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Monday, February 04, 2008

All Lit Up

I seldom (if ever) listen to Rush Limbaugh, but happened to dial him up Monday.

I've not been a fan of Limbaugh for the past number of years because he seemed to be nothing but an apologist for President Bush, no matter what he did. I've never taken that path and always reserved the right to disagree with any action taken by the GOP or any Republican. When I perceived Rush going that direction, real or not, I shut him off. Period.

Monday, however, I noted: he got completely fired up, making some rather salient and insistent points; in a nutshell:

  • The GOP is moving progressively to the Left;
  • Conservatives are told they must consistently compromise;
  • Yet, there's no compromise on the Left; why is that?
  • Conservatives are being left behind;
  • The GOP believes everyone will simply follow;
  • The GOP is wrong, and will suffer the consequences because:
  • Rush Limbaugh is stepping away.
I don't think I've heard Limbaugh that strident ever before. He completely excoriated John McCain on any number of issues. He indicated the Democrats know that either of their candidates, Clinton or Obama, can "take it" to McCain.

He also said there are portions of the media indicating "Rush is on his way out," evidently because he's suddenly leveraging himself against McCain and, by extension, the GOP.

Rush Limbaugh stated that Conservatives are being asked to put aside their principles, and that there are people who will shelf their Conservatism so that McCain can bring in Liberals and Independents simply in order to win, and that McCain has made it clear that he, essentially, urinates on Conservatives.

And Rush made another point: those "independents" and "clear thinkers" who are advocating John McCain in the Mainstream Media are those who will not vote for him; their goal is to have McCain lose and a Demorat take the White House.

But make no mistake; McCain is a powerful factor. My very own father, for example, a dutifully-registered Republican, is voting for McCain on the comfort factor. My father served in WWII and Vietnam, retiring a Colonel in the USAF. He's voting for McCain not necessarily because he knows about McCain's voting record or what he's been doing or saying the past few years or because he knows about any number of McCain-sponsored bills. He's voting for John McCain because McCain was in the military, was a POW, and knows about military issues. It's a matter of comfort and, with that, there you have McCain's probable popularity with a bulk of Republicans.

Publicly, there are disagreements between myself and other Conservative factions.

I've been of the opinion that simply staying home in November does nothing but guarantee a Demorat win.

Those who disagree with me believe I'm something of a sell-out, and say the GOP needs to have a message sent to it in "clear text." They believe, if I am correctly interpreting the message, that a true Conservative would make a stand squarely on Conservative Principles and, by not doing so, compromises Conservatism and enables the GOP to go further astray. With the necessary caveat that the price of this message, if properly sent, would be up to and including the loss of the White House.

So, considering Limbaugh's major stance and with those other aspects in mind:

1. Is it I that am drinking the Kool-Aid?
2. If so, then what's The Plan?


One final note: there's a very handy spot on the internet, called the Campaign Calendar 2008, where one may locate the current status of GOP and Demorat caucuses, and keep track of what's coming up and when.


Blogger Ranando said...

For me it gets down to one thing, keeping Hillary out of the White House.

The next 4 years under Romney, McCain or Obama I can live with, might not like it but I'll make it through. If I can make it through 8 years of GWB, I can make it through anything.

My plan, keep Hillary out no matter what it takes. Vote don't vote, write-in don't write-in. I really don't care hows it done, I just know it has to be done.

That's my plan.

Mon Feb 04, 02:18:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mon Feb 04, 02:37:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

I've not been a fan of Limbaugh for the past number of years because he seemed to be nothing but an apologist for President Bush, no matter what he did. I've never taken that path and always reserved the right to disagree with any action taken by the GOP or any Republican. When I perceived Rush going that direction, real or not, I shut him off. Period.
Limbaugh is a MASTER at taking the pulse of the public, I too stopped listening to Rush, for the exact same reasons as you stated...

And I, and many others have stated, unequivocally, we will NOT vote for McCain, but we won;t vote for Hitlery either, not directly any way...

We won't stay home either, but speaking for ME, I WILL stand on MY principles and write in the candidate that I want to be the POTUS if the choice is between Clinton and McCain...

If the Repubs are still smart enough to nominate Romney, he may not be the perfect candidate but he IS one that most of us can support, even if we do have to hold our noses to do so but McCain is OUT of the question for TRUE Conservatives...

And if by voting for a write-in is an indirect vote for the Dems, then by God, so be it, maybe 4 years down the road the Repubs will pull their heads OUT of their asses and remember that without the Conservatives of this nation, they can't get elected as dog catcher...

