who just doesn't "get it". Do you have actually have an opinion about these photos?

Fri Aug 18, 04:18:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The One:

Check my link to John the Patriot. Also check the link that I indicate as "info."

If you think that I have the computer ability to Shop out various photos or interpret HTML code, then you have but to ask anyone on my blogroll if I'm sufficiently smart to manipulate anything in the digital domain.

This ain't no Shopped set of photos. They exist in reality.

Evidently they do NOT exist in yours.


Fri Aug 18, 06:47:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

theone --

Can we judge Islam by 9/ 11? How about the London bombings or French(spit!) car burnings? Can we judge Islam by the recent foiled plot to blow up several passenger planes in midair? Can we judge Islam by the way it hides behind and fires rockets from among civilians? Can we judge Islam by the way all its "faithful" keep their mouths shut while those speaking for them murder innocent men, women and children?

Trying to defend a satanic, murderous death cult such as Islam by splitting hairs on a couple of photos of one of many incidents of Islamic horror is pretty feeble.

Sat Aug 19, 09:37:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

Here's another example of the religion of peace for anonymous & the one:

Sat Aug 19, 06:29:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The Alleged "One":

Let me spell it out for those of you who may have just tuned into Life:

Islam wants to convert you or kill you. If you live in America or any western nation this is true. Oh and yes, if you live in Israel as well.

It is a matter of record that Islam consists of pederasts, misogynists and the like, no matter how you phrase it, no matter how you couch it.

You can either defend America, or you can cast it to the wolves. I was born and raised here so I know where MY allegiance lies.

I cannot therefore say the same for you.

Further: I encounter few trolls beyond yourself and a few others. I allow all to post comments here because you become exposed to the proverbial Light of Day.

All need to see the make, manner and thoughts of those who comment here.

Yourself included.


Sat Aug 19, 08:00:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Little Miss Chatterbox, ....

You are absolutely correct....if there were 4 witnesses .....y the hell don't they stop the rape.....unless of coarse they are participating in it, in which case they will never confess.

Sun Aug 20, 03:29:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Sean Neoconnery said...

Wow. I'm reminded of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi: "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ."

Jesus never spoke of war, or attacking people, but loving them ("Love your enemies as you would love thyself"). To those of you who told Anonymous Liberal #1 to read the Qaran, maybe you should also read it yourselves. Maybe try reading the bible, too. There's a lot of blood in the history of all religions, unfortunately. So to claim that another religion is violent based on the heavily publicized actions of a few on the fringe is a bit unfair, whether that be fundamentalist Muslims publicly torturing a child for stealing, or fundamentalist Christians murdering a doctor because s/he performs abortions.

The reason that the masses of peaceful Muslims aren't speaking out is because of the corruption in the government, the extremism factor, and fear of reprisal. The masses are oppressed and do not have a voice. Someone owns Al-Jezeera and has an agenda they want to push. Much like the media outlets in our own country.

I see blogs like this that complain about mainstream media in this country not reporting the real news and then using information from that same msm to back up your argument. Which is it?

Sun Aug 20, 08:11:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Sean Neoconnery said...

For the record, I do not condone any acts of violence against the innocent.

Sun Aug 20, 08:13:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zeppelin...

What "the one" was trying to tell you, is that while the photos are real, the story is fictional...meant to get people stirred up just like you and john the patriot did. So as i told john, before you get on a rant about anything, you should make sure you verify your sources. The internet is a wonderful thing, but for the gullible, it's easy to get them to believe anything send them.

so anyways...the photos are real, but the "real" story that goes with them is that they are from a street show. Actually READ the link below...

Mon Aug 21, 03:08:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

posting didn't show completely...

Mon Aug 21, 03:11:00 PM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Whenever we get to warfare we do hear the words of Ghandi... and his wonderful conception that non-violence would be able to shame people... he recommended that against fascism and their National Socialist brethern. Follow orders... this way... that way... to this train... in this camp... remove your clothes... step in here...

And those that did resist? On the run or killed outright.

Using the extremely rare fanatic christian and comparing it to the deaths now happening due to those saying they are under the banner of a larger Islam, a new Caliphate, does not impress me. So name all of those killed by fundamentalist christians in the last decade. You can come up with... well its a short list. Now, look at radical Islam and start toting up the bombings, the rocket attacks, the attacks on civilians, sectarian violence getting a huge body count in Iraq. These are morally equal?

I repudiate all such killings, be they from christian, muslim, jew, hindu, buddhist or neo-pagan. And while I do get some information from the MSM, I also vituperate strongly against its leanings and seek to ensure that I can find multiple sources for critical information, or at least less suspect ones.

If the moderate muslims do *not* speak up, do *nothing* then they assent to things done in their name by their silence. It has been a deafening silence for decades. When will we hear them in their masses to repudiate violence, and speak up in their own names?

If not now, then when?

I cannot hear you if you do not speak.

If you do not speak, you will soon lose the right to be heard by those that claim to speak for you.

The Era of Ben Franklin is upon us. You can get around the governments, the terrorists, the oppressors to be heard. It no longer takes television or radio or newspapers... the power of speaking for yourself is arriving hard and fast. Best adapt and adopt it... before someone decides it is 'too much freedom for you'.

Or asks you do get into a rail car...

Tue Aug 22, 07:11:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a sick form of manipulation by the author of this blog to obtain more traffic or to promote his religion of Christianity or both.

The FACT is, I saw these exact photos and the TRUE story that went with it... the child is a "daredevil", they charged the crowd to witness a car driving over his arm as a daredevil show.

No different than if someone layed on a bed of nails, opened beer bottles with their teeth or broke concerte blocks with their forehead.

A childs bones are flexible and won't break, the car tires were softened up and notice the blanket under his arm, if it was punishment, would they use the blanket? Come on!

The author of this blog is a sick twisted individual who is MANIPULATING YOU! Don't be fooled.

The only real "issue" here is the using children to make income, but at least it's not child prostitution or one of Kathy Gifford or the GAP's child labor sweatshops.

People from developed countries can make a judgement that using children to make money is wrong, but well, that's a cultural difference. 100 years ago were American's "wrong" to put their children to work at their farms? Er ah, sorry, I forgot, they put their African slaves to work.

I live in a muslim nation, was born American, hate seeing what America is doing in the middle east and am atheist.

Sun Oct 08, 09:44:00 PM PDT  

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