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Bloviating Zeppelin: Reflections On John McCain

Bloviating Zeppelin

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Reflections On John McCain

And all the other candidates.

I think we all have to understand it's completely about manipulation, and who submits to and believes the soft serve-like, spoon-fed pablum/bullshit proffered. About manipulation both overt and covert, on both sides of the (ever-rapidly closing) aisle. If we didn't believe it last year when these campaigns began, we oh-so-believe it now, do we not?

We'll get to McCain in a moment. In the meantime, my take on:

The late, great candidate on whom so many placed such Dickensian-like Great Expectations. He waited too long to engage -- at first because we thought and hoped he possessed some sort of super-secret, great Reagan-like Ultimate Plan. What we subsequently discovered was every bit a grand disappointment: he was pretty much what he'd been all along. Somewhat self-serving, self-assured, but lacking the fire we know is demanded by current campaigns. Campaigns are what they are unconsidering of candidates' ages. And further examination revealed the soft white underbelly of Fred: too tied to lobbyists, too tied to the Bush Regime. Full of that slow, complacent Good Ol' Boy. We momentarily admired him for his principled stands to "not quite so play along" but finally recognized things for what they were: HE wasn't even convinced he wanted to be President.

Thereby killing any future political actions he may envision. Fool us once, Fred, but fool us twice?

I supported Giuliani for a time because I recognized some Leadership qualities within him. He was hated in NYC because he refused to kowtow to every faction. He refused to allow Arafat into his city. He provided great leadership following 9/11. He cleaned up the city but, of course, it was his way or the highway. Managers and leaders are like that. He too had "gun" issues, "immigration" issues and "abortion" issues. My first triage topic: SCOTUS judges. He said from the very beginning his would be Strict Constructionists. Giuliani spent $60 million and acquired ONE delegate. His campaign manager should be lined up against a wall and shot. Rumors are that his campaign manager's pushing the "cheeseburger" icon on the register at an east coast McDonalds. Then Giuliani threw his support to McCain. So much for any political career in Giuliani's future. Dude, you are so dead to me.

Romney provided his finest prose in his final speech. Hey, excellent speech but about a year too late. Timing is everything. Perceived as a flipper, known as a Mormon, supported and promoted to the Nth degree by Hugh Hewitt (and therefore damaging my utter confidence in Hewitt, sadly), Romney could simply not overcome his religion, his buckage, his perfect good looks. His hair was every bit as pre-formed as John Edwards. Almost like running Jay Leno's jaw as a candidate.

But trust me: you haven't seen the last of Mitt Romney. 2012? He is smart as well as perfect. He is a card player. And he still has a few decks left.

In a way, Huckabee frightens me more than any other candidate. Even Ron Paul is more of a Known Quantity than Huckabee. Because, let me be blunt: I don't want Jesus as a candidate. I couldn't give a shit less that he may be "revered" by so-called Evangelicals. Too much of any one thing is simply too much. Period. And when you let religion interfere with common sense decisions and judgments, in my mind you are gone. WWJD simply DOESN'T translate into good policy or common sense for me. In a Perfect World we'd let everyone into the US. We'd fund every social program, here and abroad.

But this isn't a Perfect World. And it isn't MY responsibility as an American taxpayer to Save The Planet. I have a hard enough time saving myself. Huckabee will spend and tax for what he perceives to be his religious duty. Globally.

Okay. I'll admit it. I am not that altruistic. Not even close. And I submit that Huckabee, whilst motivated by "good," is about the least practical candidate here. And I ain't even going down that road if I can help it. Huckabee scares me, quite frankly, as an Islamist would scare me. And I'm still not convinced he's motivated even by altruism. People voting for Huckabee are voting to have their taxes increased, their pockets turned inside out, and their sofas upended for every last bit of coinage.

One thing I must admire about Ron Paul: he is about the most base, clear, obvious and unpretentious candidate running. He is what he is, he states over-and-over what he is, he pulls no punches, he holds nothing back. He is every bit of what he is, on his face. I admire clarity and simplicity so, in a way, I admire Ron Paul on some levels that I don't admire any of the above candidates. But I simply cannot support his current positions. Maybe he was a Man Ahead Of His Time. Give me four more years. Maybe I can support him then. Maybe I'll have consumed sufficient vodka.

I think perhaps what concerns me most about McCain is his inner volatility. He seems to be motivated so much by inner vulcanism, retribution, arrogance, certainty and, I must admit it: anger. He is an angry, tempestuous, rash man. I think many of us objecting to McCain realize and recognize this, though we may not be able to coherently verbalize or publish these feelings.

Those dullards voting for McCain in the primaries are doing so after having seen only his First Coat. They are voting for the visual: clean. White. Male. Older. War veteran. POW.

They are not even remotely interested in digging a millimeter beneath the surface. My father, sadly, included. He is duped at his age.

If he would but declare what is so obvious: move to the Demorat Party, John. You are there. You are them. Simply declare the obvious and we shall have no argument.

But no.



Blogger shoprat said...

I too am disappointed that McCain appears to have the nomination, but there are others far worse. I haven't voted for the man I really wanted since 84.

Sun Feb 10, 06:30:00 PM PST  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Fred Thompson does not live up to his billing... which he had a chance to do in 1997 with Chinagate. But he couldn't be bothered to continue going after the Clinton White House about technology transfers to China. The idea is 'consistency in investigative doggedness', especially at the highest levels of power. He is the reason *why* impeachment didn't carry water with Monica - it wasn't the serious charge which was direct deriliction of duty letting China get missile guidance and imagery technology. He had his chance to continue his reputation and did not do so.