And I personally have little, if ANY respect for anyone that votes for a candidate simply to vote against another, a REAL conservative votes his/her conscience, and if that vote isn't enough, at least you can still look yourself in the eye when you shave...

I deleted the above comment, typos are a bitch...

Mon Feb 04, 02:40:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bushwack said...

I would NEVER call you a sell out BZ.
If you choose to support McCain, or if you choose to hold your nose and vote for him it makes no difference to me, it's your call.

I won't vote for McCain, and I've made the reason why perfectly clear. Call it a protest vote, a throw away vote or a vote for a Dem. I don't care what folks call it, I can not sacrifice my principles for a man I know is bad for our nation.

I know, Hillary or Osama would be worse, but bad is bad so I won't vote for EITHER of them.

Mon Feb 04, 02:44:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ranando & TF: but let's take it further -- that's my point. Let's say that it IS McCain, he runs against, oh, let's say Clinton (though that's certainly much less than a "given") and loses. Hillary gets her four years.

Then what do we do? How can we wrest the GOP back into the Conservative side? Or do we give up the wrestling and attempt to create some kind of Third Party?

I've made what I consider to be at least ONE inroad: no more cash to the GOP or RNC. And when they solicit, I send them my letter in their pre-paid return mail.

But absent that, I'm all about formulating a plan. I believe we need to get our heads together with some kind of strategy.

I know what you're saying, essentially: "When was the last time you actually voted FOR someone instead of AGAINST their opponent?"

Here's a Given that will clearly portray the truth: come tomorrow or come November, if voter turnout is BIG, then that means the masses are dissatisfied and that bodes VERY poorly for the GOP. Who knows? Perhaps it really should. I'm actually starting to ask the question.

But I'm telling you, giving up so many SCOTUS appointments. . . ? That just tears me up.


Mon Feb 04, 02:46:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Well, I guess Rob and I are really gonna piss off the resident Bush Bots and Republicrats...

My work is done here... :)

Mon Feb 04, 02:47:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Ranando & TF: but let's take it further -- that's my point. Let's say that it IS McCain, he runs against, oh, let's say Clinton (though that's certainly much less than a "given") and loses. Hillary gets her four years.
If ya want to make an omelette, you gotta break a few eggs, and the RNC is about to get a HUGE wakeup call...

Then what do we do? How can we wrest the GOP back into the Conservative side?
We demand that the RNC move to the RIGHT, and if they don't, see just below...

Or do we give up the wrestling and attempt to create some kind of Third Party?
Not 'some kind of 3rd party, THE 3rd party, The American Conservatives Party... It's that simple, the GOP is down the tubes and should be shot, it's not worth saving, a viable 3rd party is the only answer, and truth be told, it's not going to be much of a 3rd party, the GOP and the Dems are damn near one in the same, has been for a long time, and NOW a lot of folks see it, and I was telling people this 3 years ago, but what the hell, I'm just a dumbass shill that writes for money and must be a fake Vet...

Mon Feb 04, 02:54:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bushwack said...

You know what BZ, we were screwed under Jimmy Carter, We got Reagan, We were screwed under Bill Clinton, we got 4 years of GOOD conservative leadership, (minus the Iraq post invasion issue) And I really don't care to discuss Bush with ANYONE, this is not about him.

The point is, the REPUBLICANS are taking advantage of that line of thinking BZ, they feel the "R" for "R" sake crowd and what is important this year is: fill in the blanks will pull in votes for whomever they send forward. NOT ANYMORE!
We must draw a line in the sand and unify behind it, to demand a conservative leader in the image of Reagan, not Bush. We must let them know that they can count on being unemployed if they veer too far left, and the damage done to the country is on THEM! Not us.
It's time we stop blaming folks like us that will not compromise our principles and place the blame where it belongs... THE RINO's that see fit to call themselves Republicans...

I will not vote for J.M, B.H.O or H.C, if those are my only choices I will tear up as well why I cast my vote for None of the above.

Mon Feb 04, 02:57:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bushwack said...

BTW, We are not at that point so there is still hope... Tomorrow will most likely tell the tale and I ask EVERYONE to Pray for Romney or Huck to win the republican Nomination.

Mon Feb 04, 02:59:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

If someone wants to vote the (R) just because it's the (R), have at it, McCain is BAD for America and HE will give the Dems the White House in 4 years anyway, he'll be THAT bad...

Like the guy said, 'pay me now or pay me later'...

We either send the RNC an indisputable message now or we allow the RNC to go even further LEFT and have an impossible task in 4 years...

Mon Feb 04, 03:06:00 PM PST  
Anonymous WMD_Maker said...

