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Monday, August 21, 2006

Patrick Buchanan: Another Nutjob?

Patrick Buchanan has come out with another book similar in nature to his Death of the West (where he cites four dangers for the US: declining birth rates; uncontrolled immigration of peoples of "different colors, creed, and cultures"; a rise of "anti-Western" culture antithetical to established religious, cultural, and moral norms; and a "defection of ruling elites" to the idea of world government), and it is called State of Emergency.

In it, Buchanan indicates that he believes there is an actual “Aztlan Plot” for “La Reconquista,” the recapture of the lands lost by Mexico in the Texas War of Independence and Mexican-American War.

And I am with him on that point because, as I have previously indicated in any number of previous posts regarding illegal immigration, the La Voz de Aztlan website clearly spells out the theory of reconquista.

In a recent Time magazine article, Buchanan said:

I'm predicting that America will no longer be one nation but more like the Roman Empire--a conglomerate of races and cultures held together by a regime. The country I grew up in was culturally united, even if it was racially divided. We spoke the same language, had the same faith, laughed at the same comedians. We were one nationality. We're ceasing to be that when you have hundreds of thousands of people who want to retain their own culture, their own language, their own loyalty. What do we have in common that makes us fellow Americans? Is it simply citizenship? Or is it blood, soil, history and heroes?

Buchanan believes a state of emergency does in fact exist and it is not coming, it is here:

If we do not get control of our borders and stop this greatest invasion in history, I see the dissolution of the U.S. and the loss of the American Southwest--culturally and linguistically, not politically--to Mexico. It could become a part of Mexico in the way that Kosovo is now a part of Albania.

Are the stakes that high?

I believe they are. I believe that the Balkanization of America can happen and that the quality of life as we know it will most definitely be affected -- and not in any positive way.

I believe in an attack on all fronts, Left and Right. First, close the borders completely as best one can. Second, keep it closed for at least a year and analyze that impact. Three, rewrite the immigration laws and streamline the process to the point where it doesn't take years to naturalize, once the borders are reopened. Third, during the closing of the border, enforce laws on the books, enforce the immigration laws, deport, and arrest those who traffic in illegal immigrants and those who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

Again, blunt: Republicans like the free work; Democrats like the free votes.

We need to rid ourselves of both; it corrupts us as a nation.



Blogger Gayle said...

It absolutely does corrupt us as a nation, BZ. Patrick Buchanan is absolutely right. "Republicans like the free work; Democrats like the free votes." Way too true to my liking. I have known many Republicans who hired illegals, and it's just plain wrong!

Mon Aug 21, 07:14:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Rivka said...

I can't stand Pat Buchanan. He gets on my nerves. However, i agree with Gayle.

Mon Aug 21, 07:34:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Gayle: I agree with you there. Rebecca: I'm no great fan of PB either but I'm with him on those thoughts -- hence my nutjob title above. That is, that's how many people see him. Occasionally he's right.


Tue Aug 22, 06:42:00 AM PDT  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Pat Buchanan suffers from 'stopped clock syndrome': right twice a day. But the rest of the time he is broken...

He makes very good points on the characterization of what is happening with the mass immigration...

As for the free labor and votes... my tax money is going to PAY for those companies doing desert land farming, supporting subsidies to many industries that hire illegals and we have tariffs in place to protect the desert agribusiness. Add that with water subsidies to same and various other agricultural and industrial handouts and goodies from the tax system, and we find that this cheap labor and votes are coming here on the Citizen's dime.

And that is even *before* you get to the load they place upon emergency services, schooling, and infrastructure of the Nation.

So those 'free' things are not even close to being 'free'.

And our freedom, the foundations of it based on the Nation, are being undermined by this 'free' labor. Why the States do *not* take up arms and call this invasion for what it *is* and lay it at the doorstep of the Federal Government is beyond me. And *that* can be done in a totally legal fashion that is wholly supported by the Constitution as it *is* the Constitution.

Tue Aug 22, 02:06:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dionne said...

A Jacksonian hits the nail on the head with this statement:

"Pat Buchanan suffers from 'stopped clock syndrome': right twice a day. But the rest of the time he is broken..."

I would have to agree!!

Tue Aug 22, 11:41:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AJ: you are correct; by "free" I mean that concept as which is understood by those who employ illegals -- they couldn't care less about the so-called "peripheral" costs you mention -- costs which are massive. All they care about is that they've acquired an employee who will work for a lesser wage, fewer if any benefits, and someone who, particularly in Fornicalia, can slide under the Workers Comp screen and can paid off under the table if he becomes injured.

That's what I meant by "free."

And what you say and what you write is precisely my point. It IS an invasion and it IS illegal. So actually you in concurrence with the theme of his book and he with you.


Wed Aug 23, 02:01:00 PM PDT  

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