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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Right Below The Veranda

Our friendly, neighborhood Peeping Gull, who perches on the iron railing every morning.
The Wake-Up Seal, who slaps his flipper into the water every morning at 8 am like clockwork whether we want to arise or not (we sleep with the door open). Why does he slap the water with his flipper -- to stun fish? To announce his presence? -- we don't know.
Mom Otter. Pup isn't far away. Mom, as you can see, is tagged (as are most local otters in Monterey, depending upon the study.), and attempts to break into a brightly-colored starfish.
Mom and pup. Mom found the grub, broke it up into perfect chunks and then shared with pup.
The sailboat Tierra Lynn (#56086, 46-feet, 25 tons, manufactured in 1999 by Cantiere del Pardo SRL, Italy) heads north out of Monterey Harbor heeling seriously to starboard in the wind.

And all of this wondrous activity directly out and below our 4th-floor veranda. Sorry, no rain, some clouds, no fog, a bit of wind, but gorgeous weather. You simply can't go anywhere near the water in Monterey and not see marine and aerial wildlife.



Blogger Bubbles said...

Keep on enjoying your time together, rain or shine! Thank you for sharing the photos.

Wed Feb 16, 03:00:00 AM PST  
Blogger Timothy Frazier said...

Okay, I've just sent my wife a link to your site and asked her to consider Monterrey Bay for our next vacation. You've done a great job of making me want to go there.

Not sure if we can afford it, but it sure looks like our cup o' tea. If she decides to go for it I'll be asking you for some tips on getting a room with a good view and any other helpful hints you're picking up.

Wed Feb 16, 12:08:00 PM PST  

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