I,m not sure we can make it thru another shitty pres who screws the living crap out of this country. There is a good chance we get even more overrun by illegals, and the north american union becomes reality with the US on the bottom supporting the whole mess and getting all the crap for it.

Mon Feb 04, 03:21:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bushwack said...

WMD, that's the point bud, a vote for McCain does exactly that.

We need to draw the line, we need to let them know we are willing to sacrifice OUR well being so our Kids might have a better nation after some turmoil the Dems will undoubtedly create.
I have NO DOUBT we will overcome what ever the Dems do, We have done it time and time again.... BUT the direction the GOP is heading is a left turn and it's gotta stop NOW!

Mon Feb 04, 03:38:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

WMD_Maker said...
I,m not sure we can make it thru another shitty pres who screws the living crap out of this country.
WMD, we're gonna have a 'shitty pres' regardless of who gets in if it's NOT Romney, and I am NOT a HUGE Romney fan but he is the best of what's left to pick from, so, it's none of the above or write one in...

Mon Feb 04, 03:39:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You know what? I am STILL sending e-mails to my Dad about the REAL John McCain, trying to get him to vote Romney. Essentially, at this point, EVERY conservative talk show host, save Michael Medved, has sided now with Romney.

Look, I NEVER hitched to McCain, ever. I'm not about the end goal, I'm just about cementing the tactics.


Mon Feb 04, 04:15:00 PM PST  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

I've never been a fan of Rush because he's generally a self promoting blowhard.

As for the whole McCain flap, moderates in the GOP have been told the "shut the f*ck up" and do it the conservative way for the last 30 years. And pretty much they have. Now that there really isn't a conservative candidate with a chance in hell of winning (Romney doesn't even fit the bill) the far right of the party, El Rushbo leading the pack, is whining like a bunch of spoiled kids.

Quite honestly, I almost hope the McCain haters do stay home on election day, and that Hillary ends up in office, it would serve the sactamonious bastards right. (Pardon my french).

Mon Feb 04, 05:14:00 PM PST  
Blogger shoprat said...

There are times when there is no right answer and this may be one of them. Let's face it, the Democrats have become Communists and if they regain power they will never give it up. They must be denied power even if we are unenthusiastic with the final results. If Hitlery wins it's lights out for freedom . . . very possibly forever.

Mon Feb 04, 05:17:00 PM PST  
Blogger Mark said...

well folks,

I kind of figured it would take a while to form a true conservative party, longer than we have b4 these coming elections, but to be frank, I'm not thrilled with the choice I've got if Juan McCain is nominated (he's pretty much been coronated by the media now). I'd rather have him than either queen Hillary or Prince Obama due to the fact He is not a surrender monkey like they are. BUT!! If Y'all have a better plan, want to get organized behind a write-in for the general election and stave off the Libs a few more years, save a bit of freedom for our posterity, can get our conservative media behind it, (Limbaugh, Malkin, Hannity, etc.) I'm all for it! where do I sign up!
our party needs a charter, a contract with conservatives, if you will, and a recognizable figure we can rally around, who are we gonna draft?

Mon Feb 04, 05:36:00 PM PST  
Blogger Mark said...

crazy politico,

all a moderate is is somebody who can't make up their mind what the hell they think, and is PROUD to be a fence sitter.


Mon Feb 04, 05:43:00 PM PST  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Actually Mark, a moderate is someone with enough common sense to know that not every situation is an "either or" choice, and willing to admit it.

It would be wonderful if everying in life were black and white, but mostly it's painted in shades of gray.

The Kosites on the left are slowing learning that lesson, after going 0 for 8 in elections in which the "right kind of liberal" was run against someone not as absolute. It make take such a whipping for the DittoHead sector to figure out that same reality on the right. Unfortunately for the rest of us this is exactly the wrong time in history to play that game.

Mon Feb 04, 08:37:00 PM PST  
Blogger Dee said...

As a huge Rush fan I have to take issue with you calling him an apologist for Bush. He hasn't been overly critical of him which I like but he hasn't been a kool-aid drinker either.

Rush is always his own man and I am ecstatic that he is continuing to be himself and be honest about McCain. I'm with him 100% and extremely glad that even the likes of Bob Dole won't silence him.

Mon Feb 04, 09:23:00 PM PST  
Blogger Ranando said...

Rush Limbaugh's done so much for the Conservative cause?

Best damn Conservative Talk Show Host in the Country, right up until we lost the election.

What a blow-hole.

Mon Feb 04, 10:34:00 PM PST  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Democrats stopped supporting democracy.

Republicans stopped supporting the rebublic.

And neither supports the Nation.