Rudy Giuliani - The worst campaign I have ever seen. If you are going to put off serious campaigning, then campaign hard but frivolously in the lead-up States. Do something *different*... end the baby-kissing and have some fun with voters for a change. If you are planning a month off then *use it*. He didn't even campaign 'New York' hard in Florida. If you really don't want the job, then get out of the race...

Mitt Romney - Governor of Taxechussettes. Increased 'fees' which in MA is on nearly everything. He needed to explain his work with Huawei and his family's investment in Gazprom... yeah, the Russian National/Organized Crime oil company. Plus if he is such a VC wiz, then how come he can't explain the tax structure around venture capitalists? He flubbed that and a politician should know how to *explain* something they are a wiz at. Still, possibly trainable on the job, which is more than the *rest* of the field has shown. Plus, if we are going to act like a second rate country, then having someone who looks like a used car salesman is a *plus*.

Ron Paul - I agree with him on Privateering and a small federal government. He can take his 'blame America first' attitude and go fly a kite... in Saddam's Iraq with Michael Moore.

Mike Huckabee - Would you like some taxes on top of your taxes? That is what he did by putting a mandatory 3.5% surtax on the income tax in AK. Even if you paid *no* income tax and were poor, you still had to pay the surtax. I have a word for someone who wants to engineer society through government and pay with that through increased taxes and decreased liberty: Liberal. Doesn't matter if you are looking for 'conservative' changes, the fact that you want government to control life instead of society doing so makes you a Liberal.

John McCain - I am, apparently, the only one who remembers John McCain *before* Keating 5 and when he got conservative religion after voting for earmarks. All that time to go after corruption and he has accomplished... what, exactly? Not even a basic Senate rule that 'if you take money from a group you should not draft law or vote on law about them'? Don't need to make that a law as the Senate gets to make its own rules... just like it says in the Constitution. That would have cleared up the campaign contributions very, very quickly... also I am, apparently, the only one who remembers McCain going for the 'peace dividend' big time to look good with voters on the Left. Don't ask for more troops in 2003 if you have cut them from 1992-2000. I have problems with the supposed 'strengths' of each of the candidates: they aren't there. If you think he will put conservative judges on the SCOTUS, you have another guess coming from what I've seen: character trumps strict constructionalism. Lots of fine Liberals with character, out there.

HRC - Sociopath.

Obama - Dictator wannabe. Just have to look at Raila Odinga his 'spiritual father' to see *that*.

So I will get a fine choice between a Senator who can't even figure out what 'reform' looks like, a sociopath or a dictator wannabe.


"God looks after fools, drunkards and the United States." - Otto von Bismarck.

Apparently distracted of late...

Sun Feb 10, 07:04:00 PM PST  
Blogger Rivka said...

Honestly, I don't know what to think. I don't line up with those who are willing to let McCain 'prove' his conservative credentials. He has already proven them by doing what your cartoon illustrates. We need to know nothing more which begs the question as to whether or not he would be better than Hillary. Maybe he would be better than Obama, but not Hillary. They are the same in my opinion. Maybe McCain stuck up for the surge and the war and that may be the only difference.

So, McCain is it. Where do we go? I am still pondering this as I go to the general to vote. For me the judges, taxes and the war are too iffy for me to put my confidence in the Maverick. After all he is against waterboarding and maybe even wiretapping? I don't know his stance on wiretapping. How can he be for our safety if he is against that? Hence McClinton..

There is yet another reason I may pull the lever for McCain while holding my nose. McCain and Hillary are more than likely to back Israel which I think is crucial. Obama, NO WAY. So, if I pull the lever for McCain that MAY end up being the only reason I do it.

Mon Feb 11, 08:10:00 AM PST  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

If you want a president who'll give amnesty to illegals, raise taxes, and appoint disappointing judges who become psuedo-liberals after seating who should you vote for?

Ronald Reagan, of course. He did all of the above.

(If you wonder about the taxes NRO's Bruce Bartlet did a wonderful job of documenting them

Mon Feb 11, 08:33:00 AM PST  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

CP: yes. All true.


Mon Feb 11, 02:48:00 PM PST  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

Oh man... you guys got a real mess on your hands, much like our local election. Who the hell do you pick when you don't like any of them, but know, that if you don't vote, the extreme dark side will get in, and screw it all.... some days you just want it to happen, and start over... :(

Mon Feb 11, 05:01:00 PM PST  
Blogger bigwhitehat said...

I have a clothes pin. I plan to use it when I vote.

Tue Feb 12, 06:56:00 AM PST  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

He seems to be motivated so much by inner vulcanism, retribution, arrogance, certainty and, I must admit it: anger. He is an angry, tempestuous, rash man.

I sometimes wonder if his POW years might not have knocked a couple of loose screws even looser in his head.

Which is why sometimes he makes sense...and then something gets jarred around...a screw moves...and so, then he flies off and disappoints again.

Tue Feb 12, 10:39:00 AM PST  
Blogger Gayle said...

Wordsmith may be on to something.

I agree with you on all counts, BZ, even your take on Ron Paul, but I can't withhold my vote and I can't vote for either Hillary or Obama. Between McCain and Huckabee I hope McCain wins because - like you said - Huckabee is scary. However, none of these ship of fools is half as scary as Obama.

Tue Feb 12, 12:01:00 PM PST  
Blogger Gayle said...

Neither are they as scary as your new Avitar! LOL!

Tue Feb 12, 12:02:00 PM PST  
Blogger Mark said...

I'm with big white Hat, I'll be holding my nose to keep the stink of that ballot outta my nostrils. but McCain still beats Queen Hillary or Prince Obama.

Tue Feb 12, 06:59:00 PM PST  

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