How does one get 'open borders' people on *both sides* of the aisle? That is not 'democracy' at work, that is an authoritarian legislature unmoored from having popular assent backing it. Luckily the Left will bring out a bleeding heart and the Right will bring out a hungry wallet: human rights and 'free trade'.

And this has done exactly *what* for us?

My reading of the Constitution starts at the Preamble so that the entire document will embody the structure put forward for government: Responsibilities *first*, Just Means to enact Responsibilities and Rights third and last to exercise Just Means to carry out Responsibilities. That first paragraph clearly states who is responsible and for what they are responsbile. It does not *mention* government. Because this is not a government responsibilities document, it is a Citizens responsibility document, in which government is a Just Means to enact these things and if that FAILS then We the People are to BLAME.

One of the things that Mr. Z asked me to do was write a book on my outlooks... and I have been working on that in a haphazard way, but the review I have had to do of Our Nation has brought some salient points forward:

We are not great because we succeed - we are great because we are prepared to fail and pick ourselves up after failure to recommit to Liberty and Freedom.

Worse is that our failures were so total and destructive, that we shy away from even admitting them. That is promulgated by no longer teaching the basics of what a Nation is, what a Citizen is, and *why* the universality of rights requires handing some off to the Nation. It isn't as if those concepts are difficult or the backing texts obscure: they were read and well read in that founding era and expected to be a continued source and wellspring of understanding. We not only stopped teaching the 'three Rs' but also stopped teaching why they were important. It is fascinating to read that the texts, themselves, in the early 19th century were considered so fundamental that they would remain taught from there on outwards. Skip forward 150 years and no one reads them.

So, when I look at politics today, I see all the warning signs that the founding generation posted up for us to be worried about. Our two parties and legislature are failing for the reasons that were seen *then* in 1787-89.

Why should I vote for an existing Congresscritter, as they have (with very few exceptions) sold out on democracy and the republic and wish to assert Legislative control over everything. McCain, Obama, HRC... all are guilty of this in extremis and all have put forward that more money to the federal and more power to the federal is a *good thing*.

For them.

And because they offer breads & circuses and cheap labor and a ready voting block if they can get the Executive and overcome the few who feel a Nation should stand by its Laws, we will see the liquidation of law to support Nation and, instead, support those things which will end it. Because a voting block of illegals will do something for the US that has been done in Africa previously: One Man, One Vote, Once.

None of those three will uphold the Law of the Land and the Law of Nations, and they *all* want to make the Nation exactly equal to barbarians who attack without cause, without justice, without accountability and guarantee it will be without end until we submit to them. Great job, that, of lifting up those waging Private War to the same level as accountable soldiers! Time to turn Pirate as that is now to be given full, legal stance and backing by an Executive... and the Law of Nations that helps guarantee our ability to be a Nation?

Lotsa luck there.

We have three candidates who are committed to that, and one that just *might* be trainable. Needless to say 'electability' means destruction of the Nation... great work, there! Remember, it is John McCain that wants to *elevate* terrorists to the rank of *soldiers*. And the D side wants to make them *just* common criminals... with all the rights thereof. The Law of Nations, however, gives no doubt that those waging such Private War get *nothing* as they endanger all Nations and civilization.

Not that this is taught, anymore.

Our leading politicos sure haven't read that text nor bothered their pretty little grey cells over it.

We are one, fine Shays away from 1786... it might be Obama... or Clinton... or McCain. Because once you legitimize Private War, that makes liquidation not only acceptable, but necessary. These three want the State to rule the People.

As I have said for some time and continue to say: the trendlines for Iraq are good and looking better daily... those for the US are in just the opposite direction. Read Common Sense and hear about the land that has a Constitution with no name... and how those that mistake government for society cause revolution against government.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Tue Feb 05, 04:50:00 AM PST  
Blogger Mark said...

A Jacksonian has the grasp on the issue, and places the blame where is belongs, with the electorate, who's to blame for the rampant ignorance? the lack of teaching in our schools? all these things that bring tyranny to the people? WE ARE!! who's gotta fix it? WE DO!

Tue Feb 05, 06:34:00 AM PST  
Blogger Mark said...

talking about the world being shades of grey seems quite silly when you are talking about the subversion of our constitution, and talking about supporting people who have shown their contempt for that document. our freedom stands only as long as that document remains the center of power in our government. the globalists, the liberals, and the power hungry all want to see that destroyed.

Tue Feb 05, 06:54:00 AM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Mark: you are absolutely correct; a One World Barbeque completely DEPENDS upon the total ABANDONMENT of state sovereignty which, by logical extension, demands we ignore the US Constitution. Or change it completely.


Tue Feb 05, 03:51:00 PM PST  